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Neutral 32Keiro Rocketsprocket
Keiro image
Title <Up-and-coming Trade Prince, Champ, Pal, Goblin>
Race Goblin
Character class Shaman, Environmental Engineer, Steam Warrior
Affiliation G.A.R.R.D., Bilgewater Cartel, Horde, Orgrimmar],Earthen Ring, Bilgewater Battalion
Location Bilgewater Harbor, Goblin Slums
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ladron Rocketsprocket(Father) Afelia Rocketsprocket(Mother;divorced Ladron), Yoku Rocketsprocket (Half-Sister), Zahav Rocketsprocket (Brother), Dinero Rocketsprocket (Ancestor)


Keiro Rocketsprocket is a Goblin who was born on the Isle of Kezan, when he was young the spirits of the elements knowing he would one day commune with them whispered to him, when he was older he told his father about this. His father had him sent into the Kezan Home for the Mentally combustive for a few years, until Keiro gave up on understanding what he was hearing. He then invented the first portable grill powered by water power and phlogiston. It detonated multiple times on him, it left several scar. Like the rest of the Goblins he tinkered further eventually making a fire cannon, he then got an idea to open up a store based on fire launchers and several different portable turrets and weapons one could drop from their pocket into enemy lines to destroy. With Gairin Crakelbang his business also invented portable showering and drinking apparatuses, aswell as an earthquake machine and a Tornado conjurerer, people walked past his store rarely anyone bought anything there. Then it went bankrupt, Keiro then moved onto inventing a spyglass that can see all the world and pinpoint whatever he is looking for from the great dark. He made a living on making a flying machine that had a camera to help spy on people. In the 3rd War he was paid large amounts of money, for people to see the battle of mount Hyjal and for the alliance and horde forces to pinpoint where the undead and demons were amassing. Then he was paid even further when it was used to examine things from Northrend in the war of the Lich King. He became rich enough from this that Gallywix appointed him as someone to research and run his same business under Gallywix for more pay. Life was good until, Gallywix got suspicious of all his successful workers. When Deathwing attacked, Gallywix charged Keiro and many others for a spot on his boat, Keiro didn't have enough funds to get on, but on his way to try to hide on the boat. He saw another Goblin with alot of Macaroons making for the boat, he tripped the Goblin and stole the Macaroons running onto Gallywix's ship before it departed. He was then enslaved by Gallywix, before he could start his servitude the ship was shot apart by the Alliance-Horde Crossfire, he got out alive and looked for survivors, whether out of greed of what he could rip off of them. Or pure kindness, he saved many Goblins. Keiro explored the Lost Isles with interest, the elements spoke to him on the Island guiding him to an Alliance ship off the coast, he hi-jacked a Gnome flying machine and got onto the deck only to see many Goblins fighting on top for control of the ship. Keiro was running down the stairs of the ship before a large green man walked past him up the stairs acknowledging his presence, it was Thrall himself, Keiro saw Thrall and questioned if it was Thrall who sent the message, just then the ship started getting turbulent he came to the deck where everyone was thrown overboard. He wobbled to where Thrall was, without a word a tornado enveloped him and the spirits talked to him again, this time telling him they were behind him. Keiro not knowing what they were kept on questioning that which didn't answer back. He then found more of his people in a Town-In-a-Box. He assisted in getting food and devices that floated onto shore, even Keiro's flying spy device remote. He found where he was on Azeroth, he was about to tell the people in the Town-In-The-Box before being knocked out and captured by the Pygmies of the Island, before he could be sacrificed. The wind picked up around him and ripped off the things binding him and carried him to a cave where Volcanoth lie. Keiro equipped with his Goblin All-in-1der belt, used rockets to injure the beast. To no avail, until several Goblin artillerymen with mortars attacked the beast. It went down and they all got trapped in the cave, just then a plane came down with a rope ladder and he hung on for dear life with the artillerymen. Keiro eventually got to the point where he met his friend "Gobber" Again, Gobber helped him find parts to build a suit to fight Gallywix, with the rest of the Bilgewater Cartel he led the offensive on Gallywix, himself and many others saving Thrall from Gallywix.


Keiro has learned the ways of Shamanism, although a bit difficult for him to grasp. Keiro now runs a business since the sundering selling totems to take down rampant Elementals, he gains large amounts of money with the panic brought on by the Cataclysm. He also works on making different inventions to help improve himself and make money. He is currently inventing a series of armored suits for the Bilgewater Battalion's Special Operations team.

In BattleEdit

Like any Goblin in a jam, Keiro is able to draw weapons or essential equipment from his Goblin-all-in-1der Belt such as a tazer, bazooka and rocket boosters. The belt also houses his array of self engineered technology like his personal agent robot and totems, aswell as several weapons like a foldable shield and knives, hammers and axes. Due to his experience with the Elements to which he made a pact with, he now knows Shamanism, able to utilize the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Life. As a mediator of the elements he can mix these elements into several potent combinations or utilize them singlehandedly, he is able also to assume the form a a spirit wolf. In this form spirit wolves are able to phase and warp around. Aside from his powers and abilities he looks to any tactic he has in his mind, he's known in combat for his madness when it comes for the most ridiculous goblin tactics even going as far as to blow himself up to defeat an enemy.


Keiro is Greedy, Silly. And a good businessman, he tries to make a quick gold with cheap items, usually reserving his most expensive stuff for more money. He works with Nibs Copperpinch selling elemental devices in her shop. Keiro at times can be honest, noble and cruel as well as honorable. He is also prone to explosions with his devices, leaving his face and hair usually covered in soot from the explosives.


Keiro Prides himself in the inventions he has created. Including the following

  • Flodsidium Elemental Assault Armor Mrk V
  • Portable Glaive launcher
  • Goblin Atsmospheric Surveillance Satellite (G.A.S.S.)
  • Burrowing Mines
  • Portable Blast Cannon
  • Explosive Food
  • Gunmace-Guns that work like maces if they run out of ammo. Fires 3 rounds each, Keiro uses elementium bullets when in Garrd duty.
  • Life Totem
  • Portable Grill
  • Portable Water Fountain
  • Portable Oil Extractor
  • Erratic Portable Goblin Grenade Launcher
  • Anti-Elemental Totem
  • Personal Agent bot
  • Keiro-meters- Measurement Keiro bought in the Goblin measurement system, 1 Keiro-meter equals 34 meters.
  • Basilisk Laser- Attempting to make a gun that petrifies enemies and incorporate into his G.A.S.S. Units.
  • Rocketsprocket- The copyright of his family, Keiro has tinkered with the Rocketsprocket which using rocket power allows sprocketing twice as fast. Could explode...
  • Vibro-Spork-Allows you to cut food with vibrating teeth or drink soup or skewer food. Magnificent!
  • Shop-In-a-Box-Keiro helped improve on the Town in the box by having a shop with merchandise in a box!

G.A.R.R.D. Armor Mrk VEdit

Keiro Armor

Flodsidium Elemental Assault Armor Mrk V with Gunmaces

Keiro made something a Goblin might think of...then quickly forget and go back to tinkering on a new project. Keiro made a more compact suit powered with Azsharite Batteries fed off spells shot at the armor and the Elemental Planes. This armor seems to be made of a mix of Obsidium with Kalimag runes and Elementium plating,a radio, mad Goblin devices as well as what might be the single greatest invention in Goblin history with the exception of The Bigger One, Micro Elementium Cyborg Spiders ,which utilizing a few spiders Keiro stepped on, he rebuilt them then shrunk them with a micro-adjuster after giving them cybernetic implants, the spiders now release an Elementium Silk and are programmed to patch up broken parts of the armor stronger than ever, at least...usually. These spiders must be fed multiple times a day to keep their mechanics functioning on their energy. This suit is like many other Steam armor however it has been adapted for aerial and orbital combat. The suit has multiple operations including the following. However like all Goblin machines, even with Elemental Engineering. It is still prone to malfunctioning.

  • Elemental Cannon-He is able to invoke elemental runes to form elemental energies around his arm guard into a cannon that can fire any of the elements a shaman can control including combining them. Uses magic power.
  • Phase Generator (Could send the wearer in the belly of a Dragon or worse.)
  • G-Grenade Launcher (1 grenade per gauntlet)
  • Shredder Blades (For hurling at your enemies)- Built into the shoulder pads and corners of Gauntlets, are projectile shredder blades.
  • Retractable Crawler claws (Claws that crawl up the wall for you, aswell as snip-snip your enemies.)
  • Bombchute (Rockets built into the armor only in the Goblin version to allow for a safe landing, deploy at 60 yards above the ground)
  • Armor Integrity meter (Built into the Helmet's HUD)
  • Radio (In the Helmet.)
  • Goblin Serrated Vibro Obsidium Knife (Cuts through most materials, great for sabotage.) Stored in a holster on the armor.
  • Helmet Energy Shield (The Helmet has an energy shield on the empty front of it. Runs HUD and keeps the environment isolated from the outside, but can be pierced with an index level B weapon after 2 strikes from this index.
  • Rocketsprocket Jet-helm (The Jet Helm Upgraded by Keiro Rocketsprocket, utilizes fuel ignited by a Kalimag rune that links the fuel tank to the Firelands, allowing mass fuel to shoot out the bottom of the nozzle on the base of the helmet and launch the Garrdsman high.)
  • Infrared Imaging- This suit utilizes infrared imaging in it's HUD which allows for tracking heat signals. In back up goggles too
  • Spectral Imaging- Utilizing special enchantments and energies, one can see ghosts with this imaging. In back up goggles too
  • Azsharite Battery-Utilizing Azsharite exported from Azshara, The suit has a battery built into the rear waist area to energize the suit in case the Phlogiston energy system fails.
  • Totem Belt (Only in Keiro's personal model.)-Several specialized weapons can be drawn from his belt, including his mechanical totems and portable artillery devices.
  • Computer Interface circuit- A circuit that allows for Keiro to interface with other computer systems of similar type.
  • Analysis Scanner- Built into Keiro's HUD and into his back up goggles. It scans the threat levels of enemies from Index Z to Index A thousand. As well as analyzes where weak points might be found, it can also find out about the energy type and muscle mass of creature it scans or metal that it scans from it's limited database.
  • Failsafe switches- These switches built into the suit have 3 fail safe functions. One blows up the user so the enemy can't turn the technology against them. The second unlocks the suit from the user and turns it into a square about 1 meter in diameter and weighing 160 lbs. The third ejects the user into the nether with seemingly no way out.
  • Armoring-Due to the composition of the suit, it can take damage from magic and absorb some of the energy to put in it's batteries. As well as stand up to any kind of abuse from metal weapons. The Gel layer underneath takes some of the impact but people still can die in the suit.
  • (Prototype) Auto-Medic- Being developed, this device is supposed to heal the user's severe injuries until they can get real medical attention. Currently, it just beeps and cuts holes into the user.
  • Density Cloth Helmet- The standard helmet for this suit. Density cloth helmets are cloth that when energy is ran through it turns as hard as steel. It contains the HUD that the other helmets including the Rocketsprocket Helmet might have.
  • Air Filtration system- The system filters the air of the suit, and fills the airtanks of the suit if there's clean breathable air. Unfortunately, about 30% of the air in the tanks is rendered useless due to a persistent gasoline fumes leak.
  • (Prototype) Suit Auto-Turrets- Utilizing Goblin Technology at it's finest. Arms are tested to see if they can hold turrets to auto shoot at pre-locked on targets.
  • HUD Lock On Interface-The HUD contains a lock on system that allows for the user to have assistance in automatic aiming. Making it less likely for the target to avoid the attack.
  • Field Fork- A eat food rations with! Field Rations not included.
  • Kalimag Aqua Cooling system-Utilizing Kalimag Runes water can be called from the Water Plane to cool overheated suit parts.
  • Kalimag Flash Density System- Utilizing Kalimag Earth Runes, the suit's density can be increased to protect against more damage for 10 seconds. It must recharge.
  • Kalimag Aerial Control System-Allows for a degree of control when dropping.
  • Field Barf Bag-When one drops from a Zeppelin in high altitude this is invaluable!
  • Kalimag Firestarter-Onboard Kalimag Fire Rune can allow combustion in case someone's MIA and you need a campfire.
  • Cyborg Patch Spiders-Cyborg Spiders that repair damaged areas of the suit very quickly. Useful in a firefight, but a flaw allows outside weapon fire or any kind of deadly force to come into the spider's living area of the suit and kill all the spiders. Rendering this function useless.
  • AR-40 Enhancer Device-This device gives the armor extra strength to allow the user to move easier. And add a good amount of strength to the user, allowing the user to lug the suit alot easier.
  • (Prototype)Proximity Indicator-This device is in testing and emits an ultrasonic wave that bounces off materials around the user periodically, and returns to the suit to show where everything is around the target, including hostile targets sneaking toward them.
  • Armor Density Unit-By utilizing earth runes on his armor, while connected to the plane of Deepholm his armor jumps in density to Index A+ as long as he maintains that connection to the elemental plane.
  • Steam & Smoke release valve-A valve installed in the rear shoulderblades of the suit. It opens to let out the steam and smoke from the suit allowing some cloaking.
  • Oil Slick-Using the annoying oil drip in the cooling system, the suit can release slippery fluids from the heel of the boots.
  • Shredder Skates-Used to go across a surface rapidly, these reinforced retractable shredder blades in the boots allow the user to glide across surfaces while cutting it with the very sharp stainless steel Mithril Blades. Comes in blue, green and common silver. WARNING: If used with Oil Slick might cause the oil to combust, from a loose spark. Use extreme caution.
  • (Prototype)'Basilisk Gun-A pistol holstered on the belt with a Prism Lens it emits a beam that usually petrifies the target. It has been known to turn people into kittens...

((More Upgrades to come.)))

Pictures of Keiro RocketsprocketEdit


  • In Japanese his name 'Keiro' means "Respect for the Elderly." Fitting for being a Shaman

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