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''"My life for the Lich King! The Scourge will rule all of existance!- IconSmall Undead MaleScourgelord Morec, Hand of the Lich King

"All that you know is at an end; the Lich King will rip this world apart and recreate it in his image!"- IconSmall Undead MaleLazirus Plaugemoore, Death Knight of the Scourge

General Information Edit

Morec of Gilneas is a Horde player on (obviously) the Gilneas server. Something of a fanatic for Warcraft lore, Morec tends to role-play on certain occasions. Morec has two main characters; (1) Morec, a Forsaken warrior, and (2) Plaugemoore, a Forsaken Death Knight of the Ebon Blade.

Lore Information Edit

IconSmall Undead MaleWilliam Morec:

  • Once a honorable Knight of Lordaeron, Morec fought under King Terenas' banner, until the Scourge came. Morec fought with fury, but was soon defeated by the massive ammounts of Scourge soldiers storming Darrowshire. Soon after his death, Morec was raised to serve as a foot soldier for the Scourge, however, it soon became clear that, even in undeath, Morec was no mere servent. After leading several campaings angainst the Scarlet Crusade, the Lich King assigned Morec to be one of his spys in the Forsaken. Too this day, not one of his supposed "allies" has even come close to finding out the true nature of this warrior.

IconSmall Undead MaleLazirus Plaugemoore:

  • Lazirus witnessed the Scourge takeover of Stratholme first hand, and, soon after, this once nobel Paladin sided with the Scourge, becoming one of the Lich King's most loyal servants, and most powerful Death Knights. Assigned to masscarade as a Death Knight-in training by the Archlich, Kel'thuzad, Plaugemoore was to watch the young Highlord of the Ebon Blade, Darion Mograine, and ensure that this Mograine remained in the fold of the Scourge. After the Lich King's defeat at the hands of Tirion Fordring during the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, Plaugemoore decided that it would be of his, and his master's, best interests if he "joined" the Ebon Blade and reported to his master in secret on their activities. His loyalty did not go unnoticed, and both Kel'Thuzad and the Lich King himself grant Plaugemoore more power by the day in return for the information he gives to them. But, even Plaugemoore knows that there may come a day when he is discovered, he prepares for that moment, and he cannot wait to show those foolish enough to face him in single combat just how powerful he has become.

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