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AllianceNPC 32High Captain Elaine Seasister
Gender [[Gender::Female]]
Race Human
Character class Scout, Warrior, Hunter, Pirate
Affiliation Grand Alliance, Kul'Tiras
Position Captain of Alliance fleets against the Blood Elves
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Family died during Second War, Daval Steelsword (Grandfather-in-law), Malan (Husband), Halad (father in law) deceased Henry Steelsword (son)

High Captain Elaine Seasister is the captain leading the navy of the Kul'Tiras fleet against the Blood Elf navy during the Blood-Solo War. Her navy is near decimated by the Blood Elves after countless battles until a Dwarven gryphon strike force arrives.

Early Life Edit

Elaine Seasister was born around the age of the Second War, though where she lived in Kul'Tiras never had any war on it, she heard of the stories of the battles on distant lands, the lives that were lost and she witnessed the massive navies led by Daelin Proudmoore crush the Orc invaders.

She lost both her parents during the Battle at Crestfall where when though the armies of the Alliance were massive and attacked the Orc naval base of Crestfall, when her father on one of the navy ships landed and prepared siege to the Orc fortress, though the army was victorious, her father was slain by three Orc grunts, his wife was devastated.

When though the first siege of retaking Crestfall was staged though after losing her husband and the army was defeated by the Orc forces, they were forced to retreat, of course the Orcs weren’t planning to let them go, the Orcs remaining naval power slaughtered the retreating transport ships, in turn Elaine's mother was killed in the retreat.

Elaine had when hearing both her mother and father were killed, she wept for hours, Jaina Proudmoore knew her pain, (they were friends before Jaina was at Dalaran) Elaine grew an everlasting hate for the Orcish Horde, she then joined the navy of Kul'Tiras and rose quickly to High Captain of the Fleet, she was a brilliant tactician and her quick mind was able to give her many victories.

The Blood-Solo War Edit

Though she appeared as one of the soldiers with Tandred Proudmoore, she didn’t say anything during the council but after the council she did speak to Tandred wishing that she could go to battle against the Blood Elves, Tandred promoted her friend Captain to High Captain of All Kul'Tiras fleets. She respected Halad's decision and going for war.

She though could only command a small fleet due to the rebuilding the fleet after battling the Scourge and losing, but she won many victories against the massive blood elf fleet. Though her other commander Lieutenant Kevin was opposite, she though she was nearly defeated by Lieutenant Kevin's betrayal, under order of Malan the dwarves honored the son of Halad, a small gryphon fleet assaulted the Blood Elf fleet assaulting from the rear, the blood elf fleet was burned to the bottom of the seas. Though most of the navy still existed, the Blood Elves retreated back to the coast of the Eastern Plaguelands and near Tirisfal Glades.

Current Status Edit

Elaine Seasister though after hearing the Malan and Grollok had nearly defeated the army, she then heard they were nearly defeated, she sent her transports ship through the coast of the Arathi Highlands, and her and three elite guards marched down the yellow plains, passing by Stromgarde, she also accompanied by several Stromgarde cavalry.

She had been in secret when she had to retreat to Stormwind she met Halad's son Malan, they began a relationship when she heard he was going to battle in honor of his father, though they couldn’t spend much time because of his preparations, though the Gryphon riders that saved her fleet from the Blood Elves had a letter from Malan.

When though Elaine found an unconscious Malan she was heart broken, she tried to strike Grollok because she though he had killed Malan, Grollok tried to convince her that he was fighting alongside Malan, and Malan wasn’t dead, she didn’t believe him on account of that she was full of hatred for Orcs of what they did, Grollok then couldn’t deal with it but Elaine sent her elite guards to attack Grollok.

Grollok hesitantly attacked the three guards and then he took the unconscious body of Malan and quickly ran up to the Alterac Mountains to the Frostwolf Clan, Elaine chased him down for running with the man she loved but then she hid in a bush and saw how they were taking care of Malan. Deathfang, he passed by Elaine and promised that the new Horde wasn’t what they once were, Elaine finally removed her grief and anger for the Horde and followed him, she saw him give Malan to the priests, where she followed them and found he wasn’t dead.

A week later she met Grollok wandering the Hillsbrad Foothills, she then apologized for her anger, he understood it, he said that maybe one day they could bridge an alliance between the Horde and the Alliance.

He then departed to Durotar a week later...

Now Elaine is living with Malan as a married couple, with a son, who when the time comes maybe, take up his mantle as well and honor both his father and his grandfather's legacy, as one of the most selfless men alive since Anduin Lothar.

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