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AllianceNPC 32Mordo
Title <Agent of Doom>
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Location Caer Draen

Lord Mordo the Destroyer is the current title for a fictional character in the Warcraft storyline, based on the character of the same name from the Destromath server. Born Agtrix Overspark, he was a promising student while studying in Dalaran, but the razing of his home city by Troggs and the destruction of Dalaran shortly after took a toll on his sanity, cracking the persona of the once merry gnome. With both his homes lost, and the discovery that his dear brother died at the hands of Troggs, Mordo ventured south to find purpose in the world.

Early LifeEdit

Agtrix was raised alongside his older brother, Gosob Overspark, in Gnomeregan. Unlike his younger brother, Gosob lacked a penchant for magic but was a skilled warrior and mechanic, and was employed early in his youth in the city guard. Agtrix was sent off at a young age by his parents to study magic at Dalaran. He was a quick learner with a hunger for knowledge, displaying exceptional prowess and surpassing his peers within a few years.

Throughout his studies, he displayed a curiosity in all things magical in nature. While not a topic that dominated his attention, midway through his time in the city he delved into studies on previously forbidden or discouraged topics such as shadow magic, necromancy, and demonology, reasoning that a full knowledge of all things magical would be needed to survive a world that quickly grows harsh. After several years of instruction at the Daralan academies, Agtrix was a popular choice for introduction into the Kirin Tor for grooming to Archmage status.

Agtrix's FallEdit

Disaster struck home for Agtrix before his induction into the Kirin Tor. Gnomeregan was attacked by a mysterious race, the Troggs. Fearing for his brother, he returned to his home city to assist and find Gosob. Gosob had joined the rest of the city guard in holding back the invaders, and was valiantly holding the lines and aiding the populace when a sudden surge of Troggs overtook his position and slaughtered Gosob and his men. Agtrix was crushed, and following the release of radiation into the city, fled back to Dalaran, feeling no ties to his once beloved home.

Agtrix found new purpose, viewing the fault of his brother's death as his own and desiring more knowledge to prevent future catastrophes. Emotional recovery for the gnome was slow, but progress was made as he buried himself in books and studies, until the Burning Legion set its sights on Dalaran and Archimonde leveled the city. Fleeing the ruins with the rest of the survivors, Agtrix looked back in horror as the last place he held attachment to burned before his eyes. Agtrix's sanity broke. With nothing left to call his own, he wandered the land, hoping to find something to create a sense of purpose in his now destroyed life.

The Rise of MordoEdit

Months passed and Agtrix found himself a beggar in Stormwind City. After some time he felt a great dark force calling to him from the south. Securing what little he had, he stowed aboard a supply caravan to Nethergarde Keep, feeling the call grow stronger the closer he came to the Blasted Lands. Upon reaching his destination, he snuck out of the keep and made his way to the Tainted Scar. As he entered the region, he saw many of the demons but noted also the lack of hostility they showed. A doomguard approached the lone gnome and led him through the maze of rocks and spires to a hidden altar, presided over by an ancient and grizzled elf. Identifying himself as Anilithar, the elf told Agtrix that his studies under the tutelage of the Kirin Tor were petty and weak, stating that true power would be found here under the instruction of the true masters of magic. Presenting Agtrix with an ancient cane and sword, he declared his old name would be forgetting; Henceforth, he would be known as Mordo, Agent of Doom.

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