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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

HordeNPC 32High Warlord Grollok
Warlord Grollok
Gender [[Gender::Male]]
Race Orc
Character class Warrior, Wolfrider, Berserker, Barbarian
Affiliation Orgrimmar
Position Head of Kor'kron Elite, General of Orgrimmar
Location Unknown
Status Alive, General of Orgrimmar Army
Relative(s) Drek'thar (father), Halad (Human friend), Deathfang (Companion)

Grollok ambushes a human soldier passing threw the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Grollok is a great warrior of the Orcish Horde, he appears a few hours before Halad was killed and fought alongside, he also fights alongside his son Malan in honor of Halad. He is currently now on a mission for Thrall searching for the Orcs still under Shadow Council.

Early Life Edit

Grollok was a great warrior even at a young age, he was also always intuited with the wolves that the Frostwolf Clan, he held the line against the Stormpike Dwarven forces; he is a legendary warriors and honors the mighty Broxigar, who died after inflicting a wound on the mighty Titan Sargeras.

Grollok though unlike his father didn’t learn the ways of a Shaman or Farseer. He was quick to rise to the warrior class, he was studied as a warrior under Commander Dardosh, though his father Drek'thar wished he would be a shaman he respected to still server under the Frostwolves as a warrior and defender.

He halted the Stormpike advance for a time, though he suffered grievous injuries, when he returned from his battle with the Stormpike Dwarves, he was nearly killed if it wasn’t for the shamanistic healing powers and the priests he would of died.

When he awoke a mighty black wolf glared straight at the mighty and tired Orc, at first using some energy and strength Grollok was frightened how a wolf came to his room, Drek'thar then walked towards Grollok from behind the mighty black wolf, the wolf was harmless, as Drek'thar walked towards his resting son he congratulated him but after petting the wolf, he said told Grollok he had earned his rank and worthiness inside the Frostwolf clan, the wolf had chosen him, the wolf had decided to be with Grollok for all time, the wolf was called Deathfang and Drek'thar departed leaving Grollok alone with a life companion.

And for years the two were in separate until the day when both left both the Alterac Mountains and the Frostwolf Clan to begin their journey in the world and find Thrall at Orgrimmar, it was hard for the Clan, but they knew the time would come, yet Grollok vowed he would return.

After the Third War Edit

Grollok was a great warrior and veteran in the Third War, he also fought alongside Thrall in freeing the humans and he was captured when on his journeys with his wolf and used to fight in the Second War he was a great warrior during his time under Orgrim Doomhammer, though finally he wished to settle down and enjoy the peace of Durotar and rest with Deathfang.

One night he was fishing and spotted a lone Frost Wolf fighting off two Kul'Tiras poachers, born from the Frostwolf clan he leapt from his fishing post dropped his pole grabbed his massive two axes and with Deathfang he charged at the two humans, the humans freaked but almost killed the mighty white wolf, but Deathfang came to the wolf's aid and Grollok hacked the two humans down the middle.

He took the wolf to Thrall, Thrall recognized the wolf from when he was at the Frostwolf clan, it was a letter attached to the mighty wolves fur, Grollok ordered that the wolf be taken to care immediately and so it was carried out.

The letter was from Drek'thar to both Thrall and Grollok the letter read:

To Thrall, Son of Durotan - Warchief of the Horde and Grollok son of Drek'thar.
I bring ill-tidings my Warchief.
Our lands we have stayed in so long is under siege
The dwarves are not the problem
I have seen it in a vision, a vision of blood, and war
You may have seen it my son, Thrall, show him!
Elves, whom we have fought so long ago...
An army over all...
We are near defeated the food runs short, winter has come..
Send aid Thrall! Send... my son...
- Drek'Thar chieftain of the Frostwolf clan.

Though Thrall would love to send the armies to help the Frostwolf clan, he couldn’t do so with battling both Kul'Tiras remnants on Durotar and battling to Grand Alliance, he had not enough to also safeguard Durotar and Orgrimmar and help Drek'thar, he sent though Grollok the son of Drek'thar, hastily completing the vow he promised, he and Deathfang rode to the nearest Zeppelin. Though the Horde did not trust the Forsaken, he had to travel to the Undercity, the closet route to Alterac, he charged out of the undead destroyed capital of Lordaeron and charged threw Hillsbrad, rested at Tarren Mill and made his way to Alterac where though Hillsbrad guards chased him down, he slaughtered all that would stand between him and saving his Clan.

A week later he finally arrived at the Frostwolf Clan fortress in Alterac Mountains where some Blood Elves have engaged the Orcs, Grollok leapt from Deathfang, fully armored him, let out a mighty roar and grabbed his two massive axes and charged/sprinted towards the battle, the Orcs praised Grollok's return yet he paid no head, the Blood Elves turned but were too late to attack, Grollok with his blades raised high jumped into the battled and in a frenzy he created a whirlwind around him slaughtering all Blood Elves around him, the foolish attacked him while he spun and ended with horrible wounds that caused death.

Grollok with the remaining warriors of the Frostwolf alongside Drek'thar they were finally able to push out the Blood Elf army from their lands, Deathfang then appeared bearing large amounts of food to heal and replenish the warriors who have suffered wounds and the hungry.

Drek'thar said he was glad for his return, all praised his return in a large roar of praise. He said that he would not rest until this Elf threat was dealt with, he had Drek'thar care to Deathfang as Grollok - fully armored and prepared - marched out of his home lands and prepared to meet these elves though changed from the ones he had fought in the Second War, was prepare to meet them - blade to blade...

Meeting Halad Edit

Though he had rarely engaged any battle with the Blood Elves since his first battle at the Alterac Mountains, he was scouting their movements, though after Halad with the Ironforge and Wildhammer dwarves pushed the army back into the Arathi Highlands from Thandol Span, Grollok watched Halad's battling, and was impressed beyond standards, he didn’t think the Humans had the spine to fight an army of such mass.

Grollok then met Halad at one evening in the one remaining forest of the Highlands, he saw the Generals appear and saw the army scatters all over the forest searching for Halad, Grollok came from the bush and though Halad was hostile at first, Grollok assured him he was not an enemy. He had come to stop the threat as well.

Very quickly after talking for awhile they grew to allies, together they were near unstoppable.

They ambushed scouting parties when the army scattered, they slew all in their path until the time came when the two new warrior friends (similar to Eitrigg and Tirion were) Halad and Grollok were fighting against a scouting party and killing them in their way, though they didn’t see is both Generals in the forest with a cadre of elite spell breakers.

An arrow not dangerous though hit Grollok straight forward in the neck which stunned him, they didn’t wish to kill the Orc for they would be hunted to extinction by Thrall and the New Horde for all time. Grollok after a few minutes fell to the ground, but he saw blurry visions of Halad fighting, he saw an orange image smack Halad to the ground and when he arose he didn’t see the arrows but he saw him dieing. Grollok fell unconscious but heard the dieing screams of Halad.

When Grollok awoke he was back at the Frostwolf Keep, he had heard that a fellow human he fought with him was killed, Grollok wasn’t pleased, he retreated to solitude on an island in Lordamere Lake far from Fenris Isle he wandered the island and fought the Gnolls that tried to take the island from him, Grollok wandered the island after have a fight, and mourned for his friend's death, he laid in solitude for two years, people thought he was dead.

Drek'thar his father met him on the island and waited for him to appear out of his tent the time for redemption has come...

Meeting the son, Malan Edit

When Drek'thar spoke to his son, he grieving for the loss of Halad was not surprising, he told him though another warrior has taken Halad's steps, but not no ordinary human, the son of Halad has come to bring honor to Halad's name and stop the army, Malan - son of Halad - has arrived.

Grollok immediately went to war to redeem himself and prepared to finally kill the Blood Elves that killed his friend.

Grollok met Malan in the same place where he met Halad, again Malan hostile but Grollok had to explain, how he met his father and prepared to fight alongside his son and destroy the ones that killed Halad. Malan was gracious someone wished to help him.

At a dark, stormy, terrible night, there were red flames in the sky, as Grollok and Malan looked farther they saw the entire army mass around, after Halad and then later Grollok fighting they slew near 25% of the army. They decided to attack at night for stealth movements.

The army was shocked at how many Blood Elves were "dieing", Ranger General and Force General appeared shocked they then realized that Halad fulfilled his promised before he died, his son had appeared to finish the battle.

When they retreated back to camp, Grollok and Malan began jumped from the forests and attacked the massive army, Grollok and Malan slew many Blood Elves before the hour of judgment was at hand.

The army circled around Grollok and Malan, they couldn’t take them all at once but the Ranger General appeared and screamed a battle cry saying he would end the legacy and Halad's promise is over, he again rose three arrows and prepared to fire, though Malan turned around at the wrong time, Sieldor fired his arrows, intent on killing Malan, yet Grollok wouldn’t let that happened, he jumped in front of Malan with his back facing Sieldor, the arrows plummeted through his skin. Sieldor was angry that the Orc did this for now war would come on them from Thrall.

Grollok in pain threw one of his massive axes in the air, Malan threw his massive sword at the chest of a blood elf and grabbed the axe, in one massive feat of strength he threw the black axe straight Sieldor, Sieldor wasn’t ready, he tried to reload his bow but the timing was too late, the axe went right into his entire face, Sieldor died instantly. Malan screamed in the air when he saw Grollok falling to the ground, he picked up Grollok's other axe believing he died, and began to wage war, with all the weapons he had, he spun in a whirlwind, slaughtering masses of elves, of course when the Ground force General arrived on a blood knight warhorse - General Drak'thaer - he charged at Malan, he swung his mace and smacked him to the ground and ran by with Grollok's other axe flying right near him.

As Drak'thaer ran by as if he tripped he and his horse fell to the ground, when he finally arose up, Malan saw that Grollok hacked the horse’s legs off with his axe that Malan dropped. Malan was relieved, they were still outnumbered. Drak'thaer rose up with his mace and screamed that he helped kill Malan's father now he would kill Malan, he charged at Malan with his mace up high and parried with Malan's sword, Grollok leaped high and hacked the axe right into his back, and then Drak'thaer threw Malan's sword high and smacked him hard in the face as he died.

Drak'thaer then dropped his mace when Grollok pulled his axe out of Drak'thaer's back and then with another sweep he beheaded Drak'thaer.

Two blood elves then stabbed Malan and slashed his body while he was on the ground and Grollok charged to stop them, they heard gun shots and what they saw was on the coast of the Arathi Highlands was a massive Kul'Tiras ship, and Captain Elaine Seasister charged into the fray, she swung at with her scimitar, and her two guards began to fight the blood elves. Together with Kul'Tiras, Malan and Grollok were able to slaughter most of the army, the remnants of the army were forced to pack up the remaining equipment that Grollok and Malan didn’t set on fire and retreat back home.

Grollok and Malan cheered high in the sky, they burned the blood elf carcass, Stromgarde cavalry sent by Galen Trollbane chased after the army, of course Malan ordered them to stop, and they could never regroup to this army.

Malan though with so much injuries and the healing methods from Malan's lover Elaine, it still wasn’t enough, after the battle Malan went unconscious...

Saving Malan Edit


At first believing Malan to have died, Grollok salutes his brave and glorious death not knowing that he is just unconsious.

Grollok even though a member of the Horde he retreated to Alterac and brought Malan to be healed by his father, even though he was a human, but when Grollok told them about Halad at night bonfires of tales, they respected the offspring of Halad and Halad himself. Malan was healed but still unconscious, using Deathfang they marched to the entrance of Stormwind, the guards were prepared to attack Grollok but they saw him holding Malan's body. He hopped of Deathfang and walked towards them and two priests arrived.

Grollok promised that he was no threat, and gave the unconscious body to the priests, they admired his admirable behavior they allowed him to leave, he hopped on Deathfang and they rode back to home, at Frostwolf Clan Keep.

Current Status Edit

Grollok has sailed back Durotar he wears the Frostwolf Battle Tabard. He is currently not at Grommash Hold leading the elite guards that guard Thrall. He is on a mission to find, and kill the remaining warlocks of the Shadow Council. He has told tales to Thrall of his battles with Halad and Malan, they respect the two great warriors...


"Thrall send me back home, I vowed to return to my home, I shall not fail my father!"
"Very well, Grollok, though if situations were different I would send the army with you to protect my fathers Clan, but go, defend our Clan these blood elves must be taught a harsh lesson!"
"Lok'tar O gar!" Grollok and Thrall after reading the letter from Drek'thar.

"I do not seek harm from you warrior, I see to kill Elves!"
"Why would you kill a member of the Horde, Orc?" Grollok and Halad when they first encounter one another.

"Why are you attacking us Orc!? You should join us!"
"You nearly destroy my Clan! And wage war with all life! You side with Undead Scourge! You die now!"
"What a bad use of an Orc!" Sieldor and Grollok speaking

"Father fought well too human, you like just him too!"
"Thanks, Grollok, my father will be avenged!" Grollok and Malan during a battle.

"Lok'tar O gar!"
"For Warchief Thrall!"
"For the Horde!"
"For the Frostwolf Clan!"
"For the Durotar!" Common battle cries

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