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AllianceNPC 32  Krinkin
Talent SpecProt/Holy
ProfessionsMining and Engineering
RealmOutland EU
GuildHonor Capped

Krinkin, originally Jonluc, was my first ever World of WarCraft character and I still play him. He is a mighty Paladin of the Alliance that heals allies in battles with the Horde and tanks in Dungeons against fierce creatures of power, although not enough to beat me that is.

I tackled the Defias issue in Elwynn Forest. Defeated Hogger. Worked in Westfall and the Deadmines to defeat Edwin VanCleef and stop the Defias once and for all.

I stopped the undead in Duskwood. Had epic fights with strange creatures in Stranglethorn Vale and even read the Green Hills of Stranglethorn.

I took the fight straight to the enemy and won. I banished Ragnaros in Molten Core. Defeated Nefarian, the Lord of Blackrock Spire. And stopped the Old God in Ahn'Qiraj.

Then I journeyed through the Dark Portal and took on Outland. A new challenge that was fun and somewhat challenging at least... And I was also quite well prepared... This was a long fight to restore the balance and I did!

Then I headed to Northrend to tear down the walls of Icecrown and take down the fierce Lich King himself. From the Kirin Tor's work in Borean Tundra, the Scarlet Crusade in Dragonblight, a relaxing visit to Grizzly Hills before battles with the scourge in Zul'Drak and Icecrown itself. I even defeated the Lich King and his powerful allies in his Citadel.

Then the Cataclysm struck. Deathwing, the Dragon Aspect, tore the world apart and I set out to fix it. A battle like no other. Ragnaros also returned and was my first major victory during the troubled times as I helped the powerful druids cleanse Mount Hyjal and push Ragnaros back to the Fireland before eventually defeating him. Then the fight against Deathwing himself in Northrend. The Wrymrest Temple a field of battle. From the cultists and the Gemstone Colossus at the bottom to the fight against Ultraxion, the powerful creation of the dragon aspect....... But it all finished with tearing him apart. Taking the plates off of Deathwing's back and seeing him crumble into the Maelstrom and to his final resting place... The battle was over...

At least it was until the Pandaren showed up... and we found the new continent of Pandaria. A new challenge lies ahead for me and the other heroes of Azeroth and this is one I shall conquer like all the previous... like all the previous...


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