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These are all character's based in World of Warcraft Roleplay. They are in no way related to anyone's real life name or looks.

House of EverwindEdit

  • IconSmall Human Male Douglas Everwind - Husband to Celia Everwind, and father of Mianna, Elincia, Josoph and Edward Everwind retired military commander of Lordaeron.
  • IconSmall Human Female Celia Everwind - Loyal wife of Douglas Everwind, and loving mother of four. She was a renouned Apothecary in Silverpine Forest before the Third war.
  • IconSmall Human Female Mianna Everwind - Knight of Lordaeron, and eldest daughter of Douglas and Celia Everwind
  • IconSmall Human Female Elincia Everwind - Youngest sibling of the Everwind's, she is very 'protected' by her father and mother, unwanting for her to go out to war as their last child.
  • IconSmall DeathKnight Edward Everwind - Eldest child of the Everwind's, he and his brother got along very well with one another, and treated their sisters as princesses. After joining up with a band of Paladins that had survived Uther's death and their order disbanding, he left his family behind to aid those who were suffering. After the Paladins were defeated, broken and battered he tryed to make his way back to Silverpine Forest, only to be later recruited by Garithos and his army. Edward eventurly met his fate with that of Garithos and those under the man.
  • IconSmall Human Male Josoph Everwind - Older brother to Mianna Everwind, he was presumed dead, having been tackled and ripped by by worgen from Shadowfang near the Greymane Wall as he tryed to get his sister to saftey. She witnessed the entire thing. Though after the girl had fled, Josoph did not fully die. He was taken and used as an experiment by the Archmage, Aurgal. Locked away in the Shadowfang Keep, Josoph was transformed into one of the Worgen, though somehow retaining his mind and humanity.
  • IconSmall Human Female Erin Everwind - Erin was the wife of Edward Everwind for ten years before her death.
  • IconSmall Human Boy Rodrick Everwind - Edward and Erin's orphaned child, the young boy was taken in by his grandparents and is currently being raised by them and his Aunt's in Elwynn Forest.

House of LightstarEdit

House of StadfieldEdit

House of ForestsongEdit

House of GibsonEdit

House of BeshereEdit

House of AlveroldEdit

House of NightwoodEdit

House of EverstrideEdit

Ri'ven - Companion of Tei'los Everstride

House of FiremaneEdit

  • IconSmall Human Male Joshua Firemane - Alive
  • IconSmall Human Female Chloe Firemane - Alive
  • IconSmall Human Female Fianna Firemane - Mage apprentice of Stormwind, her family had come from the city of Dalaran before it's destruction. Fianna is well veresed in the magical properties of fire incantations, though her frost spells could use some work.

House of ShadowstrikeEdit

House of AshfordEdit

House of AlveroldEdit

House of ArtaynaEdit

<Children of Artayna> ((Soon))

House of FiremoonEdit

These character's belong to Amoraline of US - Kel'ThuzadEdit

  • IconSmall Night Elf Female Anda'lynn Firemoon - Mother of Amoraline Firemoon, Deceased.
  • IconSmall Night Elf Female Amoraline Firemoon - Young Night elf Huntress of the Kaldorei. At a young age she was taken in by a master marksman and taught the way of the hunt. Now she is a steadfast allie of her friends and the Alliance. She is currently searching for her missing mentor, Dae'thorian Shadowblade.
  • IconSmall Night Elf Female Alurii Firemoon - Alive

House of SilvergleamEdit

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House of Sha'QelasEdit

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