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This policy was ratified on 8 April 2007. The source has been copied to WW:GUILD.

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The goal of a wiki is to be informative and not to allow self promotion or free advertisement. This policy outlines what is allowed, not allowed, and required when a user creates a page for a guild.

Posting a page including info about a guild in an objective manner is fine, but we have all too many wikisquatters starting guild pages on a site meant to be mostly informative. This could even be classified as stealing our bandwidth which is illegal (at least in the U.S.)! Please, if you want a wiki for your guild, ask around; I am sure some generous user will help you get one set up.

When writing a guild article, please consider the boilerplate as a good starting point.


All guild pages will be required to follow these specifications.


The guild pages should be in the Guild namespace, contain the complete name of the guild, and be followed by the guild's server and country code in parentheses. Example: [[Guild:The Mighty Guild (Arthas US)]]. Note there is no space between Guild: and the guild name. However, there is a space between the guild name and the following parenthetical.

  • If a guild is the only guild article with that name, the plain form page can contain a redirect to the guild article.
Example: [[Guild:The Mighty Guild]] contains a redirect to [[Guild:The Mighty Guild (Arthas US)]].
  • If the guild name conflicts with another guild, the plain form page will contain a list of all guilds with that name.
Example: [[Guild:The Mighty Guild]] contains a list of all guilds articles for guilds named "The Mighty Guild."
  • Guilds that exist on multiple servers have the option of creating multiple server articles. They may link to each other, if desired. These guilds may also designate one guild page as the main guild article and redirect their other articles to the main article. These guild pages must still follow the above guild article naming specifications.


All guild pages must contain:

  • The Template:Tlink tag at the top of the page. This will place the article in Category:Guilds.
  • The server the guild exists on.
  • The faction the guild plays.
  • At least three (3) sentences in English containing useful information about the guild. E.g. purpose of guild, contact information, recruiting state, rules, style of play, etc. After these sentences, the main article may be in another language if the intended audience is non-English.


The guild page should also be properly categorized:

  • [[Category:Guilds]] - Automatically added by the Template:Tlink tag.
  • [[Category:PvE Guilds]], [[Category:PvP Guilds]], [[Category:RP Guilds]] – Choose the one which most closely matches your play-style.
  • [[Category:Alliance Guilds]] or [[Category:Horde Guilds]]
  • [[Category:European Guilds]] - if your guild is on a European server.
  • Many servers also have subcategories for their guilds, see Category:Guilds.

Not Allowed

Posting the following types of information will result in your guild page being edited or deleted:

  • Biased information - The content on a Wiki is meant to be informative, this includes guild pages. Guild pages, like all other, should be written from a neutral point of view and must follow the Neutral Point of View Policy.
  • A complete list of guild members
  • Forums, message boards, or other forms of inter-guild communications
  • In general terms: don't put any material on the page that requires it to be updated frequently, or is only meant for members of the guild.


The information here is allowed and encouraged in order to create an informative guild page:

  • A (short) list of players to contact for more information
  • A link to your guild website and/or forums
  • A list of the progress your guild has made
  • A list of periodic events that might be of interest to people outside the guild, e.g. prospective new members:
    • Guild meeting schedules, instance run schedules, PvP raid schedule
    • Note however that the intention is not to allow guilds to replace their own guild sites with WoWWiki pages. The emphasis is still on objectivity and usefulness to people outside your guild.
  • A summary of the purpose of your guild
  • Whether you are recruiting or not, and who you are recruiting
  • A brief summary of guild guidelines
  • Short stories or history of your guild

This is not necessarily a complete list. We do not mind you publishing other information that is useful or interesting to others; but it illustrates the gist of it: pages in WoWWiki are there for the visitors!

Guild Stubs

Stubs for guilds can be created in preparation of expanding the article with more information. If you create a stub, use the Template:Tlink tag at the top of your article. Guild pages marked as stubs which have not been edited for 30 days will be deleted. Your guild page is a stub if it does not contain the required information.

Enforcing the policy

Note: A deleted guild page can be restored at an admin's discretion. However, this will not give you an extra 30 days to comply with policy.


Please remember that WoWWiki is a place where users go to obtain information about World of Warcraft, not get spammed with useless information. Guilds are certainly a large part of World of Warcraft and can be represented here, but they must follow the proper criteria and not participate in spewing useless biased information or Wikisquatting. Your target audience is not yourself or your guildmates, it is people interested in WoW. Your guild page should reflect this!

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