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HordeNPC 32Lyndon Vuh'uni
|Image of Lyndon Vuh'uni]]
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Affiliation The Horde
Position Barkeep of Wayfarer's Rest Tavern
Location Unknown
Relative(s) Norell (brother), Lidor (brother), Gathios (brother), Marilynne (significant other)

Lyndon is a player-controlled character found on the "Sisters of Elune" server.

Lyndon Eitan Vuh'uni Edit

Recently known to the citizens of Silvermoon City as the calm, and overall well groomed barkeep of Wayfarer’s Rest Tavern. Lyndon can often be found behind the bar, serving up drinks to the regulars and mingling with the patrons. His brothers can be seen roaming about the bar as well, bothering the weary traveler’s who take their rest at the tavern, and causing overall mischief if nothing more. Though Lyndon is well behaved and considerate of those around him, after a few too many have been knocked back he tends to break the mold.

A trademark sigh can be heard escaping from his lips if a customer should become too rowdy, or chooses to dance on the wooden counters. Not shortly after you will see him reaching for a broom, which he keeps near him at all times. Drunks are likely to ignore the prodding and poking caused by the rough bristles of his broom, but those who are only acting out will often cease to cause trouble.

When not serving the never ending stream of customers in need of fine drink, Lyndon can be found at the side of a former Death Knight. She is not hard to spot as their contrasting heights allows them to stand out from others.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lyndon’s physical features are those of a rather attractive quality, and looking at him one cannot help but steal a second glance. Described as a “pretty boy” on more than one occasion, he is often dressed in flattering clothing that fit snugly against his form. His hair is kept short by frequent visits to the ever popular Undercity barber shop, and styled back in a spiky fashion with rich imported oils. Under long bleached lashes as light as his hair, are a pair of consistently glowing orbs, hiding the true color of his otherwise gentle eyes. A straight pointed nose adorns an unblemished face, accented by thin lips pursed in a taut manner.

His form shows the solidarity of a well built, muscular man. However, from the looks of it, these muscles were not acquired through rigorous work or sturdy labor, but worked upon timidly by other means. Lyndon is quite tall, elevating above many who surround him though he is not overly intimidating, or alarming. His height and overall pleasing appearance, it seems, commands an air of confidence to surround him.

His physical mannerisms and carefully articulated words express a well educated individual, and one cannot help but find him just a little, if not more, charming.

Family and History Edit

Lyndon’s history is not well known as he has recently arrived in Silvermoon City, and is now making it his home. It is left unexplored by those he meets, and those whom he refer to as friends. His education, and aesthetically pleasing looks however, do provide a hint to those who may be curious as to where he came from, and why he now prefers the simple life of tending a small tavern.

Arriving in Silvermoon City with him are three brothers, all of varying personalities and goals. His oldest brother goes by the name of Norell, and is well known by the regulars of Wayfarer’s Rest as the man in the dress. Some women find his choice in fashion to be unusually attractive, and it is not uncommon to see them giggling in his direction. Some even argue he fills the dress more nicely than they can themselves.

Lyndon being the middle child himself is followed by the youngest of them all, Lidor. Lidor though young is eager to make friends in the new city, interacting with anyone who he manages to steal time from. While not chatting up the locals, or rather rambling, he can be found in any corner of the tavern floor, passed out from a night of heavy drinking. Those unfamiliar with this intriguing flesh of a man, will likely find him overbearing, but are quick to change opinions once his fast wit and steady charm are revealed.

Gathios, the third of the brothers is an unintentionally mysterious figure. His features are forever covered in heavy, intimidating armor, making it hard to read his expression. To further push this all, he often stands motionless, his body language impossible to read and calculate. Rarely he speaks and when he does, it is a mere few words, sometimes barely incomprehensible.

Things to note Edit

  • Lyndon will always extend his kindness to those down on their luck, by way of a free Flagon of Mead.
  • Lyndon refuses to serve alcoholic beverages to pregnant women, but will often provide an unlimited supply of fresh milk, from where this milk comes from however, is unknown.
  • Lyndon has a quirk of sorts, occasionally brushing any dust from his attire, no matter how clean he may be.
  • Lyndon is utterly and unbelievable clean.
  • Lyndon has a rather pleasant smell that exudes from his being, a musky yet sweet scent wafts about his form.
  • Lyndon is formally educated, and being so will never turn down the opportunity to discuss recent events and changes evolving around Azeroth.
  • Lyndon’s expansive knowledge of alcohol and the how to of preparing said alcohol has been acquired through his many years of traveling to a variety of taverns , no matter how small or large they may be.

Quotes Edit

  • "If you don't want bristles, get off the bar!"
  • "Come now, from behind the bar!"
  • "Eat bristles!"

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