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To comprehend the Bucketstone (sometimes just called "Bucket") and Lesser Bucketstone, one must first study the Sunwell and Runestones. To the Tuskarr, the Bucketstone is their Sunwell which was created thousands of years ago (Some speculate around anywhere from a couple of weeks/months after Deathwing became protector of the Earth) when Deathwing was trying to save the area where the Bucketstone was originally located (the original place was unknown), he accidently dropped it on a wooden bucket which a troll fisherman had absent-mindedly left on the plain. The water Deathwing was carrying in his mouth fell into the bucket. Immediately began to change. It became like a golden buckets yet it shone brighter then any sun and the light would occasionally turn colors and swirl (much like our Northern/Southern Lights). Deathwing took the bucket to the four other dragon aspects who each blessed it, giving it even more power. The primitive tuskarr who had just grasped the concept of what a bucket is and how to fish, began to worship it saying the "Great Salmon in the Sky" had dropped it from Heaven. The tuskarr were perfectly from all the events that happened in Azeroth so their race flourished. Then one day they decided to branch out though the Bucketstone they agreed had to stay on the plain, lest the salmon grow mad at them. So taking the moisture within the bucket, they created [lesser bucketstone]s. Each fo these was given to each tribe of Tuskarr who wished to migrate across Northrend. So for another thousand or so years, the tuskarr were at piece with all. Until the Scourge came. The Scourge took the lesser bucketstone from all the tribes but the ones at Kaskala, [Mo'aki Harbor]], and . They created [corrupted lesser bucketstone]s which were nowhere near as powerful as their non corrupted relatives.

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