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Neutral 32Keltheon Lightblade
Keltheon Lightblade
Title <Priest of the Church of Light>
Affiliation Church of Light, Silvermoon City, Alliance of Lordaeron, Convocation of Silvermoon
Location Graveyard near Falconwing Square
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Mortenthiar(Son),Mortothiar(Son),Ariel(Wife),Thiaris(Father)


Keltheon was a common mage among the people of Silvermoon before they met the humans, then he decided to turn to the light and ever since was a priest for the church of light. However he met Ariel before priesthood and bore 2 children, Morten and Morto. They were proud of them as they grew to be outstanding elves, Morto trained with his father while Mortenthiar trained with Darrowmere Stevens. Keltheon was a healer in the 2nd war and aided the alliance in their peril. Ariel was his wife showed outstanding skill in fire magic, able to summon a giant fireball and chuck it, incinerating many of the orcs and demons. However a few years later Silvermoon is attacked by the scourge, Keltheon followed his son hoping to get home to protect Ariel but his son was knocked into a river and after he fought tooth and nail to survive against the undead he inevitably died and became undead. It was then the lich king probed his mind and forced him to resume his path home, he made it before Mortothiar and walked into his surprised wife, seeing him disfigured by the undead energies coursing through him. She was so shocked she couldn't muster and attack and was slashed in the heart. Mortothiar then came and saw what his father did, enraged he punched through his father with his holy strength killing his father, afterwhich he wept as he lost his family, Silvermoon then reported the death of Mortenthiar Lightblade, Liara Mistwalker, Keltheon Lightblade and Ariel Lightblade. Indeed Keltheon wept inside leaving his son and killing his wife, his soul could hardly rest, even today it haunts where he is buried, Ariel's soul as well seeking a way to finally be at peace.


Thiaris Lightblade was a mage who learned sword play with his normal skills, bearing arcane runed armor he was known through only a small amount of nobles as a legendary swordsmen. Keltheon was originally next in line to become this kind of warrior but chose priesthood, and so he couldn't wield their family heirloom passed down from Thiaris.

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