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Horde 15 Zongi
60 IconSmall Troll MaleTroll Ui-charactercreate-classes shamanShaman Dalvengyr US (PvP) <Nameless>
Engineering: 300 · Mining: 300 · Cooking: 0 · First Aid: 0 · Fishing: 0

Zongi is a troll shaman. Once a talented wielder of the elements, he now focuses his mind and body on mastering the ax and mace. Like many of his Far Seer brethren, he tamed and now rides a wolf mount.

In-game biography Edit

I started Zongi in the fall of 2005 as an elemental shaman. When he reached 60, I decided to get him a wolf mount, so I focused primarily on AV PvP to get the extra Orgrimmar reputation. I finally achieved the goal and bought the epic wolf mount. When I started to raid again with my guild, I respecced restoration. Now having reactivated him, I have respecced him to the new enhancement tree with Dual Wielding and Stormstrike. He is now a berserker shaman.

Name source Edit

Note: The following has nothing to do with World of Warcraft or the Warcraft world.

Zongi's name comes from the anime TV show Escaflowne where it belonged to a doppleganger in the employ of Folken sent to impersonate an important member of the Freid government.

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