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NeutralNPC 32Nairbstrasz II
Red drake
Gender Male
Race(s) Red Drake (has a High Elf form)
Character class Flametongue, Warrior-Wizard,
Affiliation Alliance, Red Dragonflight, Gnomish Navy
Position Gnomish Navy Dragon
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Nairbstrasz I (father) Alexstraza (Grandmother), Nairb II (friend & caretaker)

Nairbstrasz is the mount and friend of Nairb II. He is extremely predujice towards orcs for what they did to his race and has no qualms of even killing the weakest orc child. If the combat gets rough where Nairb II can't ride Nightmane or there's orcs involved, Nairb II rides Nairbstrasz into battle. Nairbstrasz uses everything, his fire power, arcane magic, teeth, claws, weapons, fists etc. He is also good friends to Sek'na and Marygosa.

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