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  Wolf Pack is a worgen only guild from eternal server (a private server) from ruin realm. The main leader is Lycos and his [Official] is Drakws. In the present days, the guild count with over 200 members. The wolf pack crest is an open mouth with fangs that represents the worgen strenght in white with a black background.

Wolf pack group

Wolf Pack group picture

  • Wolf Pack Crest
  • Wolf Pack Symbol


1) Only worgens are accepted in the guild.

2) All members should be helping each other regardless of class and level.

3) Everyone should be polite to others.

4) Any member is free to take the items that need from the bank, but can not "steal".

5) Any member is free to do the repairs with the money from the guild without limits.

6) All members must pay a benefit to the bank to maintain the possibility of repairs (no matter how often he does, but in the end, he have to make the total required):

lvl10-40: 5g per month

lvl40-50: 10g per month

lvl50-65: 15g per month

lvl65-80: 25g per month

lvl80-85: 50g per month

7) Any member is free to ask to create an event, having to say your name, event name and date.

8) Everyone should go to the guild blog to keep informed of events.

9) In case of doubt, ask to the Guild Master.

10) In the case of a infringement of these rules, the individual in question may be punished with expulsion. You should go to the Guild Master and Officer Drakws to call a particular audience. If they are absent please send a letter within 48 hours after warning.

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