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Blood-Solo War
Blood-Solo War
Place: Dun Modr, Arathi Highlands, Thandol Span, Wetlands
Outcome: Total defeat of the blood elves, retreat to Silvermoon, only a handful survive

The Blood-Solo War was a massively waged war between the Grand Alliance and the Blood Elves. The outcome was the Alliance was victorious and the Blood Elves forced to retreat back to Silvermoon

(It takes place during 3 year before World of Warcraft)

Start of the War Edit

On the eve of a normal Sunday night, they humans of Stormwind have just returned from a recent ambush from an Orc assault, victorious and carried stolen meat from the Orcs, they returned home to feast on this hardened victory. These few were of the remaining Paladins of the Silver Hand and a few warriors.

After the feast, the warriors and paladins heard a loud ruckus, they exited the home where they ate the meat and saw a large gathering march through Stormwind, the races were - Dwarves led by King Magni Bronzebeard, Night Elves led by Tyrande Whisperwind, Gnomes led by High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Anduin Wrynn with a host of Stormwind Elite Guards met this group of leaders of all Alliance. Some secondary leaders of the Alliance met there as well such as Lady Jaina Proudmoore, Galen Trollbane, Ansirem Runeweaver of Dalaran, Fandral Staghelm accompanied Tyrande believing that she could not make the right decision, and finally Tandred Proudmoore of Kul'Tiras, a few High Elf mages also accompanied Jaina.

A might warrior named Halad was with the King when he met the other lords of the Grand Alliance as they marched towards the Stormwind Keep, Magni and Tyrande spoke of a massive Blood Elf army led by two ruthless generals: Sieldor - the Ranger General and Drak'thaer - The General of the Ground Army. They have ran through countless villages and cities, butchering all life in the town and making it their own, now it was a time to retaliate.

Though their larger portion of the Grand Alliance's armies were off on distant lands fighting the Horde on every front, all the army that was left they had were spent on guarding their capitals from forces such as the Defias Brotherhood, Dark Iron Clan, and the might of the Undead Scourge.

Jaina and Tyrande still protested in engaging the Blood Elf army that was coming closer to invading Khaz Modan. Though Fandral denied that, believing that the Night Elf armies wanted nothing to do in an elf war. Galen Trollbane also denied that he couldn’t go to war with the army, but would gladly go to war with the Blood Elves if they invade the Arathi Highlands due to that they had literally no army and spending all their time, resources, and lives in cleansing Stromgarde from the Ogres and Syndicate.

High Tinker Gelbin also agreed with Galen because they were spending their resources and time on reclaiming Gnomeregan. But would give money and resources in helping any army that goes against the Blood Elf army. Ansirem agreed that they would go to war for assistance in defending Dalaran why they rebuild the ruined Violet Citadel. The High elves would gladly go to war with the blood elves even but they had no army, they would build the defenses for the army that goes to war. Tandred Proudmoore also had little army, but would use the navy in going against the Blood Elves' coastal attacks.

Bolvar Fordragon knew that Stormwind had no army to go to war with either, and with the King just a child and his father missing he couldn’t go to war as a General and most of the army is spent against the Horde or trying to reclaim the once mighty nation of Lordaeron. Halad was disgusted by this nonsense, the nations of the Alliance call a meeting to introduce the news of a massive army of Blood Elves and they wont do anything.

He was most likely disgusted at the Night Elves especially at Fandrel Staghelm for not wishing to do anything in elf affairs, Fandrel mocked him down but Halad didn’t care, he swore that if none was brave enough to stand against a coming threat, though he honored Dalaran and Kul Tiras' support in helping against the war, he was greatly displeased with the other armies.

He though selflessly that he would engage the Blood Elven army and not give a foothold or anything to this enemy, Fandrel again hushed him but it did no good to silence him. He stormed out and ran out of Stormwind Keep, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina, Anduin, Galen, Ansirem, Tyrande, and Magni chased after Halad, but of course they couldn’t catch up to him because after he exited the keep he got on his horse he marched off to his house hold. They still ran after him. Gelbin, Fandral and Tandred stayed in the keep with Lady Katrana Prestor.

As he entered his house, he told his son Malan to go to his room, at the age of 16, he then walked into his room and opened a closet, where his wife kept asking him what he was doing as he slowly turned towards her, and said he is going to war against this massive Blood Elf Army, she didn’t want him to go but he was a veteran of all wars the First War, Second War, and Third War he faced all kinds of enemies and knew how to wage war, he wished to become just like the mighty Lion of Azeroth (Stormwind) Anduin Lothar.

Even a seasoned veteran warrior such as himself his wife wished he would just stay in Stormwind with her, he promised if he survives this would be his final war he would ever fight in. He opened his closet and pulled out his armor that he named his vanguard armor, and his vanguard helm, he grabbed his sword named Vanquisher's Sword he sat with his wife for a second and told him that even if I die that he would still be with her. He heard a knocking on his door and as the seasoned fully armored warrior of humanity opened the door he met Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina, Anduin, Galen, Ansirem, Tyrande and Magni at his door. He let them in entrance.

They first were in shock by his courage and valor, but thought that not even a man who survived all three wars and had fought alongside the great Lothar could stop and entire army that was massed to near almost 1 million blood elf troops. He didn’t care he would try to hold the line at the mountain pass at the mountains of the Thandol Valley, Anduin though gave him Anduin's Blessing, which would give him the strength of the Wrynn family and the ring known as Throne Ring, gifted of essence of devotion, the Aura that many paladins use.

They supported his motion for war, the dwarves supplied him with weapons such as gun powder under Magni's orders, under Bolvar's orders and Jaina's they supplied him with weapons and armor incase his become old, rusty, or destroyed in combat. The Night Elves supplied him with weapons such as bows and daggers, Tandred spent some time with Halad before departure teaching him how to fight with out any weapons and gave him some fist weapons, also Dalaran tough him some combat in staves and how to and use/repel magic using wands.

He had an arsenal of weapons and a bag of replacement armor as he again big his wife farewell, he got on his horse, bid farewell to them all, and marched out, vowing that he would stop or at least halt any advance on the blood elf army. Tandred retreated back to Kul'Tiras and employed his greatest Captain of Kul'Tiras since the Grand Admiral himself. Captain Elaine Seasister, she alone leads the Kul'Tiras navy against the mighty Blood Elven navy, she is the best maneuvered and strategist, Tandred chose wisely.

Ansirem Runeweaver teleported back to the ruined city of Dalaran but first teleported Galen Trollbane back to Stromgarde so he can keep on the defense against the Ogres and Syndicate and wait for the Blood Elven army to flood the Arathi Highlands. Dalaran already engaged the traveling army the outskirts where near Gilneas and Ambermill in the Silverpine Forest, Dalaran scouts found it strange that the Blood Elven army was marching through Scourge lands and not even touched by their forces, two reasons they speculate was that they made a truce with Kel'Thuzad for destroying the alliance in exchange for money, power in the land, and destruction of the enemy. Or they are fighting the undead scourge as they march.

Halad began to leave the Elwynn Forest and go into the Redridge Mountains and began to rest his horse, he met Ariena Stormfeather the gryphon master of Lakeshire, for a good price she could get anyone anywhere near the region, but hearing of his heroic deeds she agreed to give him free passage to the Wetlands, as he flew over the roaring clouds and stormy weather he finally lands upon the Thandol Valley as he set up camp and prepared for the beginning of the battle.

Melean learned from the Night Elves and the High Elves and Dwarves how to set up traps of archery and rifles. He set up using some extra rifles and crossbows, it was an assassin trap, full proof, and it would work for only a few moments.

Battle Begins! Edit

A few days later and the army finally came within sight, it was massive, larger than Halad anticipated but he was well than prepared for the onslaught. He was able to see the two leaders, one was on a hawkstrider and another on a what the Blood Elf paladins are called Blood Knight a warhorse. He knew the Ranger General; he saved him and the cadre of elves from the clutches of the Horde at the ambush at Tarren Mill, along with battling with him when razing Alterac and at the battle of Crestfall. He couldn’t believe that he'd be fighting an old friend.

But now as a Blood Elf, he betrayed the Alliance, it was war... and only one victor could be achieved, the blood elf army did not notice the assassination traps that Halad had laid.

As they marched forth, they heard a few booms and smoke animated from the bushes and trees, the Ranger General and the Army General dodged into the trees believing an ambush as the front lies were slaughtered by the traps, bullets, slugs, arrows, bolts fired from everyone butchering the Blood Elf front lines, a few rangers led by the Ranger General Sieldor escaped into the bushes, the army general and a few elite troops followed them looking for whomever is assaulting them, they traps were still going off, killing off the still marching but running Blood Elf Army, Halad was far away as he saw the Elvish lines killed.

The Ranger General found the traps and was angry and disgusted, that his men are being killed by mere traps, he destroyed them immediately on contact, and cursed the air and the Light, the night fell, and both Halad and the marching Blood Elf Army set up camp, Halad though watched as the Ranger General and the Army General retreated back from the path at which they were coming from, they then fell out of sight, Halad knew that when morning fell that the war finally began.

Halad's first attack Edit

Halad then when morning arisen he marched stood at the entrance of the Thandol Valley, he stood in front of the marching Army, the army halted and a foul cry was heard over the wind, a Blood Elf warrior ordered Halad to move aside or be killed... Halad disagreed and pulled his Vanquisher and shield off his armor, he then in a full ready position, the army paid no heed and marched at him to slaughter him and move on, but Halad was prepared to make the first move, he bent his knees and leapt a giant leap, with his sword raised high he jumped right in front of the Blood Elf army, he smashed down a few Blood Elves and then started hacking around him, the blood elves fell like dominos but after five to ten of them died they finally had the sense to grip their weapons and attack back.

Though we was GREATLY outnumbered by 1 million to 1... literally. But their shield and mettle was still not prepared for the onslaught of Halad's elite fighting skills, he cut them down one by one, two by two, three by three, but nights fall he had slaughtered almost half of the entire lines, angered the archers shot at him while warriors and Blood Knights engaged him, smart though he was able to kill the elves with their own weapons he cut down one of the blood elves legs and rolled under them, with their backs facing the archers and arrows flying straight at them, the Blood Knights and Warriors were about to hack him, but fell right down, with a barrage of arrows in their backs or heads.

Night fell on his first attack was a success, he set up camp again and the bettered forces retreated to Dun Modr where the Dark Iron Clan Dwarves allowed them as long as they destroy the dwarves of Ironforge, but that night meant no sleep for Halad, he prepped for his second army. He equipped a group of daggers on his sides where he'd have perfect use for them... morning came quickly.

The first naval battle at the Gulf of Gilneas Edit

While Halad's brave and selfless acts have won him his first battle, the naval battle led by Captain Elaine Seasister was a great success too, though Kul'Tiras could only spare such so many ships, and the Blood Elf navy outnumbered them five to one, but the elite hulls of the Kul'Tiras ships were more than a match to ram into the Blood Elven Corsairs, The Campaign on the seas was a great success, the ships of Kul'Tiras formed a blockade, the ones in the back fired at the Blood Elven ships arriving at them while the ones in front ram against the oars of the Corsairs' leaving them vulnerable.

It was a quick battle but seemed forever; some Kul'Tiras soldiers ambushed the Blood Elves on ships but lost that part of the war.

They witness the fall and retreat of Dalaran battling around the coast of Arathi Highlands they saw the massive blood elves marching through the yellow lands but took out the Stromgarde forces that tried to resist them.

Halad's second attack Edit

The second attack was to surprise a few scouts ambushed his camp believing that to be his location, it was but not in the tent, an unknown pair of daggers slit the necks of the three scouts, he took their weapons and burned their bodies.

He marched at the army at Dun Modr and began to attack while they were sleeping, he was quick and quiet, he slit the throats of the stronger and massively armed warriors, and he then retreated into the wilds to find their camp, sacked.

They marched once more, but this time they'd be pushed back out of Khaz Modan, Halad jumped from a cliff and engaged them once more, the Dark Iron Clan agreed to help the Blood Elves in the war and rushed to fight Halad as well, some Ironforge Dwarves made a bombing run against the enemy, the killed off the Dark Iron Dwarves but also obliterated the archers firing at both Halad and them selves. The gryphon riders retreated back to Menethil Bay and cheered for Halad.

He cut through the forces, and kept moving forward, the army was pushed back to the mighty Thandol Span bridge. Where on the last remaining bridge Halad didn’t fight alone, the Dwarves of Ironforge and also assisted by Wildhammer dwarves. The dwarves fought fiercely with the Blood elves to make sure that the last remaining bridge didn’t fall like it did against a Dark Iron attack, with the fury of the Dwarves and Halad's skill as a warrior they quickly pushed his army back into the Arathi Highlands, and far from the Thandol Span, they retreated into the far mountains of the Arathi Highlands to set up camp.

The Dwarves pledged they'd help Halad in any time of war again for helping them save the Thandol Span. Halad pledged they did well in helping defeat the Blood elves at the battle of Thandol Span.

The second naval battle at the Eastern Plaguelands Edit

The second naval battle that Kul'Tiras waged with the Blood Elves was a tragedy, the Lieutenant Kevin could barely get the ships in a blockade formation before the Blood Elves large navy ambushed them, strange to Kul'Tiras was that undead naval ships were also present but they didn’t bother the Blood Elves nor did they bother them, the Undead ships finally came in and burned the ships to the ground, with the undead and blood elf supremacy in the area, Lieutenant Samuel and what remained of his fleet were forced to retreat far to the Grim Batol, and repair his battered ships and hope the next battle goes more smoothly.

The tragedies in that battle were terribly severed, more than half of Lieutenant Kevin's fleet was decimated to the bottom of the sea. Along with Lieutenant Kevin was captured by the Blood Elves and betrayed the Alliance, though after hearing he burned a capital ship, they then drowned Lieutenant Kevin to the bottom of the ocean and destroyed what was left of his fleet.

Halad's third attack Edit

Halad's third attack in the Arathi Highlands may of marked an end of the war in Khaz Modan, but to a different route, in the battle the Ranger General and the Ground General returned from Silvermoon, they were shocked and disgusted at his army, because of one man his army was being slaughtered. A scout of Darnassus saw Halad's deeds and returned to Stormwind telling of the battles that Halad has faced and his victorious, they couldn’t believe it that Halad was still alive.

Out of the bushes where Halad prepared his third attack a slow, but deep voice appeared, an Orc appeared from the bushes by the name of Grollok, Halad turned and prepared to strike but Grollok warned him not to, Grollok wished to join him in glorious combat against the Blood Elves, Halad could use an extra warrior but allowed him to join, but was didn’t trust him so far.

They prepared for battle, the army split in many different directions orders from both generals to find this warrior and make kill him on sight. Now, Grollok and Halad spent some time getting to know one another, they had a lot in common especially the same belief, attacking the Blood Elves army, they then after getting a little chit-chat they ambushed the army after army after army that searched for Halad, finally the Ranger grew angry and both generals and a cadre of elite archers finally mobilized and began to hunt Halad in this barren wasteland called Arathi Highlands.

In the forests Halad and Grollok finished slaughtering the lot of a scout party, both generals arrived to witness it, Halad and Grollok got to know one another very well and they became quite good friends, while Halad swung at a hapless blood elf unknown to him that he would be ambushed, a massive blood knight mace flew from the forest and smacked Halad in the stomach, Grollok turned to see Halad knocked on the ground and then an arrow hit him in the shoulder which stunned him and then knocked him cold on the ground.

When Halad got back up three arrows flew straight from the forest at his heart, wide open the arrows plummeted his heart, Halad the great warrior who nearly defeated an army of one million, began to die. Both generals and the cadre of warriors appeared from the forest, they congratulated Halad for his strength and valor but mocked it being foolish, getting the strength to say his final words Halad swore that his son would do what he failed and kill them all, then finally giving himself to the Holy Light he fell to the ground with his sword fallen out of hand, he was dead... the scout from Darnassus saw Halad die and retreated to Stormwind to relay the news, though he halted the war, the army was still massively huge, but they all mourned even Fandrel Staghelm mourned for Halad's death.

The Blood elves now threatened by this new threat - for 2 years they stayed at their location and battled Stromgarde forces raiders, but didn’t wage war... until the wrong time...

--- Sequel coming soon! ---

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