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Neutral 32Edwarde Duskfenger
Edwarde Duskfenger
Title <Bane of Demons,Demonologist, <Professor>, The Ebon>
Race Worgen
Character class Swordsman,Demonologist,Demon Hunter, Uncorrupted Warlock
Location Stormwind, On the road traveled by few.
Relative(s) Liam Duskfenger(Son), Linara Duskfenger(Daughter), ????(Wife), George Duskfenger(Father), Alexandria Duskfenger(Mother)


Edwarde Duskfenger (Ed-ward)(Dusk-fen-jerr) was a young boy born in Stormglen who loved his family, as a little child he did extraordinarily well his father a soldier to the people of Gilneas. One of Greymane's best men, he taught Edwarde how to wield a blade until the Second War where he died. However Edwarde even before the death of his father he suffered from trauma. At age 6 Edwarde played with his friends near Blackwald, to Edwarde's dismay a Felstalker appeared from the woods and killed his friends asw ell as nearly killed him. It burned his friends alive with tainted fel flames it breathed out, killing them instantly. His father arrived and was able to repel the demon, however Edwarde was injured badly for 2 years, within those years he studied demons. What Edwarde didn't know was that this demon had tried to take back a special artifact from his father.

Ed Duskfeng

Edwarde Duskfenger in his Worgen form.

His father George when he was younger was approached by a powerful demon, a Dreadlord. The demon knew of George's arrogance and asked for a battle with him to which if George won, he would get a wish. George arrogantly wagered his own soul and body. George arduously fought and won , George's request was the demon is to become the most powerful sword ever made. The demon being changed to it's contract and it's sheer weakness from battle changed into a Fel blade, powered by the demon's own strength, it was feeding on him and corrupting him trying to regain enough power to shift back, but it backfired when George died prematurely in the second war. George always wielded this blade it slowly corrupted him. but allowed him to defeat many orcs in battle. He eventually died in the 2nd war his sword returned to his grieving family, the demon that Edwarde at age 6 met was an agent of the burning legion trying to free the demon by taking him captive.

Edwarde ever since getting contact with that blade has been under watch by the demons if he wandered too far from town. And so in order to defend himself after his father's death he decided he would become a Demonologist, someone who studies demons. Believing that somehow if he were able to study demons he might eventually find their weakness and scare them away from assaulting his family forever. His family became poor after his father's death and had to beg on the streets for money for his family. He spent many years reading books in the Gilneas Archives to draw out demons from the nether and study them with every encounter from his summonings after each defeat of the demons he summoned in secret his ability to repel demon attacks increased. During his travels around Gilneas he instructed how to defeat some of the demons he has fought before, he eventually met his wife and got married and had 2 kids. However, Eventually the nobles and the citizens of Gilneas began to believe he was an agent of the burning legion and locked him up until the Worgen attacked, he was promised amnesty by King Genn Greymane if he assisted in the defense of Gilneas. He agreed, holding no spite for his own nation. He slew countless Worgen until Lord Darius Crowley who led the defense ordered them to hide within their church and fight the Worgen within the church, however during this last stand out of sheer surprise and horror he saw his wife who has become a Worgen run into the church, he lowered his guard out of this shock and was pinned down by her and in his own defense tried to block her from his neck, she eventually bit straight through the palm of his right hand before being shot in the arm and fleeing from the Church. He got up his hand in extraordinary pain injuries from his wife injuring him and the curse running through his veins. Eventually when everything seemed lost, worse happened. Worgen broke through the windows and defenses of the church, he succumbed to the curse and slaughtered several of his fellow protectors and cursed many more.

It was later that along with several other Worgen he was caught, and considered a monster along with the rest of the cursed Gilneans by Lord Vincent Godfrey. They were going to execute him, but Greymane felt it unjust as he realized by his intentions he wasn't an agent of the legion, Krennan Aranas cured him along with many others with an elixir which allowed him control but his speech pattern was effected by his recent change. He then helped the Gilneans repel the Forsaken and then evacuate more of Gilneas he almost lost himself until a night elf placed her hand onto his head, his violent tendencies negated for that time, they then led him to a large tree in the Blackwald with several Gilnean refugees and cured him allowing him permanent control, he even met Lord Crowley there cured. What troubled Edwarde though was where his children were after this whole time, he didn't see them. In the middle of this thought Godfrey barged into the tree and demanded that all the Gilneans cursed or not belonged to Gilneas and must join in their defense. Eventually a surprising development made Godfrey flee and eventually capture Greymane. With the other Worgen that were loyal to their king, slew the two eastern lords that were assisting Godfrey, after this Godfrey commited suicide. Edwarde also helped fight in Greymane city against the forsaken, they were successful but at a price, this price tore Edwarde apart in his heart. It was then that enlightened by the image of the sacrifice by Greymane he was ordered with several other Worgen to evacuate the city via a hidden tunnel, he did just that. They made it into the graveyard of their disturbed ancestors, they put them to rest and buried the dead prince, Gilneas itself weeping for the fallen champion. They proceeded to try to get to the boats the Night Elves prepared for them for their evacuation only to meet resistance by the horde. He eventually was led by Lorna Crowley along with other Worgen into an airship and bombed it barely getting out of range of the blast. They then fled to Darnassus with the rest of the Worgen, Edwarde despaired the worst expecting his children and wife to be dead. He fell into sadness until he remembered what his father told him "When you give up, then you lose your worth to the World as a whole. Don't fall into the grips of despair, instead look up and see what you can contribute to those you love and the world you love."

Edwarde eventually became friends with several Worgen and even a famous Demon Hunter, Daeion Shadowrage. To this day he fights for Gilneas and has met Goldrinn which has sparked him to see the goodness in his curse. He's still targeted by the minions of the legion for the blade that was hidden by him.


Edwarde is a neatfreak and quick on his feet. He doesn't like untidy things and usually chooses to fix it or look away and try to ignore it. He has a noble spirit, willing to help anyone he can. He seems rarely angry or sad nowadays, he hides the misfortunes of his life behind a smile not wishing to be a burden on anyone else. He is quite distant, and noble at times. He cares deeply for his son, any displeasure his son feels from someone else he tries to solve. In his Worgen form, he is easily angerable and feral, the slightest insult making him go into a feral murderous rampage unless he can restrain himself. In his Worgen form, his speech is impeded by the sheer ferocity of the form. He is normally afraid of Worgen, unless he assumes the form.

In battleEdit

In battle, Edwarde is a swift ally, able to do Gilnean swordplay thanks to his father. He also learned basic magics like fire magic and arcane. Due to a recent event he is able to use demons summoning them to his aid. He also uses demonic spells in desperation when he fears for his life or when threatened with a target that won't be dispatched as easy with fire or arcane. And through his study on arcane energies, he's learned to shape the energies and even change their density. He can make a grasping telekinetic shadow or arcane force through emitting magic, though using this process is likely to diminish his magical energy supply if he does it too long. This density ability allows him to block incoming blows with a dense wall of arcane energy or mana allowing him to effectively defend himself, another ability to this is making magical protection armor and allowing him to solidify the energies he channels around his hand or wand into a blade or blunt force or into any shape he really needs. But again, he's likely to be drained from doing this too often. This man is a scholar, knowing many things of demons especially their weaknesses from his days of summoning and defeating them, he has high advantages against demons and knows alot about many things especially Demonology and Demonic Botany.

Liam DuskfengerEdit

Liam Duskfenger resize

Liam Duskfenger, Edwarde's son.

Liam Duskfenger is one of the two children he has. Liam like his father is very well studied. Liam shows a great kindness to other races, as well as curiosity for each race. He also wishes to become a Battlemage or Warmage, simply from fascination with magic. His father trains him in the ways of magic and like his father he also carries a Gilnean accent, like his mother he is gentle. And unlike his father, is not a Worgen and doesn't harbor any sort of Vendetta to many Undead or Demon alike. Liam is age 12 and prefers to explore Stormwind, his favorite treat being Stormwindian Raspberry filled Churroes and Apples. Liam being taught by his father is a pretty well trained swordsman. But Liam enjoys magic more than swinging a sword around. This child simply loves the world, spending the whole day just introducing himself and meeting people. Liam carries a Mithril Hunting knife for protection and a charm that wards away demons, Liam could never really kill an animal so his Hunting Knife rarely sees use. This child also harbors a sadness wondering where his sister and mother are. For they vanished in Gilneas and never turned up in Stormwind or Darnassus.


  • He is one of the only known Gilneans imprisoned for belief he was an agent of the Burning Legion.

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