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AllianceNPC 32Satínka Geargoggles Wandfire
Satinka Portrait
Gender Female
Race Gnome
Character class Mage
Position Tailoring, Engineering
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Widge Geargoggles (dad), Minda Geargoggles (mom), Sprocket Geargoggles (older sister), Wixenstix Geargoggles (baby brother), all deceased in Gnomeregan

General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

The first thing you'd notice about Satínka is that she's short, even for a Gnome (only 2'10"). What she lacks in size, however, she makes up for in energy, as she is usually moving quickly toward her destination, and her blue eyes dart around constantly, taking in every detail of her surroundings. She tries to keep her pink hair up in twin buns, but they usually loosen up and her hair falls loosely around her face. If you look closely, you can make out some singing around the tips, a sure sign that her most recent fire spell has gone off a bit too close for comfort!

Satínka believes herself to be quite adorable and therefore will almost never be seen around town in her fighting gear; instead, she creates comfortable and stylish outfits for herself. Currently, she is often seen in her Winter Veil outfit of green and red, but can also be spotted in a simple, comfortable dress and an oversized wizard's cap.

Personality Edit

Satínka is almost always chipper and outgoing. She believes in helping others and in the lasting power of friendship. However, any mention of the Gnomeregan tragedy, and particularly her lost family, is likely to result in a sullen, even angry response.

Having never had a serious romantic relationship, Satínka is a bit immature and giggly when it comes to matters of the heart. Time will tell if more experience in this area will change her demeanor.

Satínka is thrilled to be a mage, and a fire mage specifically. She will often let loose with bursts of flame when overly emotional (excited, angry, proud).

Like most gnomes, Satínka is proud of her heritage, but she's a bit of a hypocrite. She loves using her cuteness and perceived innocence to her advantage, but hates being teased for it, picked up, etc.

Satínka, like many of her race, is not a big believer in the Light, Elune, or any major belief system. While she does not begrudge others their beliefs, she may become distant during conversations about faith, or even try to change the subject. People who have suffered hardship and still believe are a bit of a puzzle to her.

In a similar vein, Satínka has little use for hierarchy or aristocratic titles, and those that do take them seriously tend to make her giggle. She almost never bows or kneels to anyone, or uses honorific titles (Lord, Lady, Sir, etc.)

History Edit

Childhood and Adolescence Edit

Before the fall of Gnomeregan, Satinka had lived there with her family--mom, dad, older sister Sprocket and younger brother Wixenstix. Her family name was Geargoggles, because every generation had been blessed with unusually strong engineering skills, even for gnomes. Her father used to boast that they had "only" lost 3 family members to engineering mistakes in living memory...imagine that!

Satinka, however, was the odd one out. Though she tried her best, it was clear to everyone that her talents lay not with the mechanical, but with the arcane. Holding a wrench felt like work, but holding a wand...that was natural. She understood how to bend the ether the way most gnomes understand how to tighten a came natually, like breathing. Her family, supportive but at a loss as to what to do with her, decided to spring for her to go away to school, to study under the famous wizards in Stormwind's Mage Quarter. Thrilled with the opportunity, and perhaps a little hastily, Satinka, following the Gnomish tradition of taking up a name that suits one's accomplishments, took up the new surname "Wandfire" and dedicated herself to learning as much as she could.

Gnomeregan and its Aftermath Edit

She was only partway through her first term of studies when Gnomeregan fell. Though she flew back to Dun Morogh as fast as she could upon hearing the news, it was, of course, too late. She couldn't even get into the city to search for her relatives due to the extent of the damage. After a week of searching through patchy, incomplete lists of the survivors and the deceased, she finally found it.

Geargoggles, Widge--missing, presumed dead; Geargoggles, Minda--missing, presumed dead; Geargoggles, Sprocket--missing, presumed dead; Geargoggles, Wixenstix--missing, presumed dead.

It was the last one that really brought home what she had lost. Little Wixenstix had been much younger than she was, barely able to wield a wrench when she had left for Stormwind. And he was gone. All of them, gone.

After the fog of grief had lifted slightly, Satinka had set out to honor her family and her heritage in the best ways she knew how. She dropped the enchanting hobby she had picked up from her human friends and immediately began studying engineering, even though she had never been gifted at it and it did little to help her spellcrafting. She also broke with Gnomish tradition and gave herself a middle name--what else?--Geargoggles. For a while she had even entertained notions that her family had survived...that they somehow missed getting picked up by the refugee parties, or that some Dwarvish record-keeper had gotten the names mixed up--but when time passed and no one appeared, she had to accept the truth.

She left her studies in Stormwind and instead moved to Ironforge, studing under Bink and Dink and the rest of the Gnomish mages that had survived the fall of the capital. Her strength as a mage grew rapidly, and now she could say with honor that she was on her way to becoming one of the most adept gnomish mages in Ironforge.

Satínka Today Edit

One of the best things to happen to Satinka since the fall of Gnomeregan was her meeting Kaitriona Thunderleaf, a rather unorthodox Night Elf warrior woman. Kaitriona's easy cheer and lighthearted playfulness have helped Satinka come a long way in recovering from the tragedy in her past. The two have worked as a team since their first meeting, and now can often be found side-by-side fighting the demons of Outland together.

All outward appearances suggest that Satinka is a gnome who has her life together, with only further adventures with friends in her future. However, life in Azeroth has a way of changing without warning, and it is almost certain that there are more twists and complications for her still...

Impressions of Satínka Edit

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Out of Character Information Edit

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