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Until now, only two gods have been revealed, but, before they could regenerate their power, adventures from the Horde and the Alliance came into their lair… and killed them… Or that was what they thought, but, being immortal, the Gods could not be killed by any mortal… But, Alganon the Observer, left by the Titans, warned them, and they heard him, and send their Champion to help the mortal races in the upcoming war… with the Old Gods…

Level cap raised to 90

New Races: Qiraji to the Alliance, and Iron Dwarves for Horde
New Capitals: Grim Batol and Dalaran Crater
New Neutral Capital: Ulnudan (Titan Dimensional Ship)

New Race Alliance - The Qiraji Edit

Freed from C’Tuns will, joined the Alliance to seek protection from their former Master. Due to the Upcoming war, the Alliance gladly accepted any help, and especially a help with knowledge of one of the Gods… Grim Batol, now empty because the Dragons are preparing for the war too, now serves as the new Qiraj Capital.

Racial Information:

1-10 Zone: (The Zone behind Grim Batol)
10-20 Zone: Loch Modan
Racial Capital: Grim Batol
Languages: Common and Qiraji
Leader: The Prophet Skyram
Racial Mount: Silithid Tank

Abilities: Mind Resistance: Being controlled by C’tun in a long time, has given the Qiraji resistance against mind controlling. Frost Resistance: Reduces the chance that you will be hit by Frost spells by 2%. Regeneration: Created by an Old God, the Qiraji was gifted with an extra 10% Hit Point regeneration. Also allows 5% of normal health regeneration during combat.



New Horde Race - The Iron DwarvesEdit

Many of the Iron Dwarves fled after the adventures entered Ulduar and defeated the God. Knowing that the god wasn’t slain, they travelled to Ogrimmar, to tell the Warchief the truth about the god, Thrall, knowing he would need allies in the war, offered then a place in the horde, which they accepted. They settled in Dalaran Crater, and quickly builded an underground city.

Racial Information:

1-10 Zone: Alterac Mountain Underground
10-20 Zone: Silverpine Forest
Racial Capital: Uldunar
Languages: Orcish and Iron Dwarven
Leader: Iron Thane Brundis
Racial Mount: Ram

Abilities: Iron Blessing: Reduces poison, disease and bleed damage by 10%. Frost Resistance: Reduces the damage of frost spells casted on you by 2%. Iron Skin: Reduces duration of Stun Effects by 5%.



New Profession – Faith Edit

After the Titan arrived again, the citizen of Azeroth begun believing in Gods, and with Gods, their mystical Power. Only the Loa Gods gave true results. Faith, a bit like enchanting, allows you to enchant your weapons or equipment with the power of Shadowhunter Loa in the start, but later, from either the Primal Jungle Gods, Primal Forest Gods or the Primal Ice Gods. As Artisan, you can Travel into Zul’Gurub, and obtain the power of the God whose Avatar you slay, as Master you can slay the Animal Bosses in Zul’Aman to obtain their power, and as Grand Master you can free the Primal Ice gods to obtain their Power. In 300 you can make a trinket that can be made into a Trinket of the (Loa Gods name here) which can turn you into a Avatar of the selected Loa. For making a Trinket of the (Loa Gods name here (Again…)) you have to slay the Avatar of that Loa, with the Ice Gods, you have to complete some quests.

New Zones Edit

(The Zone behind Grim Batol) 1-10 The Qiraji, wanting to expand their Area, made some cities in the Area behind their new Capital.

Alterac Mountains Underground 1-10 The Iron Dwarves begun to make an underground system under Alterac Mountains, found an gigantic underground area in the progress, they quickly begun to build cities and outposts here, so it could serve as an emergency area.

Cetuaren Island 78-84 After His defeat in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, and the betrayal of the Qiraji, C’Tun decided to create a New Island a bit from the coasts of Grim Batol with his Powers over Azeroth, and then created an Shell for himself, while he corrupted the unlucky animals caught on the Island, into his new Slaves.

Ynoagg Mountains 80-85 Seeing that he was not safe in Ulduar anymore, Yogg-Saron raised many mountains in Gilneas, and corrupted its Citizens, now a mix of Humans and Faceless Ones. Graymane wall, now a lot of wall fragments, was destroyed by the mountains, and now Yogg-Saron sent his servants to attack the Iron Dwarves.

Uldum Underground 82-86 After the Faction leaders realize that Ulduar was a prison of Yogg-Saron, they invaded Uldum, only to find it inhabited by servants of another Old God.

Uldaman Mountains 84-88 A secret entrance lay in the end of Uldaman, the Old God dwelling in the Mountains corrupted its inhabitants, and used them as a outer defence, but, after they were slain, the adventured didn’t found the entrance. But later on, a team of gnome and dwarwen, sent by the Alliance, studied the city, and found the entrance, and entered, and they met corrupted animals and humanoids, everything from humans to gnomes, half demon, half humanoid, servants of another Old God…

Hyjal Mountain 87-90 The last and most powerful old god dwells under the roots of the World Tree… And with that the Well of Eternity, however, created by the Titans together, the God couldn’t corrupt the Well, but the Tree and Its guards has become wretched servants of the God…

Instances Edit

Corrupted Cave The Animals near the Island C’Tun created, both swimming the walking has been corrupted, and now serves C’tuns iron will… Slay them and free them from their torment, and attempt to weaken C’Tun before he gets stronger.

C’Tuns Lair After his Defeat in Ahn’Qiraj, C’Tun successfully created his Shell, by draining life from the nearby animals, and had become stronger than he was in Ahn’Qiraj, now he is only waiting for the Adventures, so he can take their life energy too, and use it to regenerate…

Gilneas Capital Yogg-Saron destroyed most of Gilneas with his Mountains, but he didn’t touch the Capital, but he transformed its citizens into his servants, and used them to regenerate, like C’Tun. Now, invade the realm of Yogg-Saron, and kill his servants.

Mountain of Yogg-Saron Yogg-Saron has made the highest mountain his lair, eventually, he created the inside in Titan Style, and took some of the Iron Dwarves he still controls with him, but, too he has a lot of the corrupted Gilmen (Citizens of Gilneas) in there too.

Uldum Like in Ulduar, the Old God dwelling in the Prison, has corrupted its guards, and are now using them in the battle against the titans. Now, enter and free the unlucky titans from the will of the Old God.

Inner Uldum Behind the Outer Uldum, the Inner Uldum is revealed, here, the corruption of the Old God is worse, and the Titans and other guards is more demon than Titan.

Prison of the God Not even in the end of the Inner Uldum dwells the Old God, no, he is in his lair, from where he controls his titanic slaves. He must fall, you can’t kill him, but at least you should be able to weaken him.

Uldaman Mountains Heart Corruption Lab In an attempt to create new and stronger minions, the God created this… his factory of minions, for every day it come closer to obtain the ultimate minion… but, it must be shut down before that happens…

Sacrifice Pit This is the Prison of the Old God, and the prisoners is only waiting for having their soul drained, but, you must free them, and kill the guards-

God’s Domain In this, the Old God dwells… surrounded by his mind-controlled minions, you must end their pain, and give the God a blow…

Hyjal caverns The God is using the dragons to free him, and they will soon success, unless they are stopped, and that must be done. Enter the caverns, kill or free the dragons from their torment

Emerald Portal The World Tree is a connection between Azeroth and the Emerald Dream, and, because of this, the Old God under the World Tree has corrupted it, and some of its minions have entered Azeroth because of it… The Nightmare Dragons is some of them… Can you defeat the corrupted druids? Fallen dryads? And as the last, the Nightmare Dragons… all four at the same time?

Roots of Nordrassil The Roots of Nordrassil is ending in the lair of an Old God, but, it isn’t an Old God you see, no… it’s a Corrupted Dragon, and it’s a certain Dragon… Ysera has fallen, the Dreamer is now a minion of the God, you must hurry to free her from The God, if necessary… you must kill her…

Lair of the Old God The final God dwells deep under the World Tree… from which he has

Turned Deathwing against the other aspects…
Driven Malygos to insanity…
And corrupted Ysera…

Now, the champion of the Pantheon has joined you in your fight… Against a fully recovered Old god…

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