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AllianceNPC 32Lieutenant Kevin
Gender [[Gender::Male]]
Race Human
Character class Warrior, Pirate
Affiliation Grand Alliance, Kul'Tiras, himself
Position Lieutenant under Elaine Seasister
Location Unknown
Status Drowned by Blood Elves after betraying the Alliance
Relative(s) none

Lieutenant Kevin, is a stalwart warrior of the Kul'Tiras fleets, he is the Lieutenant under Elaine Seasister, he is killed in an overwhelming battle by both Blood Elf fleets and the Undead Fleet at the Eastern Plaguelands he betrays the Alliance trying to save his own skin.

Betrayal and Death Edit

After the victory of Halad's second victory and pushing the army away from Khaz Modan also with the High Captain Elaine Seasister's victory at the Gulf of Gilneas, Lieutenant Kevin led his navy to battle the Blood Elf navy, unknowingly that the Blood Elf and the Undead Scourge were both at the Eastern Plaguelands waiting, when Lieutenant Kevin led the attack he didn’t see the Undead corsairs docked on the coast of the Eastern Plaguelands, the battle ending horrible, the remaining ships tried to retreat and only two made it back to Elaine Seasister...

Though the blood elves captured Lieutenant and he begged for mercy after the defeat to live, the Blood Elves "allowed" this, he told him about Halad and the navy on the other side of the Eastern Kingdoms, though once having this information, they learned that Lieutenant burned one of their capital ships, they weren’t pleased.

Pleased that they had the information but not at Lieutenant Kevin, he still begged to live, they tied an anchor on his ankle and threw the anchor down into the sea, Lieutenant Kevin went down with it, and drowned.

After hearing of his betrayel, his selfish acts nearly had Elaine Seasister and the entire Kul'Tiras fleet attacking the Blood Elves destroyed if the Dwarves hadn’t come to her aid.

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