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Mists of Pandaria has brought asian background in the lore of wow, and with the need to add one more mail class, I would assume that the Blademaster has a high chance to be the next, and would even come up as a hero class.

"Blademasters were an agile, "samurai"-like Orc hero from Warcraft III. They were skilled orcish swordsmen who came from the original Burning Blade Clan. Parts of this class were rolled into the warrior, mage and rogue classes." And let's not forget about the Shamans: "They are also skilled, or at least familiar with shamans, their blinding speed is gained from blessings from the spirits." Besides, Blademasters use wind-related abilities like Windwalk (it's definitely not the same thing as Rogues' Cloack, since Windwalk let the BM run as fast and invisible as the wind)

The Blademaster is a Warrior who uses supernatural magic in addition of his martial skills of blades. Since The Warden has a similar definition, they can merge into the same class (it will be explained further). Also Wardancers from pandaria are samurai-like class. Merging those three charachters could be interesting in some way.

  • Power bar: Chakra (like chi but can change color)
  • Power bar color : blue-red-yellow
  • Ressources: Blade charge & Clone power
  • There are 3 paths: Vengeance, Wardance, and Spirit
  • Armor : Mail
  • Weapon : Swords, Axes, Polearm, Fist


  • Vengeance (DPS): the path of Arcane (hybrid physical/arcane damage, melee/close-range)

This path is what the Wardens choose, because it gives assassination skills and power. the ultimate ability is the Avatar of Vengeance. By choosing this specialization, the clone become a pet, and with a glyph the player can change some part of his gear

  • Wardance (DPS): the path of Blades (physical damage, melee)

Wardancers Pandarens are open for teaching any blademasters who wants more blade-fighting skills the way of wardancers. By choosing this specialization, the Blademaster can carry two one-handed weapon and an extra two-handed weapon to perform some finishers. Because dancing with three blades is cooler and funnier than dancing with two.

  • Spirit (Tank): the path of Element (hybrid physical/Element damage, melee)

Path of the Blademasters from Draenor, either Orc, Draenei or half of both. Use the power of earth to strengthen skin, stamina and raw strenght, the power of water to regenerate, and the power of the wind to be faster, hardly visible therefore improve dodging.

When the blademaster use some skill, he earn a blade charge who has the current color of chakra. When 3 blade charges are actives, the blademaster can perform finishers. They have some effect depending of the blade charge color available. When in the Wardance spec, the Blademaster can have up to 5 blade charge. The power clone indicates the availabilty to use some clone-related spells. 3 clone charge in Vengeance spec, 1 for the other spec.

Why the warden as a blademaster ? Well, they are skilled assassin who use a lot of blade weapon and supernatural abilties, so they are technically blademasters withs different power than the orc/half-orc one. Moreover, since Paladin(who use to be alliance Heroes who borrow the power of the holy light to fight undeads and to protect their weaks fellows) has changed(sunwalkers are supposed to be druids of sun, but they use judgement and crusaders skills), why the Blademaster wouldn't ?

So let's assume that some night elf who followed Maiev into her madness turned into a kind of corrupted elf altered by their own will of vengeance (doesn't that reminds you of something? like stuffs around the Sha), but they want to recover. They are found by some Blademaster faction who offer to help and in return they teach the path of Warden to them.

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