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Neutral 32 The Duskfallen
Main leaderCoorik Von Kibbeltorque
Race(s)Gnome,Felsworn, Sayaad, Mo'arg, Voidwalker, Imp, Infernal, Ered'ruin,Human, Night Elf, Demon Hunter, Demons, Orc, Blood Elf, Forsaken.
Main languageOrcish,Demonic,Common,Gutterspeak,Gnomish,Darnassian,Thalassian.
Sub-group(s)Coorik Von Kibbeltorque, Akravazin the Reaver, Jhorrah the Succubus, Jubtai the Imp, Eichrik the Infernal, Demeroc the Doomguard, Klaththang of the Void, and others.
Statusrecently formed.


Everything in this article here is fan fiction and in no way co-en-sides with any official lore by blizzard entertainment.


Those shunned or used by the legion or found a hatred for it have united under a single organization to drive away any hidden invasions the legion has plans for, led by Coorik Von Kibbeltorque this organization walks under the shadow of society and protects it from the demonic threat that could be posed on it, though the leader is claiming it is beneficial to himself and his members. This group is shunned by whoever due to only those of demonic influence may enter, so far they have diverted several plots against Stormwind and the Exodar.


This organization consists of the following branches.

Xim'Kaelik: Commanders of the organization these members deal with internal affairs such as revenue and usually leave the combat to others. Rank #1

Demon Hunters: Demon Hunters are wary of other demonic denizens, untrusting but willing to aid the cause so long as it hunts down the evils of the legion and demons. Rank #2

Felblood Soldiers: Soldiers enhanced by the Xim'kaelik, they are one of the driving forces of the organization employing whatever powers gifted to them by their masters. Rank #4

Dusksworn: Those who have paid in blood to gain the powers of demons, these swordsmen act as special footsoldiers whose duty is to guard the Xim'kaelik and Demon Hunters and hunt down anyone that would oppose them. Rank #3

Duskwatchers: Spies of the organization these crafty assasins gather information with their fel powers and stealth, including the use of an Eye of Kil'rogg. Rank #5

Felsworn: Half-Mortal, Half-Demon assasins who use their demonic capabilities for the best of their society, similar to a peon. Rank #9

???? ??: This branch is currently unknown. Rank #2

????? ???????: This branch is currently unknown. #10

???? ?????: This branch is currently unknown. #3

Foot Soldiers: The backbone of the army filled with fel enhanced infantry. Rank #7

Peons: The builders and reserve infantry, Rank #8

Additional InfoEdit

Rank #1= Superior officers to all.

Rank #2= Superior to all rank 3-10 personnel

Rank #3= Superior to all rank 4-10 personnel

Rank #4= Superior to all rank 5-10 personnel

Rank #5= Superior to all rank 6-10 personnel

Rank #6= Superior to all rank 7-10 personnel

Rank #7= Superior to all rank 8-10 personnel

Rank #8= Superior to all rank 9-10 personnel

Rank #9= Superior to all rank 10 and new recruits.

Rank #10= The shared rank of new recruits and unproven soldiers.

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