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AllianceNPC 32Marleybeast Manda'las Banthalos
WoWScrnShot 121513 100107
Title Chaos Lord, Lord of Sins
Gender Male
Race Quel'dorei
Level 90
Character class Death Knight, Necromancer, Assassin, Chaos Lord
Health 782,129
Affiliation Knights of Round Table (currently)
The New Order (formerly)
The United Ones
Position Lord of the Round Table, Chaos Lord, Lord of Sins, Lord of The New Order
Location Homeworld, Gilneas (Fall of Nikko), Dark Portal (Invasion of Draenor), "Banthalos Kingdom"
Status Alive
Relative(s) Bathan (grand-father), Augustus (father), Sauron I (brother), Zeero (brother), Nikko (son), Kikokumaru (grandson), Sauron II (great-grandson), Sinister (great-grandson)
Mentor(s) Bathan, Astriedax Hallejah, Enigma Mishuanada
Student(s) Nikko

Marleybeast Manda'las Banthalos is a Lord of Chaos and leader of the Knights of the Round Table, with his only son "Nikko," were born in Shadowmoon Valley with Marley's wife lived for several years, until Marleybeast was handpicked as a soldier for the Banthalos war upon the Ragerunner Clan. Right around before the time of The Invasion of Draenor, he was destined to be the Bridge for Bathan. He had no idea of who his father, or grandfather were at this time, but they lived on a small farm near of which is now destroyed, like it was never even there.

Biography Edit

Death of an only Child Edit

WoWScrnShot 121513 093209

Marleybeast at the Grave of his Fallen Son

Marleybeast was "one of those average get to know, and he will be decent kind of guys, but when you get on his bad side, crazy things will happen." His son "Nikko" died by Rja's Dark Magic and Sauron I's Holy Light, which killed Nikko after. Marleybeast has come out of hiding from the Chaos Rift to kill Rja for corrupting his son. Nikko's soul went off back to his homeworld, to be reborn. A power of which was created by the First Banthalos, a power to be reborn after death, of which, loses their memory, except when they die of old age, of which, after they die, their soul is broken into 6 Fragments of Memory. Marleybeast has taken over Nikko's leadership of The New Order. People rumored that Marleybeast died at the Battle of the Wrath Gate. And others rumored that he fled, hiding in the shadows.... Marleybeast has come to put the rumors to rest, explaining what happened. Marleybeast returned from the Chaos Realm after who knows how long. As Marleybeast has been trapped in the Chaos Realm by Sigma for trying to destroy him, he has learned about all the Sins and forged the sins all within a power, becomming a Lord of Sins, giving the other 7 Lords of the New Order the power of the sins. Marleybeast has been trapped for an eternity in the Chaos realm, he as been training the sins. He escaped by combining all the sins and breaking the curse. As he to break free from the Chaos Realm, after he took control of it, he is seeing his son Nikko being killed, and sees his good friend Zelilk's son killing him.

The Prophecy Edit

Marleybeast is as powerful as a god, but not immortal. But Marleybeast no longer works for evil. He is neutral and does what ever he can to save his soldiers that escaped the Chaos Realm with him. There is a prophecy by Enigma ("human" form of Astriedax), saying if he gathers all the shards of Bathan, he is to be able to combine the shards with the Blade of Chaos, opening the 10 gates. The 10 shards are separated to each of the Banthalos, and the Prophet Enigma, of which none is given at birth or any time on their home planet, having THEM to search and find their own shard. As soon as Marleybeast found a rare and unique crystal that granted the power to resurrect a demon of hell, of which was taken from him by the Angiris Council, as he lost it from them, he didn't want to be interrogated, which he used his blade to "kill" himself, allowing himself to be reborn on his homeworld.

WoWScrnShot 121513 095412

Marleybeast fusing the Shard of Immortality with his Blade

Finding the Shards of Bathan Edit

Marleybeast has returned to Azeroth trying to find out who he was... who he is... He has found one of 6 Fragment of Memory, the Fragment of Power, granting him his power again, as well as the other 5 fragments later on. As he is looking for his Shard of Bathan, he has ended up in Howling Fjord. Marleybeast heads out to to all of the other Banthalos, finding 2 out of 10 shards of Bathan in total. Shard of Darkness, and Corruption. He finds out that Bathan (of which he didn't know was his Grandfather at the time), was the first of the Banthalos, naming his clan after him. As Bathan was one of the survivors from the Old God, he was also given a "Curse of Flesh," not allowing him to merge to his human form unless in the Chaos Rift, or his home planet. Later on, as he had his first child, Augustus, he fused with him and made it where that "Curse" lives on through his family. As Marleybeast re-enters the Chaos Rift he finds the third shard. The Shard of Immortality, granting him the ability to revive immediately after death, keeping all his powers and memories. With the other 2 shards obtained, he is needing to find any of the other Banthalos but he is instead interrupted By Sigma, Enigma's brother... Causing him to lose the Shard of Immortality, in which Sigma lost and somehow ended up in the possession of Omega Zeero, a clone of the original Zeero. As he is able to slay Sigma with his power, Omega Zeero turned into a water abomination eating Sigma alive, not leaving a trail of him afterword. Omega Zeero somewhat vanishes, without a trace.

Gates of Bathan Edit

Marleybeast is on a search once more, to find the Shard that Omega Zeero has taken, to destroy Azeroth once and for all. About a week later as he is on a search for the shards, he heads to Valiance Keep and finding Rja there and is ready to strike him, of which Rja instead somehow ends up with the Shard of Immortality, giving it to him, explaining to him that Nikko came back, showing him what truly explaining to Rja what happened to the Ragerunner clan. Now that Marleybeast has gotten the shards from his family, and the shard of immortality back from Rja, he heads to the Chaos Rift, of where the Kingdom of Banthalos is to start the ritual of the First Gate of Bathan, a gate of which seems to be a ritual that brings the end to Azeroth once and for all. (Foretold by Enigma) He finishes opening the First Gate of Bathan, of which destroys the Kingdom of Banthalos, but starts to open a portal from the Chaos Rift. When he opens the First Gate, he enters the Normal Realm, heading to the Second Gate in the Nexus, starting to open it up, but was almost interrupted by Rja, who has decided to continue the fight against Banthalos going, wanting to save Azeroth, but instead is knocked off the top of the Nexus with his friend Ashala, of which they both fall to their doom, but somehow end up surviving as Ashala turns to her Night wing form, bringing them both to the top, trying to close the gate of which has already been opened, allowing the demons and creations of Bathan to enter the world of Azeroth, of which as soon as Rja kills all the demons that came out of that portal, he notices that Marleybeast has vanished, heading to the Third Gate of Bathan, untop of the tower of Utgarde Keep.

Meeting an old Friend Edit

As he arrives, he notices that his long time friend, as well to be rumored as "dead" was sitting untop was Zelilk, father of Rja, former leader of the Ragerunner clan. He has a long talk, but is interrupted by Rja, this time alone, and instead of Rja being mad at Marleybeast, he was mad at Zelilk, not wanting his true power, but wanting his father to die, for leaving him, for making Rja think that his father was dead. Marleybeast of which, who is watching and opening the 3rd Gate of Bathan, is wanting to stop the swords clattering from the two, but not doing anything about it, instead sees his friend die and opens the Gate all they way, and instead of rushing to Zelilk's aid, he runs to the Fourth Gate of Bathan, within the Scarlet Monastery. (adding more later)

The Betrayal of Sigma Edit

The Personality of Marleybeast has drastically changed after the opening of the Dark Portal by Medivh. When he was in his small farm, he was one of those kind, innocent, friendly character, but when the Dark Portal had opened, everything changed, including alliances with other clans, such as the Ragerunners, of whom were originally allies with, until Sigma, the false prophet who was banished, was able to take control of Zeero and destroyed the Treaty with them, bring chaos and conquer, which then fled to Azeroth with Zeero as his student. As Bathan, lord of our clan, was pissed, he wanted to seek revenge on the one who opened the Dark Portal and seek war against them.

The Lord of Sins Edit

WoWScrnShot 121513 103201

Entering Azeroth, looking for Bathan.

Years later, when Marleybeast was old enough to leave, he went through the Dark Portal, noticing that he was not on his world anymore, and his body began to change of an appearance of an orc as soon as he exits Draenor onto Azeroth. He was wondering when Bathan was going to come back to the homeworld of which never did, so he thought that Bathan was killed, and sought to seek revenge on Azeroth, by becomming a Chaos Lord, of which later he was banished into the Shadow Realm after he destroyed kingdom by kingdom. Never to be seen for a long time, of which he was banished into a realm of which had nothing but sins, of which corrupted him even more, making him more powerful, turning him into a Sin Lord.

Shards of the Bathan Edit

There are 10 shards that were created by Bathan, of which held special power when you use it and divided among each of the Banthalos and the Shadow/Chaos Prophet, the Shard of Transformation (Bathan), Destruction (Augustus), Immortality (Marleybeast), Power (Zeero), Righteousness (Sauron I), Darkness (Nikko), Agility (Kikokumaru), Corruption (Sauron II), Accuracy (Sinister), and Prophecy (Enigma/Astriedax). The Shard of Transformation has the power to allow you to stay in the form of the True Bathan for as long as wanted, the Shard of Destruction allows you to destroy anything in your way, the Shard of Immortality gives you the power to be reborn in your current position and have no mind wipe, allowing you to continue on as you go, the Shard of Power, grants you the ability to force people to fight for you, the Shard of Righteousness, grants you the power to steal the soul from the target of which you killed, the Shard of Darkness grants you the ability to banish people to the Chaos Rift, to suffer in Darkness. the Shard of Agility grants you the power of speed, allowing you to dash to crazy amounts, allowing you to avoid attacks better, the Shard of Accuracy allows you to be able to attack better, without missing your target. The Final Shard of Prophecy allows you to see into the future, letting you know what will happen next, so you can avoid being killed in the meantime.

How the name Marleybeast came about Edit

Marleybeast as people know is my gamertag, I've had it since the beginning of The Burning Crusade, but didn't get the name from WoW, I actually got the name Marleybeast from my cousin's dog. My cousin had a dog named Marley, of which she was named after my uncle's favorite singer, Bob Marley. So in a way, I got my name from him. I got the beast as well from my cousin's dog. Because people refer to dogs as animals or I refer to them as beasts, because when I was a child, dogs weren't my favorite type of animal, but they got better, but I stuck with calling them beasts instead of animals.

--Marleybeast (talk) 16:54, December 17, 2013 (UTC)

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