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HordeNPC 32  Mundle
[[File:[IMG]WoWScrnShot_031110_110911.jpg[/IMG]|209px|Image of Mundle|center]]
Talent SpecProtection
ProfessionsMining and Blacksmithing
RealmMoon Guard US
GuildHawktotem Tribe


Mundle is a Tauren Warrior from the green plains of Mulgore. Seeking his fortunes socially, he left for a faraway land of Silvermoon, and thus began his legend:

The Caravan Saga (lvl11-lvl27): Edit

Mundle joined a gyspie caravan as a guard for a few months. They travelled from Orgrimmar to the Barrens to the planes of Mulgore. Travelling with two male guards and two female guards, the group was well protected from marauding Alliance trying to attack the Crossroads and other settlements as they slowly travelled. They made camp at Thunderbluff, at a crevice between the rises. There, the gypsies sold their wares to passersby as Mundle was ever the dutiful guard. He had a brief romantic stick with a female tauren Death Knight, but she was without emotion and everything she touched became frostbitten. He soon decided she was unattainable, and instead returned to his usual rounds. The Caravan eventually dissipated when its owners finally made their fortune, dismissing their guards and sending Mundle on his way.

The Fishing Saga (lvl27-45): Edit

Mundle grew tired of being a guard and went into the Stonetalon Mountains to find some peace and quiet. Finding a Darkwood Fishing Rod in a pool, he spent a good portion of time merely fishing from the rivers. He made friends with a tempermental she-troll, and they shared an odd sort of relationship for a few weeks. Mundle’s placid, tauren temperament soothed her wild anger for some time. Mundle fished up treasures from the waters, a lockbox now and then or perhaps a crate, and they made a game of opening it together to see what was inside. Among the treasures they found pearls, gems, money, potions, other fishing poles, and so on. Some weeks later, she began acting oddly. Soon it was revealed she had gone into some sort of rut. Despite the rather quick speed of their relationship, Mundle chose to bed her. But, she would have no romantics. Instead their coupling became a violent wrestling match or fight. Mundle ended up accidentally breaking her arm in the process, trying to make her concede defeat. Horrified at his strength, he saw her unconscious body to the nearest healer and fled. He never saw her again.

The Key Saga (lvl45-60): Edit

Still aching about what he had done to his very first lover, Mundle took up key-forging. Specializing into his blacksmithing, he resolved that if he became tender enough to make something as fragile as a key, he would be safe to be around people more often. Driven by guilt, he made piles and piles of odd keys. Perfecting himself with the Arcanite Skeleton Key, Mundle hung a great ring of keys upon his waist. Heavy with his guilt, the jingle reminds him to be gentle around others, and not call upon his brutish tauren strength.

The Heroism Saga (lvl60): Edit

Needful of some grand project to take up his time, Mundle delved into Blackrock to find its secrets. His keys were a grand idea, it turned out, to aid him through ancient doors and chests. It was there he discovered his quest for the Heroism Armor. Shining in the dark almost like a paladin, Mundle gathered the eight pieces, one at a time, over two and a half months. A great quest, it took him all over the world and through the questline for greatness. In the end, Mundle took up a sort of residence in Silvermoon. Walking the streets in gold and blue armor of a heroic warrior, he finally felt proud of himself again. He forgave himself at last for breaking his lover's arm, and allowed himself to forget. He was healed, both mentally and physically, and could move on with his life.

The Sulfuron Saga (lvl60): Edit

Mundle wanted to make his mark upon the world, having calmed down over the months since breaking his lover’s arm by accident. Having circled and gone through Blackrock Mountain, he forged deep inside to look for secrets. There, he discovered Blacksmithing plans for the “Sulfuron Hammer.” Eyeing the grand list of materials for its creation, it was decided. Months went by as Mundle labored to gather materials, leading groups and mercenaries into the Molten Core and beyond. He frequented the Silvermoon Inn Bar, making friends with the bartender to hear rumors about anyone looking for adventuring work. At last, everything was gathered. After months of work, Mundle forged the legendary “Sulfuron Hammer” and wielded it upon his back as a tribute to his hard work and drive for greatness. He wore it for some time, content to have such a rare oddity on his back, but soon the hunger for greatness started again. There was one more quest to be had involving this hammer, and he had to go into the depths of Molten Core to complete it. Weeks Later, finally Mundle's Molten Core raid was upon him, and after several attempts into the depths of hell itself, he emerged victorious with Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros, celebrating with all his friends!

The Outlands Saga (lvl60-70) Edit

Mundle did not spend very long in Outlands. It was not very populated, and the general feel of the place did not please him. After learning mastery over Felsteel and Khorium metals, he soon moved on, shortly after aquiring the Dungeon Set 2 armor. During this time he had a relationship with a she-tauren named Sagapoe, but it was not meant to be. She was very much a nightowl, and he did not get to see her as much as he pleased, in order to court her. A heart-felt letter was all he could bring himself to send, to seperate from her. Later, he regretted it, and Sagapoe moved on to court another bull. Mundle wastes no opportunities to insult and hate said bull when Sagapoe is not looking, for his romantic feelings still remain, deep down.

The Vault Keeper Saga(lvl70-80) Edit

After quietly reaching his 80th season in Northrend, Mundle was appointed to the grand position of vault keeper for the Hawktotem's guild bank. Elated with a job that kept things organized, he went to it with ghusto. In large part because of his marketing and contributions, the vault swelled from just one tab to five in a very short amount of time. Obsessed with stockpiling metals and eternals, he was very happy doing his part for his tribe.

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