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[[Image:Max_2_big_proper_clothes.jpg|thumb|Max Krist]]
Find me on I find it more user friendly.
G'day All,
Max Krist [[Image:Mawile.gif]]
== Characters*: ==
(*Characters are subject to change dramaticaly and without notice at any time...)
{{User ClassCombo|Blood Elf|Paladin|Male|80}} Max Krist - [ Gundrak]<br>80 <br>[[Image:Ret_Spec_RoundIcon.png‎]][[Image:PaHoly_Spec_RoundIcon.png‎]] [[Image:Herbalism-sm.gif‎]][[Image:Mining-sm.gif‎]]
<br>{{User ClassCombo|Draenei|Shaman|Male|80}} Roy G. Biv - [ Gundrak]<br>80 <br>[[Image:Enh_Spec_RoundIcon.png‎]][[Image:SResto_Spec_RoundIcon.png]] [[Image:Herbalism-sm.gif‎]][[Image:Mining-sm.gif‎]]
<br>{{User ClassCombo|Human|Warlock|Male|80}} Dai Grepher - [ Gundrak]<br>80 <br>[[Image:Demon_Spec_RoundIcon.png‎]] [[Image:Skinning-sm.gif‎]][[Image:Tailoring-sm.gif‎]]
<br>{{User ClassCombo|Orc|Rogue|Female|80}} Mawile - [ Gundrak] <br>80 <br> [[Image:Subt_Spec_RoundIcon.png]] [[Image:Mining-sm.gif]][[Image:Engineering-sm.gif]]
== WoWWiki Info ==
{{User WW Addict}}{{User Editcount|contribs=215|workers=a [[Lazy Peon]]}}{{User lore}}{{User War2}}{{User BC Baby}}{{User WotLKCE}}{{User plansCataclysmCE}}{{User Server|Gundrak|US}}{{User Casual}}{{User PvE}}{{User Neutral}}{{User Profession|Mining|Herbalism}}{{User Farmer}}{{User EasyHappy}}{{User MissesBoat}}{{User MissesZep}}{{User Deathwing}}{{User KillTheMurlocs}}{{User Cow}}{{User SurvivedBC}}{{User WantDemonHunter}}{{User Want Mojodr00d}}{{User WantWorgen 2}}{{User WantDraeClass}}

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Find me on I find it more user friendly.



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