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These are a group of theories I have regarding the continuing story and gameplay of World of Warcraft in the coming years. Do not take these as proven. They do not represent the official or unofficial plans Blizzard has for the future. They're simply a way of saying "I told you so" later on. Icon-player-22x22

Pre-World of WarcraftEdit

Kel'Thuzad is a Christ-like figure and his story evokes Christ imagery. Before he fully comes into his own right, he argues with the elders of his order. Likewise, Jesus argues with elders of the Jewish Temple at the age of 12. Kel'Thuzad then travels into the wilderness to find Ner'zhul. Jesus also travels into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights while tempted by the devil. Kel'Thuzad returns and gains a great following by promising his followers -- the downtrodden and marginal members of society -- eternal life. Jesus also attracts a large following in this way of the same types of people. Kel'Thuzad then dies and is resurrected, as was Jesus.

Burning CrusadeEdit

Kael will ride on a Phoenix flying mount during his boss encounter. A Phoenix epic flying mount will also be an extremely rare drop from him.
Origin of the Naaru 
The naaru are anti-liches -- spirits of fallen righteous warriors of various races across the Great Dark who were resurrected by some great power to serve the Light. Their consciousness is bound to the shards of light which they possess.

Future expansionsEdit

Underine and the Maelstrom 
One of the coming expansions will feature Undermine, the Maelstrom, and the Naga. Naga will attack Undermine, who will petition the Horde and Alliance for help. The story will focus on the corruption of the Naga by the Old Gods -- specifically one hiding at the bottom of the Maelstrom. The expansion will feature an underwater continent and underwater mounts similar to flying mounts but more fish-like. The expansion will also feature a group of Naga who broke from the control of the Old Gods (similar to the Forsaken) and will be a playable race for both factions. They will be more humanoid in appearance than the current Naga, employing two legs to walk instead of slithering.
Old and New Gods 
The Old Gods will organize a long overdue counter-offensive. Attacking ancient Titan strongholds across the Great Dark, the Old Gods intend to pull the Titans themselves into a conflict with the Legion. The defeated Illidan will agree to allow adventurers access to the portals of Outland to travel to the new fronts. This expansion will features several new zones available through portals all over Outland each with its own Old God to take down and Titan quest-givers.
Ice Age 
While the Alliance and Horde battle the Burning Legion across the Great Dark, the Lich King will invade the kingdom's of Azeroth. Many of the northern zones of both continents will fall to ice. Tirisfal and Quel'Thalas will be permanently transformed. The Moonglade will fall. Adventurers will travel to the cold north to do battle with the ancient Nerubians, Forgotten Ones, and of course the Lich King himself in the Frozen Throne. Frost Wyrms will keep players with flying mounts out of the spires of the Throne.

Other Blizzard games Edit


Acturus Lincoln 
The character of Acturus Mengsk is based very heavily on Abraham Lincoln. (Not the happy-go-lucky Lincoln everyone thinks of, the near-despot historical version.) Like Lincoln, Mengsk was a lawyer as a young man. His tendency to prefer centralized power and overstepping authority in wartime reflects Lincoln's actions during the Civil War. His desire not only to defeat the Confederacy but unite the remaining loose nations of the Terren sector also mimic the Union's goals in the Civil War. In his coronation ceremony, Mengsk also uses the words "indivisible whole" and "no matter the cost," phrases harkening back to the Gettysburg address. Both also have beards.

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