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My name is not allowed to be said on any Internet site, but feel free to call me "Mori" in honor of my Moriquez main and her once-evil counterpart, Mòriquez the Death Knight.
I'm a fifteen year old girl from United States, Texas. And I've been playing World of Warcraft approximately a year. Off and On. Getting to level caps of the time was the most important thing for me. I hit level 80 Perhaps 4 months before Cataclysm came out. Which I was at the midnight launch for.
My father would play World of Warcraft when I was a smaller girl, and I would watch him intently play it, just sitting on his lap and pointing out things I thought were interesting, and him dreadfully explaining everything to me. It wasn't until he had enough that he let me create my first ever WoW character. My age is quite foggy, for it was around a bad time in my life I'm trying to forget. My first WoW character was supposed to be a Blood Elf named "Lilas" however, my father whose true to the Alliance made me feel bad; so instead it was a Draenei girl named "Veilatina" (To my understanding, my father deleted her whenever he moved.)
She was a hunter, as well, and I played her every other weekend for an hour. I got her up to level 8 before my father decided to move, so instead for a Christmas present he set me up my own WoW account. It was a great time, and this time - the first character I made was a Blood Elf named "Isies". She's a hunter, and I got her up to level 8 before I got frustrated. Then I created a Night Elf Priest, named "Nialya" however, I decided I couldn't stand everyone needing me all the time, so I deleted her. I got extremely discouraged until my friend got World of Warcraft for her birthday. When she wanted to play with me, we both created Hunters. Hers was "Rann" and mine was "Moriquez". My friend got up to level 9, before she quit because.. well, I'm not sure.. Probably just wasn't her type of game. However, I did not. I continued until level 10, when I got my first pet.
Finding the perfect pet was a task, you see. I have a cat named Princess in real life, and she means so much plus the world to me. So I had to find an animal that almost resembled her. I was finding a very hard time finding them anyway near Darnassus, (Because I was too scared to go anywhere a quest wouldn't take me.) So I took a flight to Darkshore, and a boat to Draenei land.. where I found a Moonstalker Runt.
"Why didn't you get a full grown moonstalker?"
Well, person reading this.. none of the other Moonstalkers had what I felt it took. A runt had to fight for their life. Socially, physically, and my Cat had gone through a lot in life. So I took my time naming this cat. Should it be something close to Princess? Finally, I named the animal. I wasn't quite sure how I did it, but my fingers typed it and I pressed enter.
About two weeks later, I noticed what I had done. My characters name is Moriquez. And I named my cat Morianna. They both begin with "Mori".
I leveled myself up to about level 23, when another one of my friends wanted to join World of Warcraft. I referred her, but the email I sent it to was down.. so she joined herself and I helped her level to about level 17. I felt as if she had enough of my help, so I ventured off to continue my leveling journey alone.
Over many months, I slowly wound my way up to being level 85.
At level 25 I found my guild, Hand of Oblivion, which I am happily committed to. They've been there for me in gameplay, and they've helped me through my issues depicting the teenage life of the girl typing this behind a screen.
Now here I am, ranting on WoW forums about how I dislike the newest updates for hunters, (No, I don't QQ. I state my opinion.)
And here I am happy as a fly at a picnic.

It wasn't all fun and games. I became addicted to World of Warcraft. I had stopped eating, I was beginning to skip school and I was neglecting everyday life. It wasn't until one day I leaned back to yawn, and my mouse cord was stuck in my arm. And somehow, that had enough force to thrust my laptop off my desk and ram it to the floor. It went away to be fixed, but it took a month. And within that Month I was cured.
There were some WoW romances to, none that ended well, however..

WoW has been there for me through the good and the bad, and I don't wish to leave it anytime soon..
Well, maybe.. if these updates keep going horrendously. ;)

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