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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Here are some ideas for future expansions. They combine others' ideas in a way that suits my own, and do not represent official plans of Blizzard Entertainment.

This page is not yet completed, and will be expanded soon.

Emerald DreamEdit


Alliance: FurbolgEdit

  • Lore: Barkskin furbolgs are at home in the mountains of Hyjal. After the War of the Ancients, they retreated into the Barrow Deeps to escape the corruption that the Burning Legion spilled upon their kin. They have led secretive lives until recently, when Tyrande Whisperwind acted as an ambassador for the night elves and struck an alliance with the tribe.
  • Classes: Druid, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock
  • Language: Common, Ursine
  • Zone: Hyjal
  • Racial traits:
    • Nature's Vengeance - Activate to reflect 10% of damage taken back at the opponent. Lasts 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
    • Hunting and Gathering - 15 point skill bonus to skinning.
    • Fortitude of Ursol - Increase stamina by 10%.
    • Staff Specialization - Increase expertise with staves by 1%.
  • Mount: Stag (normal gray, brown, red; swift black, white, tan)
  • Reasons:
    • Furbolgs are friends with the night elves and draenei, and include plenty of surrounding lore as well as room for more.
    • They would provide balance, making up for the shortage of muscular, beastial, tribal races in the Alliance.
    • Among players, they seem to be in high demand.

Horde: SpriteEdit

  • Lore: Not often have the fey of the Emerald Dream left their peaceful lives in search of adventure and danger; they never had an incentive. Nevertheless, when the Nightmare grew out of hand, the sprites were among the first to request assistance.
  • Classes: Druid, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman
  • Language: Orcish, ???
  • Zone: Tel'Abim
  • Racial Traits:
    • Ring of Mending - Instantly heal friendly targets within 10 yards of the sprite. 2 minute cooldown.
    • Lightweight - Reduce fall damage.
    • Dagger Specialization - Increase expertise with daggers by 1%.
    • Wand Specialization - Increase chance to critically hit with wands by 1%.
  • Mount: Fox (normal brown, orange, maroon; swift albino, silver, gold)
  • Reasons:
    • Sprites are connected to the Emerald Dream.
    • The Horde is composed of mostly, large, "ugly" races, and needs something to balance it out.

Emerald Dream locationsEdit



When the Nightmare grew out of hand, the Green Dragonflight ceased its retaliations against outsiders attempting to enter the Emerald Dream. Now, all willing heroes are able to step into the Great Trees throughout Azeroth. From there, they will be teleported to Idrassil, a magical tree within the Dream. This is a neutral haven where outsiders contact the green dragons for the first time. Druids here can learn Teleport: Ildrassil, a utility spell that allows the user to visit at will, akin to Teleport: Moonglade.

Eye of YseraEdit

Like Shattrath City and Dalaran, this settlement is a sanctuary. Ysera rules the city of golden domes. Dragons ask for the aid of adventurers in abolishing the Emerald Nightmare, and in return offer extraordinary rewards that can-not be found anywhere else.


Emerald Paradise (81-85)Edit

Spanning the east coast of what would be Central Kalimdor, the Emerald Paradise is a lush coastal rainforest. Magestic, giant birds soar above the canopies; gentle creatures walk the ground; life of all sorts thrives in the waterways. All is not well in the paradise, though. Corrupted Ones have crept into the ecosystem, and sapient denziens of the land struggle to purify them before it's too late.

Northern Woodlands (82-84)Edit

Located where the mainland of Northern Kalimdor would be, the Northern Woodlands represent the elven lands without the impact of civilization. Sprites' home was there, and though many went off to assist the Horde, some still remain in place. Darnassus' Cenarian allies also roam the land, and druids from both sides are frequent visitors.

Sands of Time (85-90)Edit

Spanning the southernmost part of Kalimdor from Silithus to Tanaris through the area south of Un'Goro, the Sands of Time make up an ancient, untouched desert. Inhabitants include stone giants, centaur, and a variety of specially adapted arthropods and vertebrates.

Goldenpeak Mountains (83-86)Edit

A long chain of mountains winds down the Emerald Dream's version of Kalimdor.

Black Morass (78-81)Edit

While in the waking world this swamp has been shattered into the Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands, in the Emerald Dream it remains intact. As a dark bog, it is a dangerous place for ambushes by enemies and predators.

Lushgrass Hills (low level)Edit

If the human kingdom of Stormwind had not developed in Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Duskwood, something equally magnificent would have had the chance to arise. In the Emerald Dream, the fertile soil of this area harbors plants like none ever seen in other worlds. Their stems tower to the sky, and their flowers gleam like the sun. In the center of the region stands Idrassil itself.

Shadewood (89-90)Edit

Just as the Plaguelands have been corrupted by the Scourge, this once-tranquil forest is tainted from being in the path of the Nightmare.

Redridge Highlands (low level)Edit

These mountains reflect the Redridge Mountains before the summoning of Ragnaros. Where Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes would have been, the mountains nestle life in their valleys. Recently, the Horde has started to use the highlands' protection as a site for camps and small towns.

Lorn Modan (low level)Edit

Dwarves and other Alliance visitors to the dream have seen this land as "just like home", and quickly chose the snowy peaks as a base from which to combat the Nightmare.

The Shining SeaEdit

Between the continents is the Dream's equivalent to the Great Sea.


Sin'Delar Barrow Den (Northern Woodlands; 84)Edit

Within the Northern Woodlands exists a cavern. There, malicious Druids of the Fang prey on dreamers and trap them as Unwaking. Few dare to rescue these unfortunate spirits, and it is up to a party of seasoned adventurers to free them.

Emerald Nightmare (Shadewood; 90)Edit

The Nightmare is the source of chaos and destruction in the Emerald Dream. Throughout the plane, living things have been transformed into vile monsters from affliction. Recently, the Nightmare has been spotted in the region known as Shadewood. Thus far, all attempts to end the corruption have, ironically, resulted in more corruption. Can someone venture into the heart of this lethal force and discover the cause?

Venture Co. Industrial Camp (Emerald Paradise; 81)Edit

Much to the dismay of the forest creatures, the Venture Co. sees the Emerald Paradise not as a paradise of nature, but one of profit. The goblins of the company are willing to tear apart the land and pollute the air, if necessary, in order to extract and make use of the wealth of resources. The fey have launched a campaign to end the materialistic disruption, but they can-not succeed without the help of the Alliance and Horde.

Other additionsEdit

Hero class: SavagekinEdit

  • Races: Night elf, furbolg, tauren, troll
  • Armor: Mail
  • Bars: Health, runes, varies in animal forms
  • Weapons: Axe, Fist, Polearm, Staff, Bow
  • Rune types/talent trees/schools: Beastiality (melee; bovine and dog forms), Naturalism (casting; windserpent and plant forms), Travel (other forms)
  • Role: Varies
  • Abilities:
    • Humanoid Form - Unlike their less-specialized druid cousins, savagekin are not healing/damage casters. Their abilities as humanoids are limited.
    • Bovine Form - Alliance gets water buffalo; Horde gets bison. Using rage and having increased armor, this form is made to take damage and attract aggro, much like bear form.
      • Charge - The savagekin charges, knocking back and stunning the target.
      • Horn Rush - Deal bleed damage and generate a burst of aggro.
      • Territorial Challenge - Force nearby targets to attack the savagekin.
    • Dog Form - Alliance gets coyote; Horde gets hyena. Despite being the savagekin equivalent to cat form, this form is unable to stealth. Melee damage is greatly increased.
      • Bite - Deal raw damage.
      • Canine Fury - Increase attack speed.
      • Scratch - Deal base damage and cause bleeding.
    • Windserpent Form - This form uses mana for nuking and crowd control abilities.
      • Constrict - Damage and immobilize the target over a short period of time. The savagekin must be in melee range, and the ability is channeled.
      • Glide - Reduce falling speed.
      • Lightning Bolt - After a cast time, deal long-range damage to the target.
      • Venomous Lunge - Strike at a short range, causing instant damage and poisoning the target to reduce movement speed.
    • Rabbit Form - Used to avoid and escape battles, the rabbit gains run speed, stealth, and improved chance to dodge in exchange for greatly reduced attack power and armor.
    • Aquatic/Flight Forms - These are the same as the druid forms, but are already provided upon creating a savagekin character.
    • Ground Form - As fast as a level 40 mount, the tiger replaces the druid's cheetah.
    • Plant Form - Become a plant creature that resembles a lasher and can heal with mana.



Requiring a special saw or axe, logging allows extraction of wood from tree nodes. Sometimes, herbs or fruit can be found on the trees, too. This wood can be used in woodworking recipes and enchanters' wands.


This profession uses wood obtained from logging to craft items. Woodworkers can specialize in three areas:

Twisting NetherEdit


Alliance: TothrezimEdit

  • Lore: Laborers and businessmen of the Legion, the Tothrezim show little loyalty to their faction and are concerned more with personal benefits. Therefore, they are easily drawn away from the demonic force by other opportunities. The Alliance's wealth and military might looked promising, and although greatly distrusting of demons, the allied races realized that their knowledge of the enemy could prove invaluable.
  • Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock
  • Language: Common, Abyssal
  • Zone: location east of Burning Steppes
  • Racial traits:
    • Fel Venom - Poison the target, causing damage over time and slightly reducing movement speed. 3 minute cooldown.
    • Debt Collection - Increase money gained from vendor sales by 5%.
    • Craftsman - 5 point skill bonus to crafting professions.
    • Twisting Nether Power - Increase all damage dealt by 1%.
  • Mount: Elder larva

Horde: Gan'argEdit

  • Lore: Self-serving Gan'arg like to be on the winning side of conflicts. Tired of being bossed around by their physically superior Mo'arg masters, a group of rebels journeyed away from Outland and camped in the Eastern Kingdoms. Impressed by the Horde's influence in beating back the Legion, they offered their technological skills to the Horde in turn for protection from their former team, which has branded them as traitors.
  • Classes: Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warrior
  • Language: Orcish, Eredun
  • Racial traits:
  • Mount: Warp stalker

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