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Neutral 32Konstantino
Gender Male
Race High elf
Character class ranger, gunman, a small magic proficiency, marksman,
Affiliation Silver Covenant, 7th Legion, Alliance, Argent Crusade (formerly Scarlet Crusade)
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Mother, father, two older brothers, cousin

Living in Quel'ThalasEdit

In year 8 (600 on the King's Calendar) Konstantino was born to father (a colounel in the army of Quel'Thalas), as well as a mother (a wizardess who was originally from a well-known family fromDalaran). The family lived within a house situated in the south-eastern section of the city, a well-to-do area.

In 557 KC (King's Calendar) at the age of 7, Konstantino was given to be apprenticed to Ranger General Sylavanas Windrunner herself (High Elven families were notorious for buying very fortunate positions for their children to learn their class). However buy shee coincidence, Konstantino had a natural talent for the way of the ranger, and was learning fast. Within weeks he was able to communicate with the various animals and plants of Quel'Thalas and within a month had even tamed a lynx. She trained him till 625 KC.

In the year 625 KC, the Scourge besieged Quel'Thalas. Konstantino's father and brothers defended the city, while his mother and sister (taken in by the family) were one of the ones to be evacuated. Konstantino lived in the Windrunner Family's manor and as such was rushed out with the family. However, his mistress Sylvanass gave her life to defend him from Artha. Konstantino claims to have locked eyes with the Prince of Darkness, which some speculate is the cause of his zealousy against the Scourge. He survived the Fall and became a refugee, evacuated to Dalaran.

In DalaranEdit

Thankfully Konstantino's mother was able to find him in the thousands of incoming refugees. With the undead becoming a problem, Konstantino's mother joined Dalaran's defense league made up of the city's casters and able-bodied fighters. However, once again fate ripped the boy from all he loved and whe Archimonde destroyed Dalaran, Konstantino lost contact with his mother and cousin. His mother perished.

slayer of the lifeless

Life in the Scarlet MonasteryEdit

Self Exile and paybackEdit

To TheramoreEdit

In the AllianceEdit

In OutlandEdit

The SunwellEdit

Konstantino's CompanionsEdit

Being a ranger, Konstantino is in tune with nature and has quite a few animal companions. As rangers usually are, he is a friend of the wild and has tamed various creatures in his travels. He is most often seen with his faithful lion (as well as friend) Fang. He is also been known to travel with his other animal companions when needed. They are:

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