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Menuet - Host of "TheX" Edit

Some may be familiar with the host of "TheX" known as "Menuet". Menuet has been a part of the podcasting scene for almost two years. She formerly co-hosted "User Interface" with Speedyf40 and then Alris on WoW Radio. Menuet has been playing PC games, RPGs and console games for many years.

Menuet is known to be a bit outspoken, and perhaps a little forthcoming with her opinions.It is also a known fact that Menuet consumes mass quantities of caffiene and sings constantly.

Menuet's voice acting for machinima Edit

Menuet has been lending her voice to a few machinima artists over time. To date, she has done voices for;

The Darkness: A World of Warcraft Machinima . Played - "Alyana"

The Grind - upcoming episode. Played "Draenei"

Chronicle of the Annoying Quest Season 2. Playing - "Stefie"

Oxhorn Brand Movies - "Hat vs Barnaby" Playing - "Hackey Bub Wa"

                     "Inventing Swear Words 4" - "Elf Floosie"

Menuet's character's in World of WarcraftEdit

After a long break from World of Warcraft, Menuet joined the millions of players once again.

Moonguard US: Candace - Human Priest , Ranit - Draenei Mage

Sisters of Elune US: Menuet - Blood Elf Warlock

Thorium Brotherhood US: Mareska - Troll Rogue

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