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Warcraft experience: Warcraft 3, world of warcraft.

Favorite from warcraft 3: Spell: Flamestrike (really cool sounds and animation)

Characters: Illidan and Thrall (thrall for the ability to make a plan for the horde and carry it out, both of them for their ability to find allies and make friendships.)

Maps: Any of the campaign maps from towns and cities. I really liked the reign of Chaos human 3, 4, 5, and 6, Undead 1 and 2, and frozen throne Sylvanas section undead maps. In world of warcraft I like Mulgore and Durotar a lot in terms of looks.


I am no longer playing the game, as it was getting too easy to play for far longer than I had wanted to, these are the characters I had before deleting them and quitting the game.

I have minor Altitis, so am now playing 10 characters that have a very lowq chance of reaching max level any time soon. These are all on the stormrage server.

I picked race/class combinations to cover all the races and classes, and based on which combinations seemed to "fit" better. The mages and rogue were started after burning crusade, mages got an extra because I wanted to try out both fire and frost. (Tauren males are the largest ones and look like they can take a beating, so got the warrior, gnomes are small and seem good at sneaking around, so became rogues, Blood elves had blood mages in frozen throne, so got the fire mage, etc.)

I really wish talent respecs were cheaper, as I like to try out as much of the game as, which would include different talent setups just to see how they played.



  • Undead Warlock, 41
  • Trade skills are skinning and tailoring. I will switch tailoring to inscriptions when/if I get Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Talent spec is currently affliction with improved voidwalker. At level 50 I will switch to felguard, and add affliction after that point.
  • First aid does have some development, but this account is low on cloth, so first aid has low developement. Fishing and Cooking are also developed as well.
  • Undead seemed to go best as a race that would accept warlocks (The character came before burning crusade), so undead got this character class.


  • Orc shaman, early 41
  • Trade skills are herbalism and alchemy. I think I pretty much picked these out randomly on this character (vs. say, skinning/leatherworking for armor.)
  • Talents currently are the enhancement side of an enhancement/restoration 31/30 or 30/31 build. I am not sure whether the 31 point talent will be mana tide totem, dual wield, or stormstrike, currently I lean towards mana tide totem.
  • First aid is partially developed, fishing was started also for alchemy supplies, but I gave that up after awhile.
  • Orcs overall seemed the best shaman race, since they were the shamans in warcraft 3, and the female ones look in shape, but not overly muscled, sort of how I'd expect a shaman to look.


  • Troll Hunter, near 38.
  • Trade skills are skinning and herbalism. I originally started it as skinning/leatherworking, but to make more money for the account, decided to make it a full gathering character. Herbalism supports the shaman, with extra herbs being sold, skinning is directly sold at auction houses.
  • Talent points are currently going into marksmanship, beast mastery will get talents once I reach level 50. Marksmanship is the most straightforward tree, and mbeast mastery the next most straightforward, so I use these talents.
  • Cooking and fishing are being developed, some food is sent to other characters to partially make up for not having first aid. First aid, like the other hodre characters, has some developement.
  • Trolls and night elves were the most agile looking races, and night elves were druids, so trolls got the hunter.
  • My two pets are a durotar boar for a defense oriented pet, and a panther from darkshore for a more offensive pet.


  • Blood elf mage, 32
  • Trade skills are tailoring and enchanting. Enchanting is to take advantage of the blood elf bonus, and tailoring is said to go with enchanting. Cooking with the hunter and warrior makes up partially for the cloth shortage all the tailoring will cause.
  • Talent points are going into fire, extras will go into arcane when I hit the maximum fire talent.
  • None of the secondary professions are developed, I may end up buying cloth on this account to get first aid up on the characters.
  • This character was started long after the original characters, and mages and rogues were the classes not covered. I was interested in trying out different types of mage talent builds, and blood elves went better with fire mages.


  • Tauren warrior, 34
  • Trade skills are blacksmithing and mining, for making armor and weapons
  • Talent points are going into fury talents up to flurry, than protection talents.
  • Cooking and fishing are being developed on this character, cooking to partially replace first aid, fishing to help cooking. First aid is similar ot the other horde characters.
  • Male taurens are the biggest, strongest looking choice around, and also look like they could take the most damage, so they got the warrior.


All alliance characters are keeping first aid fully developed, as the alliance part of the account has a lot more cloth available. The alliance side of the account also has a lot more money available, and the characters also can help each other out a lot more with their professions.


  • Night Elf Druid, 41
  • Skinning and leatherworking are professions, they were chosen to make armor for this character, a lot of my rogue's armor also comes from this character.
  • Talents are currently the restoration side of a feral/restoration 30/31 build. despite the talents, my healing skills (or possibly gear) still need work, in tougher fights my mana tends to run out, and I often can't keep people at full health in a fight. (some other healers seem to be able to do this, though I have have just gotten lucky, as this is the only character that heals consistently in groups.)
  • Fishing is developed a tiny bit, I started fishing on this character near the beginning of my playing world of warcraft, but couldn't figure it out well and gave it up.
  • Tauren were picked out as the warrior race, so night elves got the druid.


  • Dwarf Paladin, 41
  • Blacksmithing and mining are the professions. this character is the big money maker on the alliance side of the account, as I was able to make a lot of thick bronze darts also over a few months sell them off for several gold each, which made a lot of money at lower levels. The character originally was engineering to make dynamite for pulls, but the cooldown was too long for me to use it much, so I switched to blacksmithing to make armor. It also ends up useful for making daggers for my rogue.
  • Talents are protection currently, I will also likely go into holy once I get improved holy shield. This character is the main one that tanks in this account at the moment.
  • No secondary professions except first aid are developed.
  • this character was one of my original characters, at that time dwarves and orcs seemed to be the second strongest and toughest race along with orcs, so for another mail/plate wearing melee fighter, they were picked. (If I had started the character in burning crusade draenei would probably take this role, though they may also have taken the priest role with dwarves remaining as the paladin.)


  • Gnome rogue, 36
  • Professions are skinning and mining, this character was started as a money maker. My paladin and druid support it's armor and weapon needs pretty well with their own crafting professions. Mining also provides a lot of stones and gems that I send to other characters to help them with their professions.
  • Talents are the combat tree, with 5 in master of deception. The combat tree seemed the most straightforward and flexible tree, so I went with it. I'm not sure what I'll do once I max out combat, subtlety and assasination both seem to have somewhat useful talents, and some other cambat talents to fill the tree up may be useful also.
  • First aid is well developed, this was the first character I started training first aid on.
  • Gnomes and undead seem the best rogue races to me, gnomes because they are extremely short and would seem good at sneaking around, undead because of the deathstalker images and "silent and deadly" mentality they seem to have. Undead already had a character, so gnomes got the rogue. This character was started after burning crusade came out.
  • Although the recommendation seems to be to level up with swords, a sneaking around assasin character doesn't seem to fit well with swords, so I just go daggers and don't worry about the stats.


  • Draenei mage, 40
  • Professions are mining and jewelcrafting. jewelcrafting is to take advantage of the draenei bonus, mining is to support jewelcrafting.
  • Talents will be a frost/arcane combination. I am not sure, however, how much frost and how much arcane I will use.
  • This character was started after most other characters in this account had been started, and mages and rogues were the only classes left open. I wanted to try out frost and fire mages, blood elves alreayd fit fire mages well, and the draenei blue skin and starting environments lead them to get the frost mage.


  • Human priest, 33
  • professions are mining and tailoring. I originally planned this character as a money character with skinning and tailoring, but the rogue took that role. This character got tailoring switched in for skinning to keep all the characters different, provide armor, and provide a profession tha alliance side didn't have.
  • Talents are shadow. I wasn't sure whether to go shadow or holy (Shadow just to level seemed to miss the point of a priest, holy and discipline seemed kind of boring.), but after seeing vampiric embrace in action, it looked fun enough to play that I decided to go shadow.
  • Humans were the "average" race, so didn't stick out too much for any particular class. Priests were the one left that I didn't have a character for, and seemed to fit slightly better than rogues for some reason, so I went with the combination.

New class ideasEdit

I come up with these types of ideas for all computer games I play. For world of warcraft, I haven't thought out actual numbers or levels for these skills, just skill descriptions and talents. For the talents, numbers are based more off of what numbers for other talents are like, less off of what might actually work. (Without numbers from skills and testing, it's impossible to say what good numbers for these talents would be.)

User:Minionman/Necromancer: As expected, a character that raises various undead minions and uses various death related spells. For some other twists on the character, I gave it healing, and also have all talents trees work as a combination of offense and defense. The talent trees are Summoning and Control (with undead minions, which both absorb and deal damage, as well as debuff and buff a bit.), deathly energy (Which has healing and direct damage), and manipulation (buffs, debuffs, both offensive and defensive, more physical damage oriented than spell oriented.) Most spells would be shadow based, with a bit of nature (poisons) and cold as well.

User:Minionman/Arcanist: This character was though of to be a "world of warcraft mesmer". Mesmers are a guild wars class that has a lot of "anti-" spells, expecially anti-caster spells, that in general works by disrupting and punishing enemies for doing certain actions. The arcanist is more direct damage oriented than a mesmer, and gets more buffs for other players, though generally fits the same idea as a "counter" class. Arcanist talent trees are arcane damage (Various direct damage spells, some interrupts, some anti-physical attacker skills), energy manipulation (mana burns, mana steals, mana replenishment, many spells in here also work on rage or energy, or focus if spellbreakers were in the game with it.), and arcane enhancement (various buffs, usually related to magical protection of spell improvement, though a few other types exist also.)

User:Minionman/Geomancer: This character I thought up to cover the races that wouldn't fit with an arcanist or necromancer. The geomancer is sort of like a shaman, warrior, and hunter mix, that uses spells associated with the elements to either tank or DPS. This is the class that most resembles current classes in the game, as I made it up for the race balance and not because it could do anything new. The three trees are earth (tanking skills, some damage increase and stuns), nature/water (main skills are melee DPS, movement, and snares and roots, also the "utility" tree), and earth (Ranged DPS, movement, roots and snares). Earth skills probably resemble a warrior/paladin protection tree combination the most, nature/water resembles an enhancement shaman with some utility skills added, and air resembles a hunter/mage mixture.

User:Minionman/Geomancer take 2: After reading about the Death knight rune system, and in general getting a better sense of how the different roles balance in game, I made some changes to the Geomancer idea. This character would be a 4 part hybrid of tank, Melee damage, Healing, and Ranged damage roles. The character has an energyish bar that is divided into Earth power, Water power, Nature power, and Air power. The geomancer can give itself buffs that change the way the powers are distributed, and effecting the geomancer's role. Earth power mostly effects damage absorbing and high damage skills, water effects mana regeneration, melee attacks, and a bit of defense, Nature mostly has healing skills, and Air is associated mostly with movement and ranged damage. Talent divisions are Heavy combat (melee improvements), Healing (healing abilities and buffs), and Distanced combat (speed effects and ranged damage).

User:Minionman/Spellbreaker: This spellbreaker idea is based on one on the blizzard forum (linked to in the article), that I made some variations on. This spellbreaker version is a combination melee fighter, ranged fighter, and magical disruptor. It uses skills called "mentalities", that are similar to warrior stances in that they effect usable skills and various damage and defense stats, though there are 5 mentalities as magical damage and defense are an important part of spellbreaker skills. They also use "orbs", which are weapon enhancements that add effects to weapons, similar to rogue poisons but usable on ranged weapons also. Spellbreakers would have the potential to melee tank, melee DPS, and ranged DPS, but their unique abilities would involve more spell disruptions and skills for ranged tanking vs. spellcasters or physical damage ranged enemies. Spellbreaker skill trees are Martial combat (basically the warior trees all squeezed together, with various melee combat skills.), Distanced combat (Skills for ranged and magical tanking, and thrown weapon and wand damage), and Disruption (Anti-caster spells and direct damage spells.)

User:Minionman/Witch Doctor: This is an idea for a hero healer class that wprovides some different mechanics to work with than the other classes. The Witch doctor revolves entirely around wards. The witch doctor can cast up to six wards of any type, than uses "spirit energy" (Which regenerates like rogue energy) to cast spells to improve the wards as desired. As the totems perform their functions, they build up "spirit power" for the witch doctor, allowing more powerful direct effect spells. The witch doctor's talent trees, like the death knight's would be designed to allow PvE damage, healing, and PvP damage to occur from all three trees. The three trees are Animalism (focused on animal based powers, usually snakes, big cats, or other jungle creatures), Preparations (Various eyes, ears, and other odd body part totems, plus some other potion type effects), and Spiritualism (Otherworldly spirit effects).

Other Ideas for AdditionsEdit

These are some other random ideas that could go in future expansions. Some are variations on other people's ideas, some are my own. with the next announced expansion, I won't be adding anything to these ideas.

User:Minionman/Great Sea


User:Minionman/Wilderness Skills

Game Change IdeasEdit

I would, of course, love for talent respecs to only cost 1 solver, Mounts to be free for everyone at level 1, to be able to instantly level a character to 70 each month with a selection of level 70 gear and free reputation/profession level ups, etc., but this is more for smaller changes that resemble changes that may actually get made.

User:Minionman/Minor Changes

User:Minionman/Redone Priest Talent Trees

User:minionman/Changed Levelling System

User:Minionman/Upgrades, Changed instance loot, Crafting profession changes

Random StuffEdit

User:Minionman/Light Bulb Jokes

User:Minionman/How To Act In An Instance.

Faction DescriptionsEdit

After reading some outside military history, economics, etc., these ideas popped into my head. My descriptions of the different factions almost certainly do not fit the official descriptions, they mostly cover different areas that I happen to be interested in.

All the races have descriptions of their military, economy, and history, some extra stuff is added as well that I thought of.




User:Minionman/Second battle of Hyjal

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