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HordeNPC 32Gilas
Title <Senior Sergeant>
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 80
Affiliation Undercity
Location Dalaran City

I'm a level 80 Undead rogue named Gilas. I play on US-Chromaggus (PvP).

I do both PvP and PvE.

I have an epic flyer and over 10,000 gold without cheating.

I do every quest possible. I still have some pre-BC raid quests that one day I will complete. Hey this will be good for the quest achievements!

I enojy raids, especially pre-BC raids. I may have a chance to do these with the newly introduced quest achievements!

I (obviously not alone) killed Azuregos, the giant blue ??? dragon raid boss in Azshara.

I am now working in the Storm Peaks and in Icecrown, assisting the Argent Crusade in the fight against the Scourage and helping the Sons of Hodir in their battle for Uldar.

Horde rules.

Can't wait for Cataclysm.

Note to Self:

Pumpkin Gilas


  • Warsong Hold
  • Vengeance Landing
  • New Agamand
  • Apothecary Camp
  • Camp Winterhoof
  • Taunka'le Village
  • Unu'pe
  • Bor'gorok Outpost
  • Amber Ledge
  • that Coldarra village
  • Ghostblade Post
  • Scalawag Point
  • Kamagua
  • Venomspite
  • Agmar's Hammer
  • Moa'ki Harbor
  • Nesingwary Base Camp
  • Frenzyheart Hill
  • Argent Vanguard

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