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Let's be honest. Farming sucks. It's mindless, repetitive, and more of an endurance test then a show of skill. So, to help keep those hours sitting waiting for respawns to a minimum, I started this project. Our item database is getting better, but there's still a lot of information missing, in particular how to get mass amounts of the item in the least amount of time! Anyone who wants is more then welcome to lend a helping hand. If you finish something, please do not delete the item, just move it to the bottom of the list and edit in "'''''Done''''' - " at the beginning of the description.

For example:

  • Done - Boss people around.

The layout and idea for this project is blatently stolen from User:DuTempete/Warlock project.


Taken mostly from Places to Farm. Feel free to add items that should get and need guides.

Item stubs

Cobra Scales, Mark of Kil'jaeden, Mote of Air, Mote of Life, Mote of Water, Netherweb Spider Silk, Small Flame Sac, Thick Clefthoof Leather, Unidentified Plant Parts, Zhevra Leather,

Items needing boilerplating/cleaning

Breath of Wind, Core of Earth, Elemental Air, Elemental Water, Felcloth, Fertile Spores, Firewing Signet, Fused Wiring, Globe of Water, Heart of Fire, Ichor of Undeath, Knothide Leather, Larval Acid, Linen Cloth, Living Essence, Mark of Sargeras, Mote of Earth, Mageweave Cloth, Nether Dragonscales, Netherweave Cloth, Silk Cloth, Pair of Ivory Tusks, Wind Scales, Volatile Rum,

Uncreated item pages

Done Arakkoa Feather

Items needing guides

Crystal Infused Leather, Elemental Earth, Essence of Air, Essence of Earth, Essence of Undeath, Essence of Water, Fel Hide, Fel Scales, Flask of Oil, Ironweb Spider Silk, Mote of Shadow, Spider's Silk, Thick Spider's Silk, Wool Cloth, Zaxxis Insignia,

Item with guides

Unsorted items

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