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Neutral 32Coorik Von Kibbeltorque
Coorik Von Kibbeltorque
Title <Demon Collector, Xim'Kaelik>
Gender Male
Character class Demon Collector, Felsworn, Demon Hunter
Affiliation Gnomeregan, Burning Legion, The Sanctum, Alliance, Horde.
Location Stormwind Barber Shop
Status Alive
Relative(s) Torkir Von Kibbeltorque(Father),Khrila Xrix(Step-Mother),Sirrah(Sister),Amira(Mother), Kaile(Brother)


Coorik Von Kibbeltorque is a Felsworn that was under the employ of a burning legion cult. When he was born his biological mother was murdered by his father who also worked for the legion cult, hoped to make the ultimate 'weapon' by infusing Coorik with Demonic Magics while he was in the womb. Making him a felsworn. He was then adopted under the succubus 'Khrila' who made him believe he was half Sayaad and made him learn the demonic arts. He was trained in the Demon Collector arts also known as the Xim'Kaelik. And made countless felsworn for the cult to use, after a while he realized his father's intent and left him and Khrila going into hiding. Though the legion found him and promised him power, he agreed and worked for them since, scouting out powerful candidates for 'fel infusion' and being sent to the legion.... Yet now he harbors a hatred for them finding out of his mother's murder and his purpose. He is bloodthirsty and merciless to any who stand in the way of his rage of wanting revenge for his misuse and his mother's murder. He usually does demon trade for the cult he is under, and is suspected in Stormwind of a great number of kidnappings. Of course he never left too much evidence to go on.


What can really be seen odd from Coorik is he has demonic wings and a tail, and demonic horns. When his demon side is tapped the slightest he will grow in height and will have demonic warpaint symbols on his face which seal some of his power keeping him from going mad from power. He also seems to have a secondary transformation that he can only take on for a short time or he will again go mad with power and the form will become permanent., his demonic features coming out. However, in his normal state he has Fel glowing hair and eyes. Oddly enough due to a defect brought on by his early fel infusion as an infant he was given a defect that made his mind splinter into two personalities, one represented by the tainted energies in him, Kril'rash, the inner demon and taint from the demonic spells infused into his body usually taking the form of a Nathrezim. And the one who represents him as he would've been untainted, Cork. He seems to have a Xim'kaelik tattoo that allows him to channel energies from the nether into himself, the tattoo was made to eventually turn the imbued into a demon. However it seems the demonic magic seal already in Coorik's body known as the "Xaim'dresh." Has begun to let out dangerous amounts of demonic energies into Coorik's system, triggering his secondary form, and increases gradually as the form lasts, however Coorik's body is not strong enough to hold the stress of this and will break down before shifting back, the more energy invoked in him the more damage dealt, he wields a wand of holy light to cast away some of the energies in his system but will eventually succumb to a complete demon transformation or...death if not helped, it appeared after an encounter with a certain Lich. He wears a full fel management body suit to help him overcome fel poisoning.


He shows no care to find his family, he cares only to further his own goals and gain unlimited power so that he can get revenge on the mortals for spitting on him for his Felsworn heritage. However, he has been shown to care to make friends even if the concept sickens him. He has compassion no matter how much he hides it, he also seems to want revenge against the legion and he's willing to kill anyone to get it... Yet his heart seems to becoming lighter from his corruption, thanks to the interference of Greggory Alexander who willed him to become good and strove to be his friend.


The cult he belongs to is the Xim'kaelik or the Demon Collectors. They kidnap potentials that might make powerful demons and sell them to the legion and to other organizations like the Royal Apothecary Society or The Sanctum. It's rumored they even sell to the Twilight's Hammer cult. But it is just a rumor, yes? This cult seems to specialize in manipulation of demonic parts, they can make advantageous mutations to demons some to the point where they don't look like they originally did. This cult seems to base itself around Elwynn Forest and the Burning Steppes. Where the Altar of Storms (Burning Steppes) lies for them to use to make demon crafting easier, many are forced to join this cult, those who hear of the cult and do not join has normally been found dead in an alleyway with a knife wound in their back or floating in the canals with fishes eating at their remains.


Current RP PlotlineEdit

Last: Fel Poisoned and attempted to possess Edwarde Duskfenger Current: Assault upon Duskfenger Next: ????

Theme SongsEdit

Magus Battle (Chrono Trigger)

Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy 6)

Battle 2 (Final Fantasy 4)

Riku's Theme (Kingdom Hearts 2)

The Dreadful Battle (Final Fantasy 4)

No Dream, No Hope (Final Fantasy 10)

Coorik Hooded

Coorik hooded in his Xim'kaelik robes.

Coorik Demon Horns

Coorik without a hood, in his Xim'kaelik robes.


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