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The Dread Magus.

Full Name: Lupen Vakov

Race: Forsaken/Nathrezim - Formerly Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: Year Two on the Fourth Moon of Azeroth's Harvest.

Age: 18 at Death (Has since ceased aging)

Eyes: Glowing Orange

Height: Approx. 5'6 when standing upright.

Weight: Approx. 120 lbs.

Guild and Rank: The Grim - Soulreaver

Other InformationEdit

Birthplace: Stormwind City

Place of residence: The Undercity, The Grim Hall (Orgrimmar)

Known Relatives: Xarian Vakov (Brother, In Hiding), High Sorcerer Andromath Vakov (Father), Sorceress Etesia Vakov (Mother, Deceased)

Occupation: Dread Magus, Master Demonologist

Outward AppearanceEdit


(All Coming Soon)

Part I: Evil WithinEdit

Part II: Unholy RebirthEdit

Part III: IdentityEdit

Out of Character InformationEdit

Server: Twisting Nether

Level: 70

Talents: 7/33/11

Character Sheet: CTProfile

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