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This is a silly article

This article is silly. Coming from a source other than the computer games, trading card game, novels, RPG, or manga, its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but nevertheless has become part of the culture belonging to the World of Warcraft community.

This is a spoof of the Warcraft Universe Physics article.

Biology Edit

Doctor Gregory Victor

Doctor Gregory Victor, an expert in biology

Spell nature healingtouch

In the real world, life exists by means of a complex combination of chemical and electrical reactions. Unlike real life, beings in Warcraft appear to exist on a linear scale between being fully alive and fully dead. Certain actions decrease this internal number while other actions increase it. Being exposed to certain flavors of the Holy Light seems to increase this number.

While doctors do exist in Warcraft, it is unknown what they operate on, since beings in the Warcraft universe appear to lack internal organs. It is possible doctors know of some secret way to alter this internal number which defines health, since doctors have divined a way to increase it without using magic or the Holy Light (i.e., bandages).

Upon death, beings become souls with no known biological formation. See the section on souls for more information.

Intelligence Edit

Spell holy magicalsentry

Certain beings in Warcraft exhibit great intelligence and mobility. They move from place to place, become stronger, interact with one another, and form alliances and groups, sometimes as complex in construction as each member is internally. Other beings, however, seem extremely docile, stay in only one place or perform only one task. They are usually very dull to talk to. Occasionally, these beings will wander the wildnerness but will very rarely leave their place of origin. Many of these beings become angry when more intelligent beings approach and will attack. Some are exceedingly strong, but very few exhibit the ability to solve problems or react to changing stimuli.

Souls Edit

Inv misc orb 04
Spirit Healer Death Ghost

Spirit Healer from WoW, seen here in the graveyard in Brill

Souls in Warcraft seem to be manifestations of a being's will. Souls are bound to a particular place and can move. For some reason, souls seem to be able to move slightly faster than when they occupy a body, so it is theorized that souls weigh less than bodies. Souls of certain races such as night elves move faster than others. Some souls, such as the soul of a being in the world who is fortunate enough to have a name, are very, very slow.

Upon death, beings become souls. These souls are transported to a nearby graveyard. It is unknown where souls went before societies were complex enough to build graveyards. In order to re-enter a body and interact with the real world, these souls must move from the graveyard back to an area around its body. The body is lifeless. It is unknown whether it continues to live and simply has no will or indeed dies. The bodies of certain beings in Warcraft appear to be able to undergo much stress. In fact, these special beings appear to be immune to complete death. Many, many beings in the Warcraft universe have the ability to die, however, such as Grom Hellscream, King Terenas and Uther Lightbringer. One might note that the last could resurrect other beings but could not resurrect himself. It is thought that these souls may have gotten lost when trying to return to their bodies.

Planes of existance Edit

Planes of existance are ordered into a heirarchy from the ones with the least order (the Twisting Nether) to the ones with the most (wherever the Titans live).

Although traditionally ruled by demons, the Twisting Nether is actually ruled by the Quark, since things can exist at more places than once, have more than one form, and generally exist and don't exist at the same time.

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