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Just another semi-useless WoW Nerd with too much time on his hands.

About meEdit

Hello, I'm Jean-Luc and I'm a WoW Nerd (as if you couldn't have already guessed)! I'm currently working on creating and expanding the lore for the Loa of the Trolls and their related spirits, as well as creating the WoWWiki page for my Troll Shaman, Minshuja. I'm currently 19 years old and live in San Jose, California. I, unfortunately, have a short attention span and, coupled with my creative and overactive imagination, I constantly reroll characters or never finish up any fanfictions that I begin to write. *sighs, shrugging* Oh well, I'll just have to soldier on. Anyways, I also play Guild Wars, which is a good game by the way, but it's nowhere near as incredible or RP friendly as World of Warcraft is (which is saddening, to say the least, because the lore for it is incredible and the cut-scenes are very immersive).

My current favorite WoW fanfic is called "The Fire Dancer," and is authored by T. Mirai on Fanfiction.Net. Anyone who finds this page should go and check it out! Anyways, my two current WoWWiki projects, which are pretty big, are listed below for your, the readers', enjoyment and I hope that if you use anything you find there, that you give proper credit to the creators (T. Mirai and myself)!

(( My E-Mail is: ))

My WoWWiki ProjectsEdit

User:Minshuja/Loa Spirits


User:Minshuja/Troll Culture

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