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Background Edit


Mairn Graytotem is the lorekeeper of the White Kodo Clan.

Mairn began adolescence as a hunter for the nomadic Graytotem tribe. As he grew older and settled down with his mate and his daughter, Ibadi Graytotem, he became a teacher in the tribe, passing on the wisdom of the Earth Mother and instructing younger shamans.

Not long after Ibadi left The Barrens to seek training with the Cenarion Circle, the centaur invaded, scattering his tribe. It was then Mairn learned about the greater struggles against the Burning Legion, and he knew he could not return to his peaceful life. Mairn gathered up the remnants of his people and founded the clan Blood and Honour with his brother, and soon they attracted others to their cause. Seeking to have a greater impact on the war, he sought out the White Kodo Clan and merged his clan with the Kodos.

Most recently, through an interaction of arcane and spirit magic, Mairn has been forced into an unnatural bond with an undead sorcerer who wishes to return to the Scourge. He is seeking to find a cure and free himself of this connection, which forces him to see through the sorcerer's eyes in dreams and periodically siphons the undead creature's thoughts of malice back into Mairn himself.

Personality Edit

Mairn is calm, reflective and slow to anger. He generally advocates peace between the Alliance and Horde and within the Horde's sometimes divided factions. He's quieter than many, but certainly not shy, and is very protective of his fellow Kodos.

Mairn has two noticeable quirks. One, he often refers to his about 60-year age in a self-deprecating way: "If you'll have this old tauren with you..." Second, he's usually very formal even when everyone around him isn't, and he calls most women "Lady _____" when speaking to them in person (Lady Fourfingers, Lady Ishnara, Lady Bronwyn, etc.).

Mairn is motivated by a desire for peace and a calling to serve the Earth Mother. As a teacher, he seeks to gain any knowledge he can, and so he turns his efforts toward learning more about the world. Finally, he is intensely loyal to the White Kodo Clan, especially its two chieftains, and will follow whatever path they have laid before him.

OOC Information Edit

Mairn is a Tauren Shaman on the Feathermoon server and a member of the White Kodo Clan.

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