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This class is based off the idea on the WoW forums linked to on the Class ideas page.

I'm doing a variation on it, using the energy idea, the throwing weapons/wands ideas, and some of the skill tree ideas, and varying them a bit. It is quite a cool idea for a class and seems like on that could cover a lot of roles not covered by current classes. (And does better than the other three class ideas I have.)


The blood elven spellbreakers were a group of warriors formed after the scourge invasion of quel'thalas. While suffering from the loss of the sunwell and the resulting desperate need for magic, and fighting the undead scourge, many former high elven swordsmen turned their need for magic into a combat skill, learning to disrupt and control enemy magical powers, as well as feeding their appetite for magic. After reconquering Quel'thalas and restoring contact with the rest of the world, other races have experimented and learned the spellbreaker arts of disruption and control of magic, to combat new magical threats that have appeared on axeroth. Gnomes, from their natural curiosity, trolls, to combat various voodoo forces and other mysterious forces, and night elves, with their tendency to distrust magic and demon hunter tradition, have also learned the spellbreaker skills.

Becoming a spellbreaker is a challenging process, requiring large amounts of mental focus and strength, and many combat skills involving both magical forces and physical weapons.

Basic DescriptionEdit

The spellbreaker is a combination tank, melee fighter, throwing weapon/wand user, and magic manipulator. It uses mail armor until level 40, where it gets plate. It can use swords, maces, axes (1 and 2 hand for all of them.), daggers, wands, throwing weapons, polearms. Races are trolls, night elves, gnomes, blood elves (See the linked thread for logic, the races seem to work quite well.)

Spellbreakers will use "focus" for their abilities, and will always be in an equivalent of warrior stances called "mentalities". the background idea for this is that spellbreakers will have to be quite disciplined and controlled to use all of their abilities as both physical fighters and to control magic, so focus represents their abilities to think properly and perform their abilities. The "mentalities" reflect the fact that spellbreakers would liekly have trouble focusing on all their abilities at the same time, so can specialize in some, but loose others while in a certain fight. The mentalities will also change which stat focus will be based on, focus will have regeneration rates and maximum amounts based on a different statistic in each mentality. The mentalities would most likely be gotten from quests in a similar way as shaman totems, warlock pets, warrior stances, etc. Spellbreakers would also get items called "orbs", an equivalent of rogue poisons, that would add various effects to their weapons, both melee and ranged.

(I haven't thought of a better name for focus to separate it from the pet ability user, focus sums up how a spellbreaker is supposed to work, so will be used for now.)

Spellbreaker specialty in tanking would be tanking spellcasters either in close combat or at range. they will also have extra skills added for ranged tanking vs. physical damagers, but would also make perfectly good tanks in melee as well against physical and mixed attackers.


Martial mentality: This would be the first one spellbreakers get (At level 1), the idea being that there are so few magic users at this low level that spellbreakers won't be using the advantages much of the magical mentalities at such a low level. It would improve Melee damage by 5%, block chance by 3%, and reduce incoming physical damage by 5%, while reducing spell damage by 5%, and increasing spell damage taken by 5%. Focus is based on strength in this mentality.

Magical mentality: This would probably be gotten around level 6 or some other such early level. It would increase spell damage by 5%, reduce spell damage taken by 5%, give an extra 3% chance to completely resist spells, while reducing physical damage dealt by 5% and increasing physical damage taken by 5%. Focus is based on intellect in this mentality.

Protective mentality: This is a general tanking defense oriented mentality, the idea being that martial mentality would work better against pure physical attackers and magical would be better against pure magical attackers, this one is for groups of both or attackers with strong abilities in both. It reduces all damage taken by 5%, increases threat by 20%, and decreases all damage by 5%. (Basically a mini defensive stance, though the spellbreaker has magical attacks in this case.) Focus would be based on stamina in this mentality, it would be gotten around level 10.

Distanced mentality: This is oriented to ranged combat with some defense. It would be gotten around level 20. It would increase ranged damage by 10%, increase dodge chance by 5%, reduce ranged damage taken by 5% on top of that, while increasing melee damage taken by 5%, and decreasing melee and spell damage dealt by 5%. Focus would be based on agility in this mentality.

Aggressive mentality: This is roughly an equivalent to warrior berserker stance, and would be gotten around level 30. It would increase melee damage dealt by 10%, increase magic damage dealt by 5%, increase all damage taken by 10%, and reduce parry chance by 5%. Focus would be based on spirit in this mentality.


This idea is a copy of warcraft 3 orbs. The graphic would probably involve the circular object circling the weapon of choice. Orbs would work like rogue poisons, produced with a trade skill from bought items, the raw materials would be similar to enchanter raw materials (Though not exactly the same, as otherwise enchanters would just buy the materials from the vendor.)

Arcane orb: Adds arcane damage to attacks.

Orb of disruption: Gives a small chance on each attack to completely interrupt spellcasting.

Orb of feedback: Add a small mana burn effect to all attacks.

Threatening orb: Increases threat dealt by 15% while this weapon is equipped and being used. (Two threat orbs could not be used on the melee and ranged weapon with both having an effect, for instance.)

Orb of slow: Gives a chance per attack to cast a slow spell on target that would slow movement and attack speeds.

Orb of dispell: Every attack has a chance to dispell a magical buff on the target enemy.

Orb of Weakness: debuffs the target with a stacking debuff that reduces armor and attack damage. stacks up to 3 times on a single target. This is a magical debuff.

Orb of magic: Causes AoE arcane damage with all attacks.

Martial Combat SkillsEdit

Melee fighting skills, both offensive and defensive. Physical tanking skills are in here. All of these abilities are usable in martial mentality.

Armor Breach: Deals extra damage, causes extra threat, and debuffs the target with an armor reduction that stacks up to 3 times. This competes with sunder armor. (This skill came from the blizzard forums link.)

  • All mentalities

Weapon block: Increases parry chance by 50% for 1 attack. Prevents the next spellbreaker attack. 6 second cooldown.

  • Martial, Protective, Distanced

Shield Stance: Increase block chance by 75% for 5 seconds, but reduces attack speed and focus by 50%. 10 second cooldown

  • Martial, Protective

Slice: Attacks 2 nearby enemies and the target.

  • Martial, Protective, Aggressive

Penetrate: Deals damage as if target had less armor, adds extra damage.

  • Martial, Protective, Aggressive

Painful blow: Deals extra damage, causes high threat.

  • All mentalities

Puncture: adds extra damage, deals bleed damage also that stack up to 3 times.

  • All mentalities

Reflecting shield: Increases block chance by 25% for 1 attack, daels 20% of the damage from the blocked attack back to the attacker.

  • Martial, Protective, Distanced, Magical

Numbing strike: Deals extra damage, causes less threat.

  • Martial, Aggressive, Magical, Distanced

Maiming attack: 2 second cast, cannot be used 6 seconds after taking damage, is interrupted completely if damage is taken, and both the target and spellbreaker must be in combat. Deals a large amount of extra damage, modified by weapon damage and attack speed.

  • Martial, Aggressive

Threaten: Taunts the target to attack the spellbreaker.

  • Martial, Distanced, Magical, Protective

Strike Magic: Melee attack that interrupts spellcasting and causes extra threat. 10 second cooldown.

  • All mentalities

Magekiller: Deals around 3x weapon damage, modified by weapon speed, to a target that has been interrupted by the spellbreaker 5 seconds or less before the attack.

  • Martial, Aggressive, Magical

Shield Riposte: After blocking an attack, deals damage, disarms, and causes high threat. Damage is based on shield block value.

  • Martial, Protective, Distanced

Final blow: Deals damage that increases the lower the percentage of health the target has left. (the damage would probably be exponentiallly based, or based on 1/(percentage left), so that it had a low effect until the target got quite low on health.)

  • Martial, Aggressive

Martial Combat TalentsEdit

These talents will pretty much resemble warrior talents. Talent granted abilities are only usable in aggressive, protective, or martial mentalities.

0 point talents

  • Shield Specialization: Gives a 1/2/3/4/5% increased block chance, and an extra 5/10/15/20/25% damage blocked.
  • Aggression: Gives an extra 1/2/3/4/5% chance to get a critical hit.

5 point talents

  • Toughness: Increases armor from items by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Damaging Attacks: Any attack skills that cause increased direct damage cost 4/8/12% less
  • Parrying attack: Critical hits increase parry chance by 3/6/9% chance for 5 seconds

10 point talents

  • Shield Blocking: Shield stance attack speed increased to 55/60/65% of normal attack speed, Shield reflection has an extra 5/10/15% chance to block attacks. Requires 5 points in Shield Specialization.
  • Quick Attack: Instant attack, 6 second cooldown. In Aggressive mentality, this causes extra damage and is unblockable. In martial mentality, this causes extra damage. In protective mentality, this causes extra threat.
  • Precision: Increases chance to hit by 2/4/6%
  • Improved Threatening orb: Causes threatening orbs to produce an extra 3/6/9% increased threat, and protective mentality to produce an extra 2/4/6% threat.

15 point Talents

  • Improved Magekiller: Increases magekiller damage by 5/10/15%, gives a 1/2/3% chance for it to silence the target.
  • Improved Threaten: Decreases the cooldown of threaten by 1/2 seconds.
  • Combat focus: Causes critical hits to generate 3/6/9% of maximum focus in aggressive and 2/4/6% of maximum focus in martial mentality (more in aggressive); causes blocks to generate 6/12/18% of maximum focus in protective and 4/8/12% of maximum focus in martial mentality (more in protective).

20 point talents

  • Reactive defenses: If the spellbreaker drops below 20/30% health, all skills are recharged. This cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Requires 3 points in shield blocking
  • Combat Flow: Triples focus regeneration for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown. Requires 3 points in combat focus.
  • Armor Cracking: Puncture bleed damage increased by 3/6/9/12/15% and armor breach armor reduction increased by 5/10/15/20/25%.

25 point talents

  • Killing Blows: Magekiller, Maiming Strike, Final Blow cost 5/10/15% less
  • Weapon Power: All weapon damage increased by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Expose weakness: Critical hits against a target have a 33/66/100% chance to cause a debuff that increases attack power against that target by 3%. Stacks up to 5 times.

30 point talents

  • Repetition: In aggressive mentality, critical hits increase the chance to critically bit by 1/2/3%, stacking up to 3 times, lasts for 10 seconds. In Protective mentality, Blocks increase block chance by 2/4/6%, stacking up to 3 times, lasting 10 seconds. In martial mentality, both these effects occur, but they can only stack up to 2 times and have only a 66% chance to occur.
  • Weapon Skill: Increases expertise by 5/10
  • Combatant's skill: In martial mentality, attacks from the spellbreaker cannot be blocked or dodged and parry chance is increased by 10%, in aggressive mentality, attack speed is increased by 33%, in protective mentality, dodge, parry, and block chances are increased by 7% each. Lasts 30 seconds, 4 minute cooldown. Requires one point in combat flow.

35 point talents

  • Combat Mentalities: In aggressive: Causes an extra 1/2/3/4/5% extra critical chance and an extra 1/2/3/4/5% dattack power. In martial, causes an extra 1/2/3/4/5% attack power and an extra 1/2/3/4/5% block chance. In protective mentality, causes an extra 2/4/6/8/10% block chance

40 point talents

  • Focused attack: This attack cannot be dodged, blocked, or parried, and causes some extra damage. In defensive, this attack causes a very large amount of extra threat. In martial, this attack causes an armor reduction debuff that stacks with other similar debuffs (sunder armor, expose armor, etc.). In Aggressive, this attack causes a DoT that deals a percentage of its direct damage over several seconds. This talent required a point in combatant's skill

Distance Combat SkillsEdit

Ranged combat skills, both with wands and thrown weapons. This would also have some spell defense skills and a few offensive skills. Skills with "throw" in the name can only be used with thrown weapons equipped, magical attack skills are require wands and are improved by +spell damage and other spell improving abilities.

Serrated Throw: Deals a bleed DoT and causes high aggro.

  • Distanced, Protective, Aggressive

Ankle toss: Slows target by 50% for 5 seconds.

  • Distanced, Protective

Bouncing Throw: Hits up to 2 extra enemies near the target, dealing 1/2 of the previous bounces damage each bounce.

  • Distanced, Protective

Magic Blast: Deals extra damage with a wand.

  • Distanced, Protective, Magical

Magical Sting: Interrupts the target's spellcasting with a wand attack and causes extra threat. 6 second cooldown.

  • Distanced, Magical, protective

Wand Enhancement: Passive ability. Allows 50% of +spell damage to effect wand attacks. (I'm not sure if 50% is actually a good number, it seemed o.k.)

  • All mentalities

Rapid toss: Increases throwing weapon and wand attack speed by 25% for 15 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

  • All mentalities

Magic Ward: For 30 seconds, absorbs up to a certain amount of magic damage of any magic school. 1 minute cooldown.

  • Distanced, protective, Magical

Absorb Spell: Protects the spellbreaker from the next non-damage harmful spell effect, but consumes focus when it does so.

  • Protective, Magical, distanced

Shield Resist: Provides a 75% chance for 5 seconds or 1 block to block the next projectile spell or magical damage projectile tthe spellbreaker is attacked with. 10 second cooldown.

  • Protective, Magical, Distanced

Magic bolt: Wand attack that causes extra damage and adds an effect based on the magic school of the wand. 10 second cooldown.

Shadow: Lowers armor value for 5 seconds.
Holy: Heals the spellbreaker for a small amount of health.
Arcane: Lowers resistances
Nature: Dispells a buff the target has on it. if the target has no buffs on it, causes a poison DoT.
Fire: Stuns the target. If the target is unstunnable, adds a small amount of fire DoT.
Frost: Slows the target by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Distanced, Magical, Aggressive

Long Distance Throw: A throw that deals some extra damage and has longer range than usual.

  • Distanced, Martial

Quick Throw: Instant attack deals a small bit of extra damage, activates after the spellbreaker dodges an attack. Low focus cost.

  • Distanced, Protective, Martial

Power Throw: Adds extra damage to a throwing weapon attack.

  • Distanced, Martial

Resistance: Increases resistances for a certain amount, lasts for 10 seconds or some combination of 4 magic attacks and 2 spells. 20 second cooldown.

  • Magical, protective, distanced

Reflection: The next spell cast at the spellbreaker within 5 seconds fails, and all spells of that school are disabled on the attacker for 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

  • Magical, Protective, Distanced

Distance Combat TalentsEdit

Talents for ranged tanking and spell absorption.

0 point talents

  • Target Striking: Increases ranged critical chance by 1/2/3/4/5%
  • Magic Avoidance: Gives a 1/2/3/4/5% chance to avoid the effects of a negative spell.

5 point talents

  • Improved Serrated Throw: Reduces the focus cost of serrated throw by 3/6/9%
  • Avoidance: Increases dodge chance by 1/2/3/4/5%
  • Damage spikes: Increases ranged critical hit damage by 15/30%

10 point talents

  • Throwing motions: Increases thrown weapon and wand range by 10/20 yards
  • Magical reflection: Reflects the next damage spell back to the enemy caster, avoiding all of its damage and causing 10% of the spell damage to the caster as the opposite school of magic (fire and frost switch, shadow and holy switch, arcane and nature switch.)(This is to allow, for example, fire elementals to be damaged by their reflected fire spells.) 2 minute cooldown.
  • Ranged Blocking: When using ranged attacks, the spellbreaker gains 20/40/60/80/100% of its melee block chance as a chance to block ranged attacks. (I'm not sure if this talent is programmable, if it were not, I would probably have it as 12/24/36/48/60% of melee block chance is added as dodge chance.)

15 point talents

  • Improved magic ward: Increases the maximum duration of magic ward by 3/6/9 seconds, and the amount absorbed by 5/10/15%
  • Reactive speed: Gives a 2/4/6/8/10% chance to dodge projectile spells
  • Ranged mentalities: Increases chance to dodge ranged attacks in protective mentality by 2/4/6%, increases ranged critical hit chance in distanced mantality by 2/4/6%

20 point talents

  • Return throw: Instant attack, deals extra damage. Available for 5 seconds after dodging an enemy's projectile attack or spell. 6 second cooldown. Requires 5 points in reactive speed.
  • Interference: Ranged critical hits have a 33/66/100% chance to interrupt spellcasting.
  • Return Volley: Increases ranged attack speed by 5/10/15/20/25% after dodging or blocking a ranged attack.

25 point talents

  • Disrupting barrage: All auto-attacks have a 2/4% chance to interrupt spellcasting. Requires 3 points in interference
  • Distanced Master: Increases damage with ranged weapons by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Magical defenses: All spell ward and spell reflection spells gain 1/2/3% reflection (in the opposite school of magic)

30 point talents

  • Spell immunity: Makes the spellbreaker immune to all harmful spells for 15 seconds. 5 minute cooldown. Cannot be used on spellbreaker again for 1 minute.
  • Improved spell immunity: Increases spell immunity duration by 5/10 seconds.
  • Distanced avoidance: Chance to be critically hit by ranged attacks and magic damage reduced by 1/2/3%

35 point talents

  • Spell dampening: Reduces magical damage taken after resistances by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Distanced skill: Increases wand damage by 8/16/24/32/40% of bonus spell effects, and increases thrown weapon damage by 3/6/9/12/15% of intellect

40 point talents

  • Deadly attack: Usable after the spellbreaker interrupts or gets a critical ranged hit. Deals a large amount of extra damage. In protective mentality, causes a large amount of extra threat. In distanced mentality, causes the target to take 20% more damage from the next 4 ranged attacks to hitit within 7 seconds.

Disruption SkillsEdit

These include a lot of anti caster spells as well as some direct damage spells.

Capture Spell: Transfers a magical buff or debuff from the target to the spellbreaker. The buff or debuff does not effect the spellbreaker, it is stored for 10 seconds or until it is used, and afterwards will disappear. 5 second cooldown. A friendly target cannot have a buff transfered from them for another 15 seconds.(This could capture curses and magical skills, but not physical DoT's.)

  • All mentalities

Spell Transfer: Transfers the most recently captured buff to a friendly target or debuff to an enemy target. 5 second cooldown.

  • All mentalities

Absorb magic: Removes a debuff from an enemy or a buff from an ally and gives the spellbreaker focus. 10 second cooldown, the same target cannot be chosen again for this spell until 30 seconds have passed.

  • Protective, Magical

Control summoned: Channeled spell, the spellbreaker attempts to take control of an elemental or summoned minion. The channeling takes 5 seconds for a minion and 10 seconds for a non minion elemental. the controlled creature acts as the spellbreaker's pet for 30 seconds, after which it disappears.

  • Magical

Dispell Minion: Deals high damage to elementals and summoned minions. 3 second cooldown.

  • Magical, Aggressive

Spell Destruction: All spells stored by the spellbreaker (from capture spell.) are removed, and a certain amount of damage is dealt per spell to enemies around the spellbreaker. The damage type is whatever type the consumed spell's type was.

  • Magical, Aggressive

Mental Shock: Interrupts epellcasting of target. 8 second cooldown.

  • Magical, distanced

Dissipate: Channeled spell, usable on a target within 5 seconds after it is interrupted by the spellbreaker. The target losses a large amount of mana per second this spell is channeled.

  • Magical, Aggressive

Energize: Each stored spell gives allies close to the spellbreaker some mana.

  • Magical, protective

Energized attack: consumes a stored spell, and adds extra damage of the stored spell's type to the spellbreaker's next attack.

  • Magical, Aggressive, Distanced

Immolated skin: Consumes focus every second it is active, deals damage to all enemies surrounding the spellbreaker. (This is the warcraft 3 demon hunter spell basicaly.)

  • Magical, protective

Disruption TalentsEdit

These talents help increase orb damage, spell damage, and other various magical abilities. (I'm not very happy with this talent tree at the moment, individualy the talents seems o.k., but the tree doesn't seem to be adding up well. I did it with the retribution tree in mind.)

0 point talents

  • Magical control: Spell transfer, steal spell have a .2/.4/.6/.8/1 second less cooldown
  • Focused Casting: Disruption spells cost 1/2/3/4/5% less focus

5 point talents

  • Improved orb of slow: Increases the slow amount by 3/6/9/12/15%, and increases duration by .2/.4/.6/.8/1 second
  • Dispelling attacks: adds 2/4/6% damage vs. demons, undead, elementals
  • Spell stealing: Gives a 2/4/6/8/10% chance for steal spell to capture 2 spells.

10 point talents

  • Underhanded disruption: Reduces threat caused by disruption skills by 5/10/15/20/25% and causes all debuffs to last 4/8/12/16/20% longer
  • Orb Striker: An attack the applies the effects of the current orb, while increasing any orb damage by 20%. 6 second cooldown, has a ranged and melee version Usable in Magical and Aggressive mentality
  • Improved dispell minion: Causes dispell minion to deal 7/14/21% of the minion damage to the controller of the minion
  • Power Spikes: Gives orbs an extra 1/2/3/4/5% chance to critically hit

15 point talents

  • Unending disruption: In aggressive mentality, normal attacks will cause an extra 10/20/30% loss in casting time. In magical mentality, magical damage causes this effect.
  • Improved damage orbs: Increases the damage of any orbs that deal damage by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Explosive release: Gives orb of magic and spell destruction a 5/10/15% extra critical hit chance, and increases immolated skin's damage by 3/6/9%

20 point talents

  • Loss of will: All interrupts have a 10/20/30% chance to silence a target for 2 seconds when they successfully interrupt something
  • Unleashed magic: In magical mentality, spell or orb damage criticals cause a debuff on the target that increases spell and magic damage taken by 3/6/9% for 5 seconds. In aggressive mentality, spell or orb damage criticals cause attack speed to increase by 3/6/9/12/15% and cooldown times to descrese by 5/10/15/20/25% for 5 seconds.
  • Energy attack: Causes the target to loose mana and take 10% extra damage from the next spell that hits it. Usable in magical and aggressive mentality

25 point talents

  • Master of Magic: All spell damage is increased by 2/4/6/8/10%
  • Power Preservation: Stored spells last .4/.8/1.2 seconds longer

30 point talents

  • Magekilling bolt: Deals a medium amount of damage and stuns the target for 3 seconds. Only usable on the target after it is interrupted. Usable in distanced, aggressive, or magical mentalities
  • Improved magical mentalities: increases spell critical chance in magical mentality and aggressive mentality by 1/2/3/4/5%

35 point talents

  • Spell powered orbs: 6/12/18/24/30% of +spell damage applies to orb damage as well

40 point talents

  • Spellbreaker's gaze: Dispells up to 3 buffs on the target enemy or 3 debuffs on the target ally. If the enemy does not have 3 buffs to dispell, it instead gets up to 3debuffs from the spellbreaker that cause it to take 10% more magical damage (debuff stacks and dispells add up to 3). If the friendly target does not have debuffs to dispell, they get the difference in buffs that increase their magic damage dealt. Usable in magical, protective, aggressive, defensive mentality.

(To explain a bit more how this works, if the spellbreaker uses this on an enemy with 3 buff, those buffs are removed. If the spellbreaker uses it an an enemy with 1 buff, that buff is removed and the enemy takes an extra 20% spell damage. With 0 buffs, the enemy takes 30% more spell damage. The equivalent situations would apply for removing debuffs from friendly targets.)

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