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For the purposes below, my master character will be called Teacher, and the slave(s) called Student(s).

This is a beginner's guide to multiboxing on a mac. While there are several methods, solutions, and more complex routes for more serious players, this is a simple guide for players that have a reasonable understanding of gaming and their mac, but avoids having to write/run scripts and undergo complicated installations and customizations of their machine. It should also be noted that this guide is only for users that plan to multibox on a single machine, though once you get 2 characters working, you can easily make duplicates of your 'slave' characters on as many platforms as you wish (additional software may be required).

Risk Edit

Every player should be aware of the risks of multiboxing. It's a somewhat long and debated issue between Blizzard and its players about where multiboxing fits in. As of this point, August 2009, no mac applications for multiboxing have been 'GM approved'. However, this does not mean it is in violation of any Blizzard policies to multibox. Quite simply, you must ensure that the application you use only broadcasts your keystrokes and nothing more. If the application has some sort of repeater function, delaying feature, or anything does not directly translate your live keystroke immediately to the application, it's not allowed. Everything else is a clever way of setting up your in game macros and your keybindings.

Duplicating World of Warcraft Edit

Simply find the World of Warcraft folder in your applications folder and create a duplicate. This method takes up space but is by far the most simple. If you have space issues read the article Multiboxing for more in-depth methods.

Software Edit

Key broadcasting - Clonekeys Mouse broadcasting - Synergy (I have yet to find an easy to setup/use application so this is the best I could find, but its complicated. You should be able to mostly get away with only key broadcaster if you're smart enough. Certain things like Mage blizzard spells are the set back and will require a mouse broadcaster).

Getting started Edit

Multiboxing usually will require sacrifices along the way. Your 'master' character should be the only one that will require addons. You should disable addons for all your other 'slave' characters. It is also recommended that you run the game on 800x600 res unless you're using more than one machine or on a pretty hot mac.

Character control Edit

You should note that it requires a large amount of individual character customization to get your Student(s) to work together with your Teacher -- no shortcuts unfortunately.

  • To properly control your Student(s) (slave characters), you must have them follow Teacher (master character). Every Student should have, on a keybinding, a macro that says:
/follow Teacher
  • For every spell my Student(s) had, I used this macro (remember in the /cast spot you will need to change it to each type of spell and equip it to a keybinding):
/assist Teacher
/cast Arcane Missile

For other macros you can look at Multiboxing macros and

  • In order to navigate Teacher with out disruption the /follow of the Student(s), I disabled the keybindings of q,w,e,a,s,d on the Student(s). If I had to swap windows and individually move the Student(s) around I would use the arrow keys or the mouse.
  • You will want to have a way of spreading out all your characters and then moving them back in. I used the '[' and ']' keys. For example, '[' on Student1 would move him left, Student2 move him back, and Student3 move him right. ']' would move them back to the center.

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