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This information is fan fiction and in no way is to be related with real warcraft lore.

Neutral 32 Ronseur Breed
Beast nopic
Main leaderKeiron
CapitalSouthern Barrens
Main languageCat,Common, Nature Speak
StatusNearly extinct

What are theyEdit

The Ronseur are an ancient species that was assigned by Ysera to protect the enviroment, and gifted with special powers, they were very successful in their task but were hunted to near extinction by the Kul Tiras Merchants, currently the leader lives but there seems to be hardly any left.

Special PowersEdit

Their powers are given through runes that shine on their fur. These runes allow certain members to use certain powers. Some have the power to run at alarming speeds, others have the power to make themselves invisible from others, and other notable powers.

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