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HordeNPC 32Macaron, Loktaron Windsor
Title Great General of the Undercity
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Level 80
Character class Warrior , Royal Deathguard
Health 19,9,100
Affiliation Undercity
Position Great Commander of Undercity and Leader of the Forsaken , Loyal servant and rigth hand of Sylvannas
Location In a mountain in icecrowne
Status Dead
Relative(s) Masaeron Windsor , Ankereit , Yitzu , Yorkes , Arthas Menethil , Tarandriel , Sylvannas Windrunner , Tharanal
Mentor(s) Masaeron Windsor

In Human Form Edit

Macaron and his boat

Loktarin in his merchant boat.

Loktaron Windsor ( Macaron in human ) was a blacksmith warrior , a mobile merchant coming from Storm. He come from a village out Arathi. He train his warrior skills around all the world and he was all so a mercenary in some situations. He call himself Macaron because his father that die fighting in the First War. His name was Masaeron Windsor. He live with her friend priest Talandriel , a high elf. She him before enter Stratholme because she want to visit her family at Silvermoon.

Macaron was selling at Stratholme at the Second War Arthas Menethil attack. At attack , he was killed by Mal'ganis and die fighting the undead plague. He was fighting at a side of Arthas and he leave him because he was escaping of that attack. Before die he use his sword to cross Mal'Ganis and gave him a get hurt. The effort was for anything.

In the end of the war he was bleeding in the floor. Then a necromancer come and revive him now he is an undead. The necromancer while revive him say that "the destiny has come your death will be fighting but not today i see it in your face fighting now that Arthas will fall. Now you are Forsaken" and he smile the corpse stay there.

Macaron The Forsaken Edit

When he get up at his agony and his pain Macaron get up. His skin was different and his hair. The eyes turn yellow without no pupil. His arm was lighter and his blood more red. Macaron was scared and confused but all in he was thinking was in kill the Arthas. In that moment Macaron walk to the nearest village named Deathknell. The village was full of undeads all hurt and with swords equip. From so time to serve to the Deathkneel the one in charge say him that travel to the actual capital of Forsaken, Undercity in the Ruins of Lordaeron. At Undercity's way he stop in another village call The Brill that was in contact with the Undercity. He stay doing quest to people that was suffering different situations and reconstructing his abilities like warrior because when he death he lost all his power and strength. In the town he start hearing stories about Arthas Menethil the human traitor the person that kill all Lordaeron and Dalaran. But a big idea was create in his mind , all the humans are the same Forsaken will prevail.

In the Undercity Edit

He recuperate his strength and courage to go talk to the Forsaken Queen, Sylvannas Windrunner The Banshee Queen. Entering the Undercity he kill some people call the Scarlet Crusade. He was killing the messages and reading their notes. But when he kill more he get scared more and more his brother was a capitan of the Scarlet Crusade an organization of humans that want to eliminate all the undead plague in Azeroth. His mission get big and big. He want to serve to his Banshee Queen so he go finally to talk her. Macaron ask her questions about all and she named he Macaron From The Undercity A Royal Warrior, a personal missioner of the queen. Now with that position on the Forsaken he have a mission kill his brother and all the Scarlet crusade starting on Tirisfal Glades. He finally destroy all the scarlet post of the zone but he knows his brother still alive on a secret post , all in there call it the Scarlet Monastery. He cant find it and he find it he can do it alone he need help. That do that Macaron go in search to make himself stronger. With the approbation of Sylvannas to extend Forsaken territory to the south he funded an undead post in the south of Tirisfal , Silverpine Forest.
Ruins of Lordaeron

The Ruins Of Lordaeron there's hide The Undercity

At Silvepine Forest Edit

He walk with 20 mans to the dark forest of Silverpine but something wasn't alright some strange thing lives there. Macaron hear from an undead that come with he that the forest was cursed by a dark mage expulsed of The Dalaran because he create black magic. He create or take a strange race from another dimension called Worgen.The mage take them like his sons but they reveal and now some of them are in the forest and others in the Castle of the mage, Arugal.

There they were in the dark side of the forest 8 mans were investigating some of the territory near and the others were making a place to stay. Three hours path while the 8 people go to investigate Macaron was thinking that the legend was true and he was right. In that moment two of them come running screaming that there were a inhuman things like a wolf-undead or wolf-human.

The Shadowfang Keep Edit

Shadowfang Keep

The Shadowfang Keep

The two undeads were scared the never think that the legend was true. Macaron took all the people in the place and take out his sword the expedition was dangerous they need to communicate with Sylvannas , but i wasn't time to think Macaron know that in time the Worgens will attack but the night was making longer they didn't have food or weapons only Macaron with his sword and two undeads more. They decide to return in the day. That wasn't the best decision , during the night they fight to the worgen plague. At the day two blood elves come to save them. A priest and a rogue the name of them are Ankereit and Talandriel( Daugther of Talandriel). They took some information that all the power of the Worgen was accumulate in the south near a village of humans. They ask them for the plan of attack the keep , The Shadowfang keep. With that information Macaron decide Sylvannas would like it. So he accept.

There were 5 people in there 1 priest 3 warriors and a rouge. So the strategy was to attack Pyrewood Vilage first a village of "humans", but the truth is that the humans in the night transform into Worgen.Then they will attack Shadowfang Keep. The priest was daugther of th friend of Macaron. In the travel he get an idea about it but he don't think so.

Finally after the easier attack to Pyrewood they attack Shadowfang.The blood on the entrance was fulminate all i can see was wolf and worgens dieing but not so much there he was Rethilgore. A boss in Shadowfang , one of the stronger Worgen in there so in that lapse that Rethilgore appear there only was Talandriel and Macaron. But they win the fight. Shadowfang people was very strong and powerful but they did it only one more boss Arugal.

Archmage Arugal Edit

Arugal was once a member of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. However after the Scourge destroyed Dalaran and many of the wizards died in battle and rose soon after, adding their former might to the growing Scourge, he fled to Shadowfang Keep which looms above Pyrewood Village. Frustrated by their lack of progress, and against the advice of his peers, Arugal used Ur's research to summon extra-dimensional entities to bolster Dalaran's diminishing ranks of his own. Arugal's summoning brought the ravenous worgen into the world of Azeroth.

All this dungeon have put Macaron and his friends in danger but it finally went to the end. Finally , theres The Kirin Tor exiled, Archmage Arugal. Arugal was there waiting for us with two companions Wolf Master Nandos and Fenrus the Devourer. The battle was bloody the first in fall was one of our warriors and then Fenrus. Nandos was trying to kill Ankereit but he kill him alone. Then all attack Arugal who was hurt of a Macaron hits. They win but theres not the end of all the Worgen.

Report to Sylvannas Edit

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvannas Windrunner

When they get again to the Silvepine Post one of the warriors named it The Sepulcher in honor to his fall friends and all the future falling Forsakens. Now they decide to send Sylvannas a report of the situation and all the activity on Silverpine. She decides to send personal to The Sepulcher. Also she tell Macaron of some changes of the Forsaken , lately some undeads from Deathkneel have come to join the Undercity and that Forsakens have join The Horde. The orcs have offerd to join to the horde and help with some problems. She have decide to send Macaron to Hillsbrad Foothills because the post in there is suffering an attack from The Syndicate and some humans. She explained him that the expand to Silverpine wasn't enougth so seh put more post in Hillsbrad Foothills and have send undeads to help in other places like The Barrens , Arathi Highlands , Horde Capitals and some Thrall's expeditions.

Macaron get angry and answer the Banshee Queen that he won't go to Hillsbrad. That he want to go to Northend or to kill Arthas or to kill the Scourge in other places. She gives him the reason and send Ankereit ( paying because he is a mercenary ) and Talandriel to Hillsbrad but he send Macaron to an expedition in The Defias main base. Apparently the Defias are making a little of problems with Horde Merchant Ships and we need to have more boats. Macaron don't discuss and go to The Defias Expedition with 4 people more. Then he will go to Hillsbrad to see if all is alrigth.

The Deadmines Edit

The Deadmines Exit

The Deadmines

Macaron , a guy name Drognal a hunter with his wolf pet , a troll priest name Zorkzon , Deriel an undead mage and Santis a blood elf paladin go to Westfall in a hidden boat. The 5 men enter the east part of Westfall because the other part was full of alliance so they enter Moonbrook. They enter fighting , and kill a part of the town entering without get see. One of them talk with a traitor and ask a Defias Goblin about it ( the one who knows about that was Santis ). In the barn , the five hordes enter but there were a tauren name Mr.Smite and a Ogre named Rhahk'zor. They have to figth them and in middle of the fight come a murloc named Cookie and two goblins one named Glinid and the other was a normal goblin. In that fight they lose a friend , Deriel die killing Glinid. The other four alive cant do anything an go ahead to enter the deadmines.In there supposedly was a great and big ship that was command by 2 goblins , Capitan Greenskin and Sneed. They pass all the dungeon getting near and near to the end of the mines but Macaron when see a human he kill him without of mercy, the hate to the humans in his heart was strong and what he want is to kill Arthas and serve to the Forsakens. There it was the great boat and their tripulants pirates. The battle in the boat was difficult when it ends Zorkzon desperate only three were alive to figth the chief of Defias , Edwin Vancleef.

Edwin Vancleef Edit

Edwin VanCleef


The actual aim of the Brotherhood, of course, was not merely financial gain: VanCleef, along with the other disenfranchised masons, had a score to settle with Stormwind and their vengeance became their new goal. To that end, VanCleef allied himself with a number of other factions in the region, mostly bandits, criminals and other humans unsatisfied with the leadership of the kingdom of Azeroth. These would become the bulk of his paramilitary force that was quickly growing throughout Elwynn Forest and Westfall. VanCleef also sought out powerful mages, various foreign mercenaries, and the ingenious goblins to assist him in creating the ultimate weapon of destruction. Beneath the famed Deadmines of Westfall, located beneath the former Alliance town of Moonbrook, VanCleef commissioned the construction of a gargantuan leviathan of a vessel armed with enough firepower to shell Stormwind into submission.From aboard the ship located deep within the Deadmines, VanCleef awaited the moment at which he would strike at his hated foe. Believing his cause to be one of absolute righteousness, he prepared his mighty vessel to depart from its hidden port. Before this could take place, however, intrepid agents of the Alliance, having previously learned of the headquarters of the Defias Brotherhood, entered the Deadmines and assaulted VanCleef's ship. In a fearsome battle atop the juggernaut, the Alliance operatives slew VanCleef, ending a great threat to the security of Stormwind. Yet they were left with the disconcerting worry that not all matters with the Brotherhood were yet resolved, including the question of the corrupt nobles of the human capital city. Subsequent events would prove that despite VanCleef's death, the plans of the Defias Brotherhood were far from finished.

The battle with VanCleef wasn't easy all the bosses and pirates were there. In that battle Santis dissapear and leave them alone but they win alone to all of them. Macaron start thinking Santis don't die.

Dun Garrock Edit

Macaron after The Deadmines go to see the situation in Hillsbrad. By the information provided by Ankereit the situation is good, a little group of people take out The Syndicate and kill the humans near Tarren Mill. The new reports say that Hammerfall is having problems with the high humans of The Syndicate and a group of ogres named the BloodfistOgres. Ankereit , Macaron and Talandriel were together again, they need to get to Hammerfall, but they need transport so the Tarrenmill people gave them two Skeletal Horses to go in a mount. Now with a mount and gear they are prepare to destroy The Syndicate.
Dun garok

Dun Garok

In the path to Arathi Highlands a group of three dwarf attack them. Apparently they were from a Dwarf Post, Dun Garok. The people in Tarren Mill can by in serious problems if alliance took all Hillsbrad so they decide to attack Dun Garok. Dun Garok was protect by dwarf priest and riflemans so they prefer to attack with silence. Its to dangerous if they saw them. They start killing this dwarf one by one and Macaron and the others come into the fortress. In there were a lot of things like tanks and rifles. In the upper part were helicopters and all the dwarf were reparing them. In the shadows were they three. Only the last part of the fortress was alive , the dwarfs has stolens things also a sword from Humbert, but doesn't matter they destroy all the place and when they were getting outside they see a group of humans coming from a place call southshore. All equip to kill Macaron and his friends. In that moment a part of the Undercity's army come and save them.

The Clan Request Edit

After the Hammerfall problems Macaron decides to investigate about Scarlet Monastery so he get back to Tirisfal Glades. Varimathras at Sylvannas backs talks to Macaron about Scarlet Monastery and all their bosses so he go in search for a group of 5 people to help him with the destruction of the monastery. The only opcion to ask peaple abotut it is to form a clan and join peaple to it. beacause they will saty in contact and after the monastery too it was easier for Macaron expectatives. In the search he convenience her priest friend and Ankereit also Drognal. The 3 peaple accept the request for the monastery and they need one more for the monastery attack. The have a strategy for the attack so only one more and they were okay.

Yarkus, From Mulgore Edit

One they past and the Guild decide to travel to other horde lands to find companions.

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