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Echo Isles This user plays on the US Echo Isles server.
OnyxiaTCG This user plays on the US Onyxia server.
Mannoroth This user plays on the US Gorgonnash server.
Spell holy ashestoashes This user prefers a hardcore playing style to a casual one.
Inv misc head dragon black This user prefers to PvE.
Spell magic lesserinvisibilty This user has too many alternate characters.
Icon OnlyHorde Death to the Alliance!
This user only plays as a member of the Horde.
IconLarge Alliance This user plays as a member of the Alliance.
Scryers Tabard This user's character joined the Scryers.
Warlock-undead-f-70 This user plays as an undead warlock.
Priest-bloodelf-m-70 This user plays as a blood elf priest.
Warrior-troll-f-70 This user plays as a troll warrior.
Hunter-draenei-f-70 This user plays as a draenei hunter.
Shaman-draenei-f-70 This user plays as a draenei shaman.
Spell deathknight classicon This user has created a death knight.
Ability mount ridinghorse This user likes to mix and match his/her race with other race's mounts.
Ability mount cockatricemountelite This user refers to the blood elf racial mount as chocobos, wark!
Ability mount mechastrider This user's character has obtained a rare mount! ...Well at least it's faster than walking!
Ability hunter catlikereflexes This user would like Savagekin to be a playable class.
Achievement worganhead This user wanted Worgen to be a playable race, and their wish came true!
Pandaren Squared This user would like Pandaren to be a playable race.
Achievement level 80 This user has reached level 80.
Inv crown 15 This user's character is a Guild Master.
Firefox logo This user uses Mozilla Firefox to browse WoWWiki.

Mini Chuck "Where is Mankrik's wife?"
This user survived Barrens Chat.
Notprepared This user is not prepared!
WC3 Icon Pandaren Brewmaster This user brings PANDA-MONIUM!
Bard48 This user plans on creating a Bard, and wave the power of ROCK!
Pirate This user is a pirate. Yarr!
Cow This user believes there is a Cow Level!
Rx1 Kx2 This user can spell arakkoa.
IconLarge Draenei Male
IconLarge Draenei Female
This user can pronounce draenei.
Xx2 Rx1 Mx1 This user can spell Naxxramas.
R before G This user can spell Orgrimmar.
Rouge = Red This user can spell Rogue IconLarge Rogue.
Rx1 Kx2 This user can spell Terokkar.

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