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The overall category tree is bothering me. I'm looking into reorganizing, starting with Mobs because it might be a little more manageable (and a little less presumptious of me) than starting with Category:Root. (An aside... Root is currently a subcategory of WoWWiki, which is a subcategory of Root, creating a circular categorization which drives me nuts.)


  • The categories should be arranged in a hierarchical structure, with Category:Mobs at the top of the particular tree that I'm working on.
  • Each category should contain subcategories that get more and more specific. Articles should be in the most specific category.
  • They can be in more than one category, as long as one category is not the parent (or parent of parent etc) of another (i.e.: Category:Dwarves and Category:Innkeepers, but not Category:Dark Iron dwarves and Category:Dwarves)
  • There should be no circular categorization as described above with Root.

Articles should be in the most specific categories that describe them.

  • They may be in only one category (usually a location or object article)
  • NPCs should be in at least two categories (location and race) but may be in many (different factions, multiple races, profession, etc)
    • NPCs should be placed in a category for their profession when applicable. If the category is a subcat of their race, the article should only be in the profession category. The image, however, should go in the race category. (ie: Khan Jehn goes in Category:Khans but Image:KhanJehn.jpg goes in Category:Centaurs)
    • If an NPC is a different type ingame than is normal for its race (ie: an undead arakkoa) the article should be in both categories (ie: Category:Undead and Category:Arakkoa
    • If a race has several areas that are specific to them (ie: the Veils of the Arakkoa) there should be a category to contain those locations (ie: Category:Arakkoa territories)
    • Articles should be placed in the tribe, clan, etc subcategory and not the main race category

Images should be in the categories that describe them.

  • Location images should be in a location category (probably <zone> subzones) and also in any categories that describe the image (ex: temples, caves, wolves, etc)
  • Creature images should be in the most specific category
  • NPC images - not quite sure yet... may need a subcategory for images in Category:Humans for example
    • NPC quest giver images should go in the race category, not the quest giver category
    • Images for articles that are members of a tribe, clan, etc subcategory should be placed in that subcategory (I think this means the Dragonflight images need to be moved from their main categories to the flight categories)

To doEdit

Cleanup creature categories - Move all articles into the appropriate subcategory and categorize all images

To come back toEdit

Tree StructuresEdit

Per discussion with Baggins, the following is what was settled on:


Category:World of Warcraft NPCs

Category:Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game

Faction category trees Edit

Category:Wyrmrest Accord - place images that represent the faction as a whole in the main category (tabards, locations, etc)

- I like how this has turned out and may start a project similar to WoWWiki:Zone category project when I'm done with the creature categories


    • Move Category:Alliance and Category:Horde out of Category:Factions - they aren't factions that give reputation... put them in Organizations and Gameplay?
    • Move Category:Factions - should remain in Organizations, but should not be part of WoW Geography... move to Gameplay? Or Reputation?
      • Then we have Factions --> Alliance/Horde factions --> Darnassus, Ironforge, etc

Similar past projectsEdit

WoWWiki:Cat Team/Projects
WoWWiki:Cat Team/Projects/Archives

For later?Edit

  • Is there a way to keep the pictures within the corresponding text on Creature? Article looks a little sloppy with the images dangling long after the text. - check out Big cat (done right)
  • Category:Amphibious - marked for deletion - lcontains several of the creature types. not even sure it's a proper category - WoW doesn't classify mobs as amphibious. and if we keep it, shouldn't it be named "Amphibians"? - may want to remove deletion vote, it's been moved to Lore so it's not a part of the WoW mobs tree
  • Category:Turkeys - marked for deletion - empty - delete?
  • Category:Creature types - marked for deletion - redundant
  • add Fantasia reference to broom
  • Utter confusion: Category:Voidwraiths Category:Mana surges Category:Arcane elementals - I think this needs to be cleared up with lore citations... the pages seem contradictory - Talk:Voidwraith - not touching this category until it's cleared up
  • Category:Mud elementals, Category:Spark elementals and Category:Steam elementals - marked for deletion
  • Category:Characters - where does that fit?
  • Shouldn't Auchindoun be a category encompassing all of the winged instances located there?
  • Category:Races - I think this category should only contain the main article for each race. It is a category of races, after all, not a category of races and all of their subcategories including territories, each named mob, etc. This way it will be an actual list of the known races in the Warcraft universe.

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