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Malvaisus SunswiftEdit

IconSmall Blood Elf MaleUi-charactercreate-classes paladin Malvaisus Sunswift, The Hammer of the Sin'dorei : Prospector and Soldier
"Let your foul words cleanse themselves in my judgements!"
HordeNPC 32Malvaisus Sunswift
Malvaisus box
Title <Champion of Silvermoon>
The Hammer of the Sin'dorei
Soldier of The Sunguard
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 85
Character class Paladin
Health 151,744
Affiliation Horde
Silvermoon City
The Sunguard
Position Prospector, Soldier
Location Silvermoon City
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sid Sunswift, Half-Brother

Who is Malvaisus Sunswift?Edit

Malvaisus is a fictional character found within the confines of the World of Warcraft. He was a member of the Horde Battlegroup US Emberstorm on the Moon Guard server. He is an active member of the Role-Playing community in Silvermoon City and The Sunguard.


Malvaisus is one of the tallest and bulkiest Blood Elves you have ever seen, standing at over 7 feet tall. His body is very toned and rippled with tight muscle. He wears his hair long, usually held back to keep it out of his face in combat. His eyes are a piercing green and his hair is flame red. His face is always stern rarely smiling, but in certain company, a smile will sometimes surface. His body is marred with many scars from countless battles.


Malvaisus Sunswift was born in Silvermoon City son of a prosperous prospector and respected house of low nobles. Through his youth, his family trade was instilled in him at an early age. The business of prospecting being a challenging and often difficult business, it was not long before he was trained in battle by the best Silvermoon City had to offer. Enlisting in the Blood Knights, Malvaisus began a long and tenuous task of questing for the Light. Passing many trials, he quickly moved up in the ranks. His prowess in battle was rarely matched amongst his peers. The confines of Silvermoon's lavish walls became restricting to this young Blood Elf. A whole world of glory opened up to him as he left the city to take his skills elsewhere. Lending his Hammer to any front that would accept it, as long as it was for the Glory of the Horde. He soon made a name for himself as a viscous combatant and a stern militant.


  • Fought back the scourge in the first and second Scourge Invasions.
  • Defeated Kael'Thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep.
  • Was named Champion of every faction in the Argent Tournament by besting every champion that he faced.
  • Named High Warlord of the Dragonmaw, until they realized that he was really a Blood Elf.
  • Fought his way to Arthas in the Icecrown Citadel.
  • Explored every land in the known world. Was granted the Explorer title by Bronzebeard.
  • Defeated the famed Thorongoral Stonefist, The Oathbinder, (formerly of the Mountain Guard)in single combat.
  • Fought in the battle of Thandol Span, in which the Horde suffered a great defeat. To date one of the bloodiest battles fought between the Alliance and Horde.


Malvaisus, though he is fair and just, is a quick witted and very tenacious soldier in the face of the enemy. Often times the quiet type, he believes a man's actions speak louder than his own words. He is very well liked and respected in many Horde circles. He has a reputation for being a leader on the field of combat. Often times turning the tides of battle in any way that can declare victory for the Horde despite the losses or consequences.


Currently, Malvaisus fights for the people of the Light, and the Sin'dorei. He has sworn the Oaths to The Sunguard, a Sin'dorei force based out of Eversong Woods, Farstrider Retreat.

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