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General Information Edit

Name: Tilbit Lunaranae

Tilbit Lunaranae

Alias: Tilly, the Mechanimage

Race: Gnome

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: Young adult

Class: Mage

Level: 64

Talents: Frost

Professions: Gnomish Engineering and Mining

Guild: Member of the Demolition Squad .

Armory Page

Physical Description Edit

Shoulder-length platinum blonde hair. Icy blue eyes. A light dusting of freckles on her cheeks. No visible piercings or tattoos. She is usually armed with a staff and carries an assortment of wands, guns, and other engineered weaponry.

Anytime she wears gloves, she makes sure to have three parallel marks on her right glove, labelling her as one of the Three.

She usually smells faintly of hot metal, machine oil, and mint.

Brief Overview Edit

A brilliant engineer and mage, Tilbit has devoted her life to the study of what she calls "Mechanimagica", the blending of magic and technology. She also has sworn to locate her long lost brother and learn the truth about their parents' deaths.

Former owner/operator of Tillywinks Engineering.

Currently... Edit

Found by her long-lost brother and returned to her friends, Tilly is recovering from her ordeal.

History Edit

Note: Most of Tilbit's history can be found at the SWCRP Archive.

Notable Names Edit

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