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My Grid Settings Edit

Sooo since people have been asking, here's what I run for Grid: - right-click and "Save link as..." this file into your World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNTNAMEHERE\SavedVariables folder - while logged out.

You will need the following Grid components installed:

  • Grid
  • GridIndicatorSideIcons
  • GridSideIndicators
  • GridStatusAFK
  • GridStatusHots (if you're a healer)
  • GridStatusRaidDebuff
  • GridStatusRaidIcons
  • GridStatusRes

Moving it Edit

You will notice that my grid is centered in the middle of the screen and not movable. You make it movable under Grid->Layout [x] Frame lock

If you want to make it left-anchored (grow right), you go Grid -> Layout -> Advanced -> Layout Anchor: Top Left

Debuff display (center icon) Edit

Also, the debuff displays is currently set up properly for a DRUID (i.e. only curses and poisons get a big icon displayed). You change this by going [b]Grid -> Frame -> Center Icon[/b] and fiddling with Debuff Type: Curse, Disease, Magic, Poison.

Hint: If you enable Magic debuffs, you probably want to scroll down and enable "Debuff: Unstable Affliction" too, so that UA gets priority on display over other debuffs.

Using profiles for different alts Edit

In Grid->Profile, you can switch to a different profile, e.g. "Class: Priest". I recommend doing that if you have several alts that want different settings. You can then copy the contents of "Default" (my settings) and start from there when making changes.

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