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About me in the World of Warcraft


I was one of those running around in Azeroth (and Draenor) just waiting for the quest giver to proclaim the reward I would get for finding his dog, or killing ten things of something to make the world a better place. And when the hypothetical prize was revealed, I would reconsider if the time for making the quest was worth the effort.

Then some day, I think it was when I was reading the book you get about Gnomish Engineering, waiting for the Deeprun Tram to arrive to Ironforge, when I thought it was pretty fun to actually read, not just "do". And when I got to the gnome to deliver this book, I got the "2000 quests"-achievement. So I decided, why not make the "3000 quests"? Or even go for "Loremaster"?

So, I did both. And it wasn't boring at all, in fact I enjoyed it.

I'm not saying this is how everyone should do. But this is how I'm playing the game from now on.

On wowwiki

Thalassian and Darnassian

Also I love studying languages.

On wowwiki I have added and updated some words and phrases in the Thalassian/speculation and Darnassian/speculation page.

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