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HordeNPC 32James Stevens
Mortreon unmasked
Title <The Drunk, Ex-Captain of the Lordaeron Assasination Force>
Gender Male
Race(s) Human,Undead
Affiliation Lordaeron, Gilneas, Horde
Location Brill,Silvermoon City
Status Undead, Demi-dead
Relative(s) Darrowmere(Brother), Grimtey(Father), Jennah(Mother), Mortenthiar(Nephew of sorts), Samantha (Lost Sister)
Alignment Chaotic goodDF 129


Mortreon is a heavy drinker and Rogue or Mercenary, his other name is James Stevens. He is often referred to as the drunk; He has a scar over his left eye from when a bullet grazed him there before his death. And has usually the scent of alcohol coming from his breath. And though it is hard to see, his boney parts of his body grow back flesh at a slow rate, yet easily noticeable.


Mortreon might be the most annoying person you'll ever meet, he has no manners in public or private and openly burps and shouts and insults people he feels deserves it. But deep down has a good heart and can never willfully kill someone he knows for sure is a good person or do-gooder.


He was a captain of a squad of assasins under Lordaeron's government, he was known as one of their best before he was blinded during a high elven aid mission when he tried to kill the leader of an amani camp and had an amani mixture thrown into his eyes instantly blinding him. After such he was put into recooperation by Lordaeron. He was later escorted by a lordaeron representative to a laboratory that the gnomes of Gnomeregan built on the borders of Lordaeron where they were testing mixtures and weapons. Here he was subjected to a experimental Troll's Blood potion, the effect of the potion in turn gave him the ability of faster regeneration than a common man, however it was not as fast as a troll's and they labeled the experiment a failure, however the elixir helped him gain a bit of his sight back. And when they showed him an animal they just experimented on, he went on the offensive and broke the animal out mounting his horse and making a run for it to what is now the eastern plaguelands. He managed to get to a large mountain overlooking a forest near Darrowshire before getting shot down and plummeting off the cliff after 52 bullet shots and hitting the ground dead. His brother Darrowmere Stevens buried him in Darrowshire. And for the next 7-8 years he was buried until the troll's blood elixir showed another interesting property. It had the ability to revive someone from the dead depending on the seriousness of their injuries, he was brought back to life but he had been rotted and exposed to the tainted soil of the plague of undeath and so he was cursed, they used him as a weapon until he was eventually broken free of the Lich King's will.

Mortreon ready to fight

Mortreon in combat stance


In life James Stevens was considered ugly by some, and beautiful by others. He had scars from being reckless in his assignments, which he was known for with each job. James was also considered deeply honorable to his friends, going to nearly any length to keep those who are his friends alive. James was known for making quick friends with his positive attitude, he also had a deep fetish for Troll women. He claims he still doesn't have it after death but...he lies about many things.

Mortreon Alive portrait

James Stevens before his death.


Has no family except his brother and his parents aswell as his missing older sister who was lost when Dalaran fell to the scourge, his parents having abandoned him after seeing what he has become. His brother a ghoul guardian of sorts to a death knight named Mortenthiar Lightblade. Originally he and his brother did not get along with their parents as the parents forced them to work on a plantation from someone else's field while they sat by and did nothing. After a while they grew their own plantation and became wealthy, they moved from the gilnean island to Lordaeron after which their youngest Darrowmere usually prefers his middle name 'Jessie' who became a military hero after helping lordaeron in several conflicts, afterwhich he had his brother James recommended into the Lordaeron Assasination Force who inevitably became a captain, after which James's brother Darrowmere gained his own land and started to become an instructor teaching new recruits of the Lordaeron military.


  • Mortreon remembers his name as James Stevens yet goes with Mortreon for the style of copying other forsaken making up names.
  • Mortreon's flesh is alive where there is flesh yet the boney parts aren't. In a way he could be undead but alive at the same time.

Additional informationEdit

Hair color(Was light brown, now azure) Eye color (Was dark yellow, now is ghostly yellow, brown when he was human.) Height= 6'2 Weight= 180 Ibs

  • His age is 22 (Since death)

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