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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

AllianceNPC 32Lina Blastbolt
Gnome Demonhunter
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Character class demon hunter, mage
Affiliation Council, Alliance,
Position Junior Member of the Council,
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Gnoticable (brother), Jenthro (father) Noburuu (husband)
Mentor(s) Steff Screwsploggit
Student(s) Shalaria

Lina is only Gnoticale's half brother. She was born five years after the plague hit her and Gnoticable's family. What Gnoticable didn't know is that his father did NOT become a leper gnome. Ashamed, he abandoned them. He met an unknown woman and they had Lina. She was placed in the care of a family friend who was a mage. After he made sure his last non leper gnome relative was safe (he thought Gnoticable was a leper gnome), he committed suicide. Her new adoptive father Steff Screwsploggit, taught her all he knew about being a mage, and that she was his daughter. While Lina was reading one of her father's novels (this one just happened to be an auto biography set before the Fall of Gnomeragan), she read she had a half-brother Gnoticable. Demanding the truth from Steff, he told her he wasn't her father and that her only living relative was Gnoticable. She looked all over for him till she went to Toshley Station and was told he had left with a High Elf named Nairb. So, she looked for him, and eventually told him all she knew. He was extremely angry that his father abandoned him, but happy he had a relative. She also met Thedarin, a demon hunter. Amazed at his powers, she asked if she could be a Demon Hunter. He taught her all he knew and she became one. Gnoticable isn't too happy she became one since she had to mutilate her eyes.

The NavyEdit

Lina has now decided to join an organization of fellow Gnomes who hate the troggs. They are the Gnomish Navy. She tracked down Nairb and convinced to make emmends with his father and join with her. Nairb agreed and hopes everything will go well. She is now one of the eight commodores of the fleet!

Another ChapterEdit

While out hunting a felsworn mage, the beast opened a portal and threw her in it. The random portal he had opened had landed her 800 years in the future in Booty Bay. There she was spotted by two other demon hunters and she told them what happened. The three bonded and eventually she had found out one of her relatives was alive at Refuge Pointe in the Arathi Highlands. There she met up with a caravan of Alliance soldiers who were going to bring back a comet that landed (which was somewhat nearby the Point) to the Alliance's mages and scientists. She saw the comet but something went wrong, a demon crawled out of it. She fled in terror to Refuge Pointe and then met her friends back in Booty Bay. They brought her to tell a secret society of demon hunters what she had witnessed, as 3 other comets identical to the one she had described had landed in other parts of the world. It was at this meeting she met Shadowous that had backed up her story and rescued the group from an infiltrating slave to some unknown demon. He told the group he needed help, and she decided she would join him. Together with 4 others, they journeyed to each of the comets to save humanity.

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