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General Information Edit

Name: Lorixie Wannfaera

Lorixie the Mouse. Up close and unmasked.

Alias: the Mouse

Race: Gnome

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: Young adult

Class: Rogue

Level: 66

Talents: Subtlety with some assassination

Professions: Alchemy (350) and Jewelcrafting (175)

Guild: Current Guild Leader of the Demolition Squad .

Armory Page

Physical Description Edit

Brown eyes. Short blue-dyed hair, usually covering over her right eye and a small scar on her forehead. Ears pierced. No visible tattoos. Always armed with at least one dagger, usually with another dagger, short sword, or wristblade as an accompaniment. She also carries a small crossbow.

Anytime she wears gloves, she makes sure to have three parallel marks on her right glove, labelling her as one of the Three.

She usually smells very faintly of leather oil and sweat.

Brief Overview Edit

A thief, a spy, and a bounty hunter, Lorixie has lived most of her life just trying to survive from day to day. She currently works as an assistant for Meerlinda Barlenae.

Currently... Edit

Strangely, her relationship with Mnemnoth Frostflange seems to have cooled. The Mouse has moved once again, this time to the Lower City. She has taken up working as an alchemist there.

History Edit

Note: Most of Lorixie's history can be found at the SWCRP Archive.

Notable Names Edit

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